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  1. According Keith Law's big board the Tigers drafted 4 of his top 26 rated players. He had Jobe at 16. Law has said before that he wouldn't draft a high school pitcher in the top 15, so he got the highest rating possible I guess. It's a nice mix of high school and college, and bats and arms. While I would have taken Meyer, it's hard to argue that they got great value with the next 3 picks.
  2. I think they really want Leiter due to him being the closest to being MLB ready. My preference would be House.
  3. And you don't know if having him up is helping him. I guess i am a little cynical when i see promotions of players early. It smells of a GM that wants to impress the fans at the cost of the players development and the long term good of the team.
  4. The Tigers have coaches in Toledo, they should know when a pitcher is "ready". From a statistical standpoint it didn't look like he was ready. What "ready" is can differ from team to team. Manning had an ERA over 8 in AAA and got promoted. It seems he was plenty challenged and getting beat up a little at that level. The players in the field last night were aware of that as well while they were chasing balls all over the park.
  5. Nobody wins when they bring a young pitcher up before they are ready. You are burning years of control, hurting the team, and yes affect a pitchers confidence. Whatever Manning was doing in Toledo wasn't working too well so it didn't make sense to bring him up now other than for AA to say "hey look at all of our young pitching!" Having said that one bad outing isn't the end of the world. Hopefully he can work through it, someone with his stuff shouldn't get pounded like that. So maybe just the nerves were on edge last night.
  6. Maybe playing second was holding Schoop back a bit. He could have been trying to stay a little slimmer to meet the defensive expectations. Possibly being freed of that he has added little muscle and that is making a difference. His career numbers have been all over the place so who knows. Hopefully whatever the case is they are able to get a correct read on him and determine if he is entering a Nelson Cruz post 30 year career surge or not.
  7. I don't know if they will cut him but having him on the team while trying to convince the public that they are actually trying to win is not compatible. I don't see them having him on the roster to start the year in 22 with the plan of playing him once a week either in a year when they are "ready to compete". So they are going to either admit they are not trying to win or give the fans another year of watching him play. I hope Hinch has a say in this. This will be a good test of Chris's ownership, admitting sunk costs and moving on.
  8. I watched a couple of his games and it is awe inspiring. He was throwing 8 out of 10 pitches to his glove side corner of the plate; in to lefties and out to RH hitters at 99-101 mph. And he was painting the corner the entire game. Located up and down and never missed over the middle of the plate. So consistent. And then he'd mix in a 93 mph slider just off the plate that would get waved at.
  9. The Mets wouldn't do that deal. He would be a good target for Detroit though. Mauricio is like a boom or bust type prospect, a lot of upside but a ways to go.
  10. The only time Hill was able to play a full year in the minors he hit 14 hrs and stole 21 base while hitting around 240. He has had injury issues and missed time most years since he was drafted. He has grown into some power and probably isn't as fast as he used to be, so he's still adjusting. Jacoby Jones got 1000 plus ab's, I'd say Hill deserves an extended opportunity as well given his defense. Unless Badoo or someone else forces his way into the lineup everyday.
  11. I was a mild USFL fan back in the day, when the Michigan Panthers won a championship. After the league had been around a couple of years and had generated a bit of a following, Trump bought in and immediately became one of the faces of the league. He understood nothing of the league of course and immediately pushed for the USFL to go head to head with the NFL. So he got them to sue the NFL, surprise surprise. They lost, the league never played another game, and folded. I could tell he was FOS back then. There is a ESPN 30 for 30 on this. Edit: they actually won the lawsuit but collected 3 dollars.
  12. I've been saying that for a while. With all of the young pitching they have it would make sense to have a quality defense behind them.
  13. The Tigers have not been good at developing their own players for a long time. My question is where to we assign that blame? It is one (or more) of three things: 1. We have bad talent evaluators. The GM, the scouting director, and the international scouts are all failing. 2. The Tigers instructors and development staff and bad. 3. Ownership has not allocated the dollars to the player development side. They have fewer personnel on the payroll and are not investing in technology that other teams have. 1 is almost certainly correct. I believe 3 is a bigger problem than we realize and has been back to the Mike Illitch days.
  14. Well that is what we will find out this year, how good is Goff. Holmes must have some measure of confidence in him to take on that contract and then restructure it. I know I was watching a game last year that Goff got pulled in and he was awful. After Goff bounced a 15 yard pass to an open receiver Troy Aikman criticized him and said NFL QB's don't do things like that. Maybe he was hurt.
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