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  1. Well that is what we will find out this year, how good is Goff. Holmes must have some measure of confidence in him to take on that contract and then restructure it. I know I was watching a game last year that Goff got pulled in and he was awful. After Goff bounced a 15 yard pass to an open receiver Troy Aikman criticized him and said NFL QB's don't do things like that. Maybe he was hurt.
  2. I was following the game for a few innings on game-track and Mize was lucky to do as well as he did. His fastball was 91-94 which was down from previous starts. It may have been the Fenway gun being a little slower but Martin Perez hit 95 so probably not. His misses in need-to-throw-a-strike counts were well off the plate many times. And I didn't see many splitters at all, which is a problem since that was supposed to be his best pitch. On the other hand it's a good sign that he fought through a tough night and did fairly well.
  3. I guess I don't have such a pessimistic view of the Chris I's stewardship of the franchise. It's not good, but not Peter Angelos bad yet. If Cabrera is that bad he simply cannot remain on the roster and the Tigers maintain the facade of trying to win. The Tigers have at best been one of the worst 5 teams in baseball since the end of 2016, and most of the time the worst. Like right now. So I understand why they haven't spent big in free agency. The big test for me will be if he makes a change in an obviously inept front office that has put them in this position. The fact he hasn't fired him already is troubling, but if it isn't done soon then I will lose any remaining hope that I have.
  4. You may be right, due mostly to a lack of viable alternatives. But if he posts a horrible line like 200/325/550 I think they will move on somehow.
  5. Cameron was always just a guy with average tools with the hit tool being the weakest. That sounds bad but a guy like that at a premium position can be valuable obviously. They have to hit though. And not surprisingly that tool hasn't gotten any better in the Tigers organization. Same with Rogers though hit tool was was below average and still is. Neither of those guys were top ten prospects in the Astros organization at the time of the deal. I have read that the Astros 'clearly' showcased Perez for a trade and rushed him to double a that summer to elevate his value. He was 19 at the time of the deal with about 125 pro innings. Just the breaks of betting on young pitching. I remember being upset that they didn't get Tucker or Whitley.
  6. They weren't going to turn this team into a contender in one year so not being laser focussed on needs is understandable. There are WR's in every draft and coverage LB'ers also. The important thing is to hit on these picks and they can adjust the personnel next off season.
  7. His comedic idol evidently is Tom Smothers.
  8. Or Moehrig, get it right Holmes!
  9. Wow, a team that is ready to win takes the least experienced guy. Quite a risk.
  10. Since the football Gods hate us it seems like the guy we hope drops to us is taken one pick before us. Happened with Josh Allen the LB'er and Chase Young. So I predict Chase goes at 6
  11. I think they want to get Goff a legit WR and with Pitts and Chase off the board they take Smith.
  12. I think Pitts and Chase will be gone. And probably Sewell as well unless Atlanta takes a QB. So unless they find a trade partner it will be between Slater, Smith and Parsons. I'll predict Smith.
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