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  1. Yes, I think it's funny. I have data too, unfortunately I also have a confidentiality agreement. My work is mainly focused on the impact on consumers though. I'm not sure why you find it so difficult to understand why the bill wasn't sound legislation. You attribute every negative consequence to a preexisting condition or trend. So if the ACA didn't reverse these trends or conditions, what happens next? And really, you are going to pull the "who are you to tell me" card while defending a bill that makes everyone purchase insurance, including coverages they don't want, brought new limitations to FSAs, etc.? By the way, my reference to higher deductibles wasn't about people who wanted them. Whatever though, if you think the ACA has made insurance more affordable and produced a sound, sustainable framework then that's great.
  2. From what I've read Durkin was on a recruiting trip when he interviewed for the Maryland job. I don't think his departure means a whole lot to this class either though. I think he enjoyed a lot of praise for Mattison's and Hoke's (DL) developmental work. Anyway, if I had a choice, I'd take stability as opposed to one year stops.
  3. You are dead wrong if you think employee's hours haven't been cut back to duck ACA requirements. I have multiple clients who have done exactly that. I doubt you can play the same anecdote games I can because of my profession. I was careful to point out though that I hadn't looked at the aggregate data. So call it what you will and dismiss it as you wish. The products aren't ideal for the market. First of all they offer benefits that not all buyers want and in many cases the deductibles aren't affordable and/or the networks are too restrictive. These are choices made to try to reduce premium. Think harder, Obama is not sabotaging his legacy, he's cementing it if the "fix it" don't repeal it crowd wins. Anyway, legacy makes me laugh.
  4. Yes, let's have California, Florida, Texas, New York and a few others determine the fate of the nation.
  5. Those who actually work in the risk management and finance area. Those with any experience in presenting plan changes to a large group of employees. Your response to increasing costs is consistently that costs were rising before the ACA. So explain to me what it did to tackle these costs and earn its Affordable title other than provide subsidies? I haven't looked for any data but are you even a little bit curious about the costs it's created in higher deductibles, restricted networks, loss of hours for workers, etc.? How about the small employer who decides to drop coverage and send his employees to the exchange? Crack was the drug of inspiration for those who titled the bill. And yes, it was designed to implode, gathering more participants and political pressure for Washington to fix. The goal was to change the terms of the debate.
  6. Harbaugh can't recruit everybody. The relationships built by the staff are valuable. Don't you remember, as an example, the Weber dust up when his RB coach left OSU after he signed?
  7. Thank you. Having just had an experience with the Michigan Supreme Court (civil suit) I do agree that the system is designed to protect itself.
  8. I don't think that most Democrats would have supported a single payer system, heck, they had to twist arms to drag the ACA over the finish line. Nor do I think Obama is conservative. The bill, in my opinion, was cynical, clear to many to be designed to implode. The end game was to make Washington the center of the solution for the predictable problems. You hear that now in the "fix it" don't "repeal it" political rhetoric.
  9. Romneycare, as he presented it, wasn't nearly as expensive as the final product the Democrats engineered in Massachusetts. And as I recall the voters there sent Scott Brown to the Senate precisely to vote no on Obamacare.
  10. Trump is running against the Republicans incompetence (in overturning Obamacare, improving VA services, fixing immigration, etc.) more than their policies. His whole schtick is that the country doesn't win anymore.
  11. What needs to be dissolved? Progress as much as policy has destroyed Trump supporters (who are largely white, high school graduates). They feel left behind culturally and economically, they don't win, they are not validated by their own success or Washington policy. They hear more about blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, gays, etc. than themselves and what they value. Trump has captured their anger, even as he offers them very few solutions.
  12. If Kasich were leading I'm sure that there would be sufficient mountains made out of the molehills.
  13. It's not great for recruiting. A couple of coordinators that stick while developing their replacement from within is a better formula to me.
  14. I've heard some stories about him from friends in Texas. The recent articles about his campaign's data mining/micro targeting hints at his opportunism and manipulation. Just watching him in the Senate has been enough for me though.
  15. As I grow closer to a "let it burn" attitude I find myself very entertained by Trump. His response is that she's a liar after which he runs down a list that begins with Whitewater.
  16. He seems to be highly thought of in the comments I'm reading. I like that he's older and should be around for the next 5 years or so.
  17. The point was made in response to the idea that presidential candidates shouldn't campaign. Clinton and Trump are nationally recognized personalities, most presidential candidates aren't.
  18. Even if they add a LF they are going to need a lot of things to go right. Having Cespedes to start last season didn't fix their starting rotation, bullpen or offense that scored 2 runs or less over 25 times in their first few months of the season. I like what they have done so far. Yes, they need things to go right but those expectations (Verlander, Victor, JD, etc.) are not unreasonable. They have some depth (Fulmer, Greene, Boyd, etc.) if one of the starters fails or to use in a deadline trade.
  19. Clinton's response is curious. It seems that team Clinton senses they are in a bigger fight than what it appears or this is some kind of positioning for her own email troubles that continue to simmer. Otherwise it's hard for me to understand why they think it's a good idea to go after Sanders, especially since he's been pretty gentle with her.
  20. I would like to support Paul but I disagree with him on foreign policy and the issues he's chosen to make a stand on in the Senate.
  21. That's the engineer in you. I think leadership requires a certain charisma that isn't captured on paper.
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