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  1. I think the glove thing is 100% related to the new foreign-substance crackdown. The ump thought his first glove looked too shiny. Somebody, maybe Beck or Mize, misinterpreted that as too light, but obviously that isn't right since he switched to a lighter glove. The ump showed good discretion, imo, by not accusing him of anything or even checking if the glove was sticky, he just told him to change it. But, I think there is a chance that Mize's normal glove has a shiny/sticky coating that helps him get a better grip and he is going to have to learn to pitch without it. He did yank a few curveballs last night - one led to a run - possibly indicating grip issues but be seemed to adjust as the game went on.
  2. Wow - this comparison was a real slap in the face. Full season as of today: VMart (183AB) .251/.314/.366 Iggy (203AB) .256/.306/.374 Isn't it great the Tigers carry a back-up DH who they can plug in without missing a beat in case something happens to Victor?
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