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  1. Great question. Daz has had some clutch hits, but his overall profile in a limited sample size has not been great. With Grossman entrenched, i would like to see Baddoo, Grossman, Hill and Daz. But, the Tigers have an investment in Mazara, if they can get him looking halfway decent and flip him before 7/31, then they could run with those 4 the rest of the year.
  2. Nice win. They actually won the road trip, for as bad as this wekend went. That back end of their bullpen could be somthing really good. They just need to get some more SP's healthy and fibd a guy or two who can fill in the gaps between the SP and the back three
  3. Ohtani is stealing 2nd on the 1st or 2nd pitch here. They should try to throw him out, who cares about the guy on third, it is irrelevant
  4. Tigers have not advanced 28 runners today, left 12 on base. Grossman is 1-18 with 8 K;s in the series. They should have about 10 runs today. Hopefully Fulmer continues the solid back end of the bullpen and closes this out
  5. Tigers running at will this inning, 2 SB's. Good to see
  6. indeed, but 3 runs is even better, then the tying run is not up with nobody out
  7. Infield in helped, that was probably a DP with the infield back, but something to be said about putting it in play
  8. Baddoo on base 4 times today. Any chance he starts playing almost every day?
  9. 1/3, no outs here in the top of the 10th, would be nice to get 2 runs here.
  10. The back end of the Tigers bullpen is actually pretty solid right now. Between Soto, Cisnero and Fulmer, they have 3 guys who have a really nice repoirtoire.
  11. It feels like it has been about 7-8 years since the Tigers were a top third offensive team. Even in their mid 2010's hayday they always seemed to finish 5th or 6th in the AL in runs scored. Let's hope the pipeline can finally produce some run creators and this franchise can stop being a bottom feeder in runs scored every year. With the possibility of Greene, Tork, Dingler, Baddoo, and maybe a few FA signings, there seems to be some light at the end of this dark tunnel that they have been in
  12. They are battling today, but they can't get that big hit (other than Miggy who looked awful other than that at bat) today. Soto looked really good there in the 7th. I would roll him out for the 8th but i think Cisnero is coming in. This feels like a 4-3 loss in the 10th, as the Tigers don't look like they are going to score again tonight
  13. Tigers bullpen is an utter trainwreck, and they have made some unfortunatel plays on D tonight. Throw in the fact that your # 1,2,4,5 hiters are a combined 0-14 with 8 strikeouts tonight
  14. Schoop is en fuego. Another bomb. Keeps getting more and more tradeable.
  15. Sandoval on pace to strike out 18 tigers tonight.
  16. Is it me or does Cabrera turn his hips and take the 1st pitch almost every at bat (sometimes the first strike). It seems as if he rarely swings at the first pitch, and he used to do some major damage with the first pitch.
  17. Yeah, it is kind of trending that way. They are decimated by injuries, but man, they have a few rookie starters just starting to establish themselves, a couple of decent bull pen arms, and maybe 2 or 3 professional hitters, and the rest of the squad is very meh.
  18. Tigers just play like **** most every game in Anaheim, it never fails. They look awful again tonught, flailing at the plate, multiple misplays in the field. Now 5-0. Ugly stuff
  19. Another run scored on a WP. One thing Goodru is really good at is baserunning. Has good speed and good instincts.
  20. Schoop having a rough inning in the field here, possibly cost 3 outs, at least 2 with his bobbles
  21. Tigers grinding this out today, Baddoo on base 3 times, Tigers continuing to get baserunners and keeping the pressure on the Royals
  22. Boom!! Willi starting to show some power and there is a tie game now
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