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  1. Dont get me wrong, i enjoyed it as well, but this team ..... Anyone who was watching on TV, Shep never really ever made it clear that the Royals were back in it. He and Petry were just having a chat in the 9th as the Royals kept getting hits and baserunners. Shep has no feel for the game. It is too bad, as he is a professional announcer who can do pretty much any sport (and probably has), but when you watch him near every day in baseball a lot of shortcomings get exposed
  2. If there was ever a way to win a game but yet be a big embarassment, tonight was it. Up 7-0, cruising, and then, the bullpen meltsdown, an error, a near catch but not (it would have been a really good catch, but he got his glove on the ball) to give up 7 runs (with Merrifield and Perez on the bench) to tie it. Bullpen was awful, Hinch went way too long with Cisneros, and Jiminez should be released ASAP. That overshadows good nights at the plate from Grossman, Badoo and Goodrum
  3. And of course, when the bats finally come alive, the pitching tanks.
  4. Another Avila special, NO Bullpen. I would send Farmer packing, his ERA is now over 12 1/2, and he has 2 runners on base still. Krol/Ramirez can't be any worse.
  5. Candelario is having himself a nice couple of games. 6 hits, 4 RBI
  6. Niko puts the ball into play, and voila, gets an infield hit and an RBI. It is amazing what it feels like to score some runs. Too bad the pitching has been rough this series
  7. The mark of a bad baseball team, after tying it, they give a run away on an error and a blooper when Jones kinda misplayed it and then compounds it by airmailing the cutoff man.
  8. Another error on the infield. They already gave Boston two runs today due to Niko's error, and who knows how many more pitches for Turnbull
  9. Really nice inning here, good at bats, nice and refreshing to see. I really wish Niko could hit a little, his error notwithstanding today, he plays a good SS and 2B, has good speed. But man, he can look really bad at the plate at times
  10. Jones is going through one of his hot streaks, seems like the possibility of going down to Toledo fired his bat up
  11. Boston are hitting rockets all over the park, 3 doubles already, 46 pitches and still going in the 2nd for Spencer. This game may get away from the Tigers really quick. FYI, the Tigers are getting outscored 42-18 in the first two innings this year.
  12. He got a loud line out to get out of it, but he threw 30 pitches. In the meantime, Eovaldi has now thrown 13 pitches to get the first four outs very easily
  13. Anyone think the Tigers lose 2-0 tonight?
  14. Tigers 2-5 hitters today: 1-17, 8 strikeouts, 13 runners not advanced, only one ball out of the infield (Goodrum's single) That also is not winning baseball
  15. Tigers have had a runner on 3rd with 1 out in each of the last 3 innings, and none of them scored. That is not winning baseball
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