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  1. 9-0 after Krol comes in and airmail s the 1st pitch. 3 walks, 2 errors, a WP this inning. man, the bottom half of the Tigers BP is really really bad
  2. Candelario had really not had a good year at the plate. He may be getting some his, but rarely to knock in runs. He has only knocked in 24 the entire year. Seems like he has been swinging out of the zone a lot with runners in base. With none on, he takes his walks, gets his hits, an occasional double, but put runners into scoring position, he is just not delivering at all. W Castro has more HR and RBI them Jeimer
  3. C-Mo has not said one thing today that didnt praise the Tigers. It is a total slurp fest. The only guys who remotely say anything not positive are Gibson and Morris. When you get Monroe as the color guy (Petry as well), it is so annoying to listen to.
  4. He has kinds quietly bounced back really well from that awul stretch he had earlier in the year. A testament to him, and to the coaching staff for working with him to put him in a position to do well.
  5. Candy and Miggy go 0-7, 0-5 with Risp, fail to advance 10 runners. candy is on pace for 42 RBI for the year.
  6. Garcia blew this one up, didn’t fool anyone. Sox own the Tigers.
  7. Tigers now 0-10 with RISP, 18 runners not advanced, 9 LOB, 7 in scoring position. Miggy 0-4, all with RISP, 6 runners not advanced
  8. That is two balls i thought for sure that Schoop hit out. At least that one was a double. They need to get a run back here, this is the heart of the order
  9. Yeah, he didn't pitch bad at all, got victimized by the missed popup. I am convinced that there ought to be a rule called "Team Error" for plays like that. That way the pitcher does not get hit with what in reality are unearned run (s).
  10. Tigers 0-9 RISP tonight, 8 LOB, 6 in scoring position.
  11. Yes, i guess it wasn;t really announced in advance of the game, but the plan all along was to have him go 3 innings or so. I think we may see more of that for both he and Skubal over the next few months
  12. Tigers have left 5 guys in scoring position tonght. they have had their chances, just can't cash in
  13. This game feels like the Tigers had their chance to get to Lynn in the 1st inning, but didn't. Seems like he has settled in now.
  14. Agreed on the base running, they gave themelves a great chance to get a run or two there, but Miggy popped out and Jeimer continued his lack of knocking in runs
  15. I just opened this thread and was going to post about Candelario. He is not having a good offensive year at all. OPS is down to .700, only 4 home runs, and somehow only 21 knocked in at the half way point, despite batting in the 2-5 spots most every night. Hopefully he can turn it around, but it seems like he has been killing a lot of rallies this season
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