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  1. I guess that since no other team will trade for him, he's a Tiger for life? Cheap, and that other thing.
  2. I often wonder if perhaps the hitters are getting too much "help" from the staff, interfering with their natural instincts. "drop your right wrist more,and then pull the left over the top"...stuff like that, making the hitter more conscious of complying with the instructions than putting wood on the ball. When Baddoo was still doing great, the TV guys interviewed him in one of the post game shows. And one of the guys asked him about specifics pertaining to his mechanics, and you could tell from the expression on Baddoo's face that he had not contemplated that aspect before...and I recall thinking at the time --oh no, now he's gonna be tripping on that each time he goes to the plate- And it does seem like the bottom has fallen out ever since. Why can't they just let the kids play?
  3. I am thrilled to see that Farmer is out of options and now DFA'd. Of course, no one is likely to claim him, so it's not as though there is any certainty we've seen the last of him, but we can hope. Perhaps this dismal start might serve as testament to how woefully misguided the organization's game plan up to this point has been, and result in AJ Hinch getting more latitude in discarding failed strategies such as these?
  4. Of course the Tigers only bundled as much cash as they did in the Verlander trade, in order to assure that we got great prospects in return for our future. rofl!
  5. Purging a ballclub of all capable talent in the singleminded pursuit of "cheap and controllable" results in an even crappier organization. But hey, if Ronny Rodriguez and Brandon Dixon float your boat, then "happy sailing"...lol!
  6. Looking at the return we got for Verlander, do you REALLY think this bunch is capable to trade Boyd for anything worth bragging about? Of course, once one acknowledges that the Verlander trade was primarily a salary dump, with possible perks, then trading Boyd in the same context, has similarity difficult to ignore.
  7. When the Royals won the world series on a shoestring budget, that made a lot of owners envious. I understand the Tiger's organization wanting to go "there", but they went about it all wrong. Unloading big paychecks by trading anyone having marketable talent, while letting the rest walk (a salary dump, in other words) likely appeared to be the most expeditious path to getting there. Fans be damned. They gambled that their restructuring would pan out, and fans eventually would forgive them once a return to winning ways was established. As with most things in life, balance is key. Extremes usually have consequences, and that is our current predicament...No one in a decision making capacity thought it important to maintain proficiency sufficient to play the game properly. Since our brain trust has proven itself incompetent in fielding a low-cost roster capable of competing, perhaps now would be a good time to "put the training wheels back on" and spend some money for proven talent, at least until such time as the brain trust figures out what they are doing wrong? (sarcasm intended). Then, once AA has unlocked the secret sauce that has worked so well in KC, we can transition gradually to the new model without being a laughing stock? Return to spending will yield improvement
  8. Hey, if we are going to lose 110 games anyway, only after they are carrying a payroll north of $180 million, can I be certain that I'm not the only one suffering....hows THAT for fixated?
  9. Boyd would probably prefer to be on another team. But that's not where my "fixation" is grounded. As it stands right now, Boyd (this season) has a better ERA than Kershaw, Kluber, Scherzer, Bauer, and several others who most teams would be delighted to have on their roster. Sending away our "best" seems to be a broken record for this organization. Time to change the music, no excuses accepted just because they are not ready to spend just yet...Time for them to pay to retain talent....THAT is my "fixation:
  10. When he's the best on the team we have, simply shipping him off to dodge payroll is a fools errand.
  11. Well, let's back up a bit, exploring your comment that "we are years from competing", how does retaining Boyd harm such a team? That's what I don't get about those of you laboring to defend little Itch's cheapness. Boyd isn't going to land us an ace in trade, so the "it's for our future:" argument holds zero water.
  12. I guess you prefer these faded "high potential up side" pitchers we scrape up for nothing? Next season's opening day pitcher, "...making his debut in a tigers uniform,...XXXX" ROFL!!
  13. He might actually win a game now and then. That makes being a fan less uncomfortable. If we are "years away from competing" then what's the harm from keeping him? Saving money for Chris ilitch is pretty far down on my list of priorities, The "fixation", as you put it, is in not drinking the kool-aide* and allowing these con artists to keep deluding us. * note to Oblong, this is a reference to Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, not to Jim Jones.
  14. Sorry, but I'm through rationalizing defenses for this organization. if Boyd wasn't the best we have right now (such as the case may be).... then I might be more sympathetic to your reasoning. IMO, Dumping him will not make us better, it will just prolong the "thriftiness" bubble. If we had a stable full of great arms, and he was standing in the way of their progress, then I might give your argument more serious consideration.
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