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  1. That's the part that needs fixed.
  2. He put Jiminez in a game in a high leverage situation a short while back, and it wouldn't surprise me if my neighbors heard me shouting obscenities.
  3. I like A.J., I think he is a good fit for us, right now. Pleased that we have been able to give him the opportunity to rehabilitate his image. The walk-off suicide squeeze a couple weeks ago pretty much sealed it for me, realizing we have something special. But his continued faith in Joe Jimeniz and Buck Farmer disappoints me. Perhaps he has no better alternatives, but I'd like to think he is giving both one binding final chance to sink or swim. I'd hate to think he was actually impressed with either.
  4. I doubt the Tigers are gonna trade away ANY pre-arb guys. I think this is the time of year where they move their trade candidates to the top of the order, and make pitching changes for no apparent reason other than, to showcase what they have to offer. Grossman, Schoop and Norris are who I think the Tigers hope to stimulate interest in. Maybe Wily Peralta if they can find somebody who will take him. I think Boyd won the sweepstakes with his injury....he'll be staying.
  5. After a guy spends 4+ years living on minor league pay and having to sell used cars in the off season just to survive, it's not improbable that they can sink into a rut. Striving to be ALL you can be only to have schidt shoveled back in your face, takes it's toll. So, finding himself suddenly engulfed in opportunity, he shakes off the funk and seizes the moment...☢️
  6. Calling a 26 year old a "lifetime minor leaguer" is a bit of a stretch as well Maybe we could just say that "at long last given the chance, he decided to make the most of the opportunity"?
  7. A lot of people discount the idea that teams "tank" as improbably silly as well. But I do believe that I've seen it with my own eyes.
  8. Awe shuxx!! Perhaps it's more a case that some here insist upon forcing their interpretation into such a tight pigeon hole, that one can expect no other outcome.
  9. I'm not so sure about that. I understand the point you guys are trying to make. I just don't think it's as cut and dried as you are trying to make it. People exceed themselves for a whole host of reasons. The improvement isn't always permanent., but that's another matter.
  10. And then there is the Hawthorne effect.
  11. Why does "prayer" work? I'm not very big on divine intervention, but what one believes often has as big an impact on their reality, as anything else. If only as a distraction from one's perceived limitations...perhaps offering an opportunity to believe they've placed their fate in more competent hands. Alternately, in Mark McGwire's book he mentions that as his career was starting to flounder, he realized while driving home from a game one night that his thinking was what needed fixing. And according to him that was a turning point. People do improve by applying themselves.
  12. Then why did one of the Tiger's announcers give Baddoo credit the other night for "making positive adjustments"?
  13. Oh come on 6, I've had guys working for me my entire life who insist they could get more done, if they just got a raise first. I suppose the "banks" at piecework factories are just a myth too?
  14. Well, I guess you got me there. It seemed like pretty bizarre behavior my first day here. Almost as though I had interrupted an episode of dinner theater.
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