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  1. Yep. He had the chance to walk and instead signed an eight-year extension. When you have buyer's remorse, you don't get to be mad at the contract's terms you signed and act like it's the other parties fault.
  2. Football is just not as big of a deal out west as it is in the Midwest or in SEC country. Even with the likes of Oregon and Washington, those games are just not as important to the people on and around campuses. U$C is a bit of an odd duck in the PAC-12 and possibly the lone exception, but I don't think they'll go anywhere. That said the TV networks are deliberate in what they do. If they wanted those PAC-12 games to have higher ratings they wouldn't perpetually stick them at god awful hours. For instance, they put Stanford-Kansas State (a season kickoff game being played at AT&T Stadium) on FS1 at 12:00 noon EST (9:00am PST). TV networks treat the PAC-12 like their ***** while catering to the needs of the SEC brass.
  3. Kansas is much more appealing than K-State, and I think the Wildcats best hope is to cling to Kansas and hope to make themselves a package deal. In fact, if I were them I'd be on the phone with Kansas right now offering to make themselves just that if it hits the fan. They just don't have a lot to offer conferences. The Big Ten doesn't make sense academically, the PAC-12 doesn't make sense geographically even with Texas schools, the SEC doesn't make any sense competitively, leaving the ACC, who would be both reaching across the State of Missouri by adding them and not really adding much benefit in terms of either football or basketball. When they could add an up-and-coming Cincinnati program as their 16th program that makes much more sense geographically and also allows for a recruiting in-road to Ohio. I think if it does hit the fan (which signs point to) and push comes to shove, Kansas will not want to be so married to K-State that they themselves are left without a paddle.
  4. The Big Ten was the only all AAU group before AAU pulled that shady stuff with Nebraska after they joined. PAC 12 has majority AAU but Arizona State, Utah, Oregon State, and Washington State are all not members. Given Utah is their most recent addition, seems it may not be the most important thing to them, though I'm sure it's considered.
  5. Lot of signs pointing to Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC. Hard to imagine a scenario where this happens and it doesn't end the Big 12 as a power conference unless they manage to pull a rabbit out of a hat with some offer to poach U$C and UCLA and maintain everyone else. I see no reason for them to move from a pretty cozy gig in the PAC to a pending implosion though. The Big Ten should really be on the phone with UNC & Duke to try to get to their 16, but I think a Kansas & Iowa State or Kansas & Kansas State pairing is much more likely. Vanderbilt could be interesting, I wouldn't put it past them to seek alternatives if they reject the additions of UT & OU and it passes anyway. Pitt, Virginia, Va Tech, Mizzou, and Georgia Tech are also intriguing in various ways but probably lower on my wish list. **** Notre Dame. In a huge turn-around from where we were ten years ago, I don't think cable TV markets will play nearly as large a role this time around. UT moving to the SEC may even come on the condition that their stupid network dies. Markets in general might be considered (UNC/Duke brings North Carolina, Vandy brings Nashville, and Va/Va Tech brings DC), but cable is dying and people can stream their Conference Network of choice anywhere. I think academics followed by general fan base/alumni support will be the driving forces for the B1G. UNC, Duke, KU, ISU, Vandy, Pitt, Virginia, Mizzou, and GA Tech are all AAU members. KSU and Virginia Tech are not. Most likely scenario I see for this round is just the Big 12 going down in smoke, and fast. UT & OU to the SEC; KU & Iowa State to the B1G; Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, and Oklahoma State to the PAC 12; WVU (and someone like Cincinnati) to the ACC; Kansas State to the MWC.
  6. I get the revenue piece, I can't even disagree with the decision to legalize it. But it feels like advertisements are the Wild West right now and it's likely scamming millions into the pockets of Fan Duel and all of these casinos. I listened to a two or three minute segment yesterday on sports talk radio with two commentators going back and forth, both hyping up a parlay on the Suns finishing off the Clippers last night, along with the point spread and something else, and how just completely obvious a bet it was. How many people heard that, or similar commentators across the nation on making the same plug, thought "oh these people know what they're talking about, they are sports analysts" and put money they couldn't afford to lose on a three-leg Suns parlay? Those plugs are in all likelihood being made BY the house, through those people's voices! And the only people facing repercussions for it are the gamblers who are losing a lot to line the pockets of millionaires. How many people who were previously never exposed to gambling going to start on a ~no-risk free bet~ or the ~$250 bonus match~ that I'm staring at on this site? How many of those people are then going to learn that they can't responsibly gamble, but too late, after they've already lost their house or retirement? The legislature reigned in cigarette advertisements when they were going too far, targeting kids, and ignoring health impacts. At what point does that happen here?
  7. For me it's 97.1... I used to have it on my Alexa as some background noise while working from home. If I have to hear one more stupid prop bet they're pushing, or some dumb ad about Quinnipiac basketball, or a parlay that's just sure to hit, I'm going to lose my ever-loving MIND.
  8. Can legalized gambling go away again? Thought it wouldn't impact my life but these advertisements are intolerable and inescapable.
  9. I pushed back a little on the Alex Smith/Pat Mahomes comps from a few months back, but on reflection I do think the situation is similar. Smith and Goff are both guys who won't lose you a game, but also aren't going to be the guy who takes the team on their back en route to a ring. Ride with Goff until you spot your Mahomes. Whether that's next year or three years from now. Then when you see him, do whatever it takes to get him.
  10. Depends who our better players are and what the asking price is. It wouldn't be to intentionally tank though, it'd be to further set yourself up for success in the future. Pro Bowlers are found at 15 and beyond every year.
  11. I think there is a difference between good and will be good. I expect this team to show a good deal of the latter but not much of the former. I don't expect the OL to be top five this year as they learn each other, but I think we will see flashes of what is to come. I don't expect the DL to be dominant this year, but I think we will see those rookies develop in a promising fashion. I don't expect Okudah to scream "3rd overall pick" this year, but I think he will be much closer to that than he was last year. I do expect Goff will be a league average QB, and make us think at times that he could be so much better with better men to throw to. I do expect MCDC to make some mistakes, but to own up them in postgame and learn from them. I think he will also have the heart of that locker room for every second of every game, practice, and film session. I think at the end of the day, most NFL teams should be able to pick apart our back seven without much issue, and while I like Goff more than most, I don't think he's the gunslinger QB who will win in a shootout. That said, I think we will get to say "woah" a few times as our starting 22 get better and compete week in and week out, and I think we will surprise a team or two by winning games where we have no business winning.
  12. It's not just McVay/Stafford. This is time of year that everyone's offseason was great and everyone feels like they're in the best shape of their life. I just saw the other day that Drew Lock regained his "confidence". Confidence won't make up for skill, but ok. We'll see if any of these words mean anything in September.
  13. Haven't watched an NBA game in probably a decade. Went to the bar two nights ago with a buddy and he was really into the game seven that was on. Conversation intrigued me enough to watch the lottery tonight. I may not know the first thing about the Pistons, but I know that THAT doesn't happen to Detroit sports.
  14. I feel like a requirement to vaccinate would have to come from the NFL, not the individual clubs, which is why we are seeing things like this. Make life as inconvenient as possible for those who choose to not get the vaccination. Don't stop at mandating they fly separate, make them take a bus for trips that are less than 500 miles. Claim you don't want to open the team to liability from non-vaccinated players and there is less exposure to the public on a bus. Enforce it all too. Hand out some large fines and preseason suspensions for guys caught not wearing masks or working out in team facilities with too many people present. This should be enforced even more strictly than last year, because at this point, you are choosing to put others at risk through your actions, not a virus that no one could have controlled. Above all, make it clear that they are in control of when it stops, because they can choose to be vaccinated at any time. ****, even make the team doctors offer the non-vaccinated players a vaccination daily.
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