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  1. Greene with another home run today. Keith 3-3, all singles.
  2. Wow, Torkelson just hit his third home run of the day. 7-7 overall.
  3. Catcher Eliezer Alfonzo is doing well in Lakeland, hitting over .300, 8 walks, 10 strikeouts in 120 or so at bats. Is he a genuine prospect?
  4. Isn't Riley Greene K'ing at more than 30% also? Not that Kreidler is as good a hitter, but Greene needs to cut down his K rate, too.
  5. Greene has a double and a triple so far today. Quintana has a double and a home run, continuing his recent good hitting. I haven't noticed Colten Keith in the lineup for 3 or 4 days. Is he injured?
  6. Colten Keith looks pretty interesting, too.
  7. Another home run for Torkelson. Two more stolen bases for Workman, giving him 20 on the year.
  8. Workman also had a stolen base, giving him 12 on the season. He likes to run, it seems.
  9. Cabrera with another hit (3-4), scores on a home run by Dingler.
  10. Daniel Cabrera 2-2 with a home run and 3 RBI's today, so far.
  11. James Chipman had a rather depressing analysis of Torkelson yesterday, before his big day today. Excerpt: This A-ball assignment is by no means aggressive. I fully expected Torkelson to be challenged by higher impact arms like Grayson Rodriguez (who I saw him matchup against in MiLB ST), but it’s concerning to me when org soldiers with fringy arsenals are eating his lunch. You hate to be too reactionary but without an overhauled approach I think Torkelson’s bat plays closer to a fringe-average tool, that’s padded by his ability to draw walks at such a high clip. Live Looks: Detroit Tigers High-A Position Players — Prospects Live
  12. Dillon Dingler ties the game with a solo home run in the bottom of the ninth, for West Michigan. Lipcius is doing very well for WM, I wonder if he might be a Tigers starter some day, maybe at 2B.
  13. I just noticed Daz Cameron is playing in Lakeland. I thought he would be in Toledo.
  14. Weren't the Tigers after Forrest Whitley in the Verlander deal? And he hasn't fared any better than Perez - probably worse.
  15. From a June 12th article: https://www.mlive.com/tigers/2020/06/as-undrafted-free-agents-go-up-for-grabs-tigers-will-be-shopping.html “We’ll have a list of players that we’ll have interest in. We’ll have them in preferential order. There’ll be a group of players, and it’ll be a pretty good sized list,” said Tigers general manager Al Avila. “Obviously there’s no guarantee that you can sign the guys that you have on the top of your list, but you go and pursue and try to sign them.” Avila said there’s no minimum or maximum number of players the club has in mind. They’ll just do their best to sign the ones they want. What would the Tigers say to a prospect who has several offers? “We do feel that in our situation right now, having what we feel is a great organization, where we have a good track record of developing players, there’s going to be opportunity,” Avila said. “There’s going to be the best and most modern technology and analytics to help a player develop. We have a great and experienced coaching staff. And we have opportunity. Obviously we feel that’s going to be a very attractive place for people to come and sign with us under these circumstances.”
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