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  1. Yeah they overpaid I believe ,they could have got D, Ackley that can play 5 positions.for 1-1.5 mil.and he is a .990 def.player not .975-.980 also Ackley had a bit more power and plays out field as well.just sayin
  2. Oh and by the way. Great job avila. You could have had A.Jackson for CF for 2yrs (6m) at least you didn't sign Ryan Goins like Kansas City did today. Lol
  3. Yea tell me what OF on the roster isn't only minor league material. ,lol. Ack has more mlb exp.than everyone on the roster minus ,Cabrera, Martinez, Iglesias and castellano's.
  4. So tigers sign Alexi Amarista to minor lg deal. Oh my his glove ? Not near as good as ack. Also been in the leag. Since 11' like ack. Only alexi has a lower avg. And no power less than half ack.HR's. Nice.
  5. Well you got pete kosmo. Lol. Wow what numbers he brings ,they talk about his def. Glove. ( not as good as ack) but he has some exp.at S.S. very little at 1st,Of,and 2b. Has never hit. Hope he works for us. Hardly has mlb exp.
  6. Your birthday is 9 days before Ack's ,  how nice 

  7. miyea your so rt. The mariners have a Great record with rookies. Aka. Adam Jones among others. Look at Hr's of Smoak ,Morrison last yr. .
  8. He will win a job out of spring trainning this year i Guarantee it. He's healthy like he was after he was traded to the Yankee's in 2015 and hit .288 with .635 slg. Pg.
  9. Heck yea they could have waited 2-3 wks and Have.gotten the best.Girardi and you would have seen a.difference of at least 10 -15 more wins a year
  10. All i know is that in springtraining 2016 we lost 2 games against the Yankee's Ack won them both after mclenden and ausmus put in a lefty to strike him out late in the gm and ack hitbthe game winning rbi. In both. Also from 2011 -2015. Mariners won mor than lost against us.
  11. Lol tiger 337. That was funny though. Love the humor
  12. That's acks agent and he has brought in a measly 15mil. For him .. so far .
  13. And S.Boras wouldn't lower himself to talk with Avila, And Ack live's on 150 acres north of Detroit 40-50mi.
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