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  1. Clients are here...I can't abide by the disruption of my schedule either
  2. Nope..that's your interpretation of what I said...
  3. F First step on the slippery slope
  4. Don't think I ever suggested anything is "required"
  5. Eh..I'm at work..it's a little slow right now...but busy enough to distract me. as I said..focus on the word disruption
  6. Really? that doesn't sound like me...I tend to avoid absolutes like "end". Assume I meant disrupt from here on out
  7. Far too open a question...
  8. Again...I have cited the term disruption of the nuclear family. A foundational aspect of our American culture. Take that and run woith it in whatever direction you choose...but you're the one running
  9. Nowhere have I used the word "destroy"...move your own goalposts
  10. If the US Constitution can be viewed as a "living document" so can the works of Marx
  11. So you're saying only worry about disruptors when they win...wouldn't it be too late then?
  12. Most specifically...the disruption of the western nuclear family.
  13. Did you not read the part about the Disruption of the Western Nuclear family? Note the word disruption...not destruction
  14. No...I don't care enough about "proving it" to you
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