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  1. VIA Jayson Stark: Justin Verlander was in the clubhouse when Miguel Cabrera got drilled but said: "I ran out there" in case a brawl broke out. "You see homer, homer, homer, Miggy gets hit...In my cutoff shirt, I'm sure I was very intimidating"
  2. Oh, and we had two Little Caesers pizzas yesterday (no pic). In honor of the signing, we special ordered ours - no Hot-N-Readys.
  3. I watch ESPN on SlingTV - they do not show ads, except for their own network. The elevator music played during (non)commercials drives my wife crazy, so there's that. According to this article, about 64% of customers would not pay for ESPN. BTW, sling basic package (which still includes ESPN) is $20 a month.
  4. Anyone have input on the best source to get single game tickets now?
  5. Without a doubt, the AL Central will be a much more competitive division next year.
  6. 10 years ago the Tigers were going to be so bad that I had to join an online support group to talk about it. I hear some of those same troubled fans are still involved with that message board . . .
  7. From the Marlins board: Love it! Just hope the Sanchez extension we read about soon does not turn out like the one given to Dontrelle Willis!
  8. Wish I had time to look at the old videos - Cheering for the Os and Twinkies 2night
  9. Ex-Tigers pitcher Jeremy Bonderman on comeback attempt: 'I'm just looking for an opportunity' | MLive.com Did not know he had surgery. Did not know he was thinking of coming back. Why don't you guys tell me these things?
  10. It was the twins. Does that really count?
  11. I think he is going to pitch for them this weekend - they heard he has a 97 mph fastball. And they figured out he can't hit.
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