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  1. With today's technology, can't they cobble together a virtual George Kell and Al Kaline? Virtual Ernie Harwell could pop in mid game.
  2. Shep stole the bases are drunk from Morris. Jack was saying it last week or the week before.
  3. We gave Scherzer's money to Zimmerman and we've been cursed with bad decisions ever since.
  4. If this is the Titanic, the starting rotation is the string quartet.
  5. So besides hitting, catching, throwing and running the bases, we're good? Possibly the worst stretch ever for position players. Can't hit or field. I was hopeful Candy and Castro could build on last year's success, plenty of season left but it's horrible so far. I'm most disappointed in the veterans who shouldn't need a month plus to make adjustments.
  6. Time to teach the Bronx bombers what bombing is all about. Mercy rule? Forfeit?
  7. Ugly defense but curly fries make everything better.
  8. Not an ideal solution but I don't think they will be competing for anything this season anyway.
  9. Just looking to the future since the present sucks. Cabrera buy out 2024 Schoop, Norris, Urena, Teheran, Ramos, Mazara, Holland FA 2022 Boyd, Grossman, Fulmer, Farmer FA 2023 Candelario, Jones, Goodrum, Cisneros, Jimenez FA 2024 Reyes, Turnbull, Greiner FA 2025 So half of the 40 man is controlled beyond 2025. Too bad about Norris. Never became a reliable starter for us. Boyd and Fulmer should probably be traded this year to get any value from them. Candelario probably has the most value on the team right now and we do have Paredes to replace him. I think they will keep Turnbull. The rest stay on the roster because they are cheap.
  10. The two "best" hitters batting 6 and 7. Are we throwing bologna slices at the wall to determine the batting order?
  11. I'm not opposed to sending him down but who would replace him? Paredes? Hinch likes Goodrum's defense at short but he's not hitting either.
  12. I can't give up on Castro, he's so young. I don't know why but I keep checking their stats on fangraphs. It doesn't look any better each time I check.
  13. I'm picturing the Bugs Bunny cartoon when he pitches the ball and the guy swings and misses ten times on the same pitch.
  14. Sadly, the batting averages are not the only problem. They have two players who can take a walk.
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