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  1. Stupid MLB.tv blackout. I will have to watch it later.
  2. Plan is not coming together. New plan: Miggy walkoff in the 10th.
  3. Shep said Hinch was upset because it took the umpires 3 minutes to review the catcher interference when it should take 30 seconds to make that decision.
  4. Candy with a couple good plays in the inning keeps them up by one.
  5. If we miss out on the big shortstops this off season, there is Trea Turner the following year. Xander Bogaerts can opt out of 3 years $60 million. Tim Anderson has a club option but may be available the year after. All three of them are 28 right now. The Tigers next year have the potential to have guys with .775 to .800 OPS at most positions.
  6. He did tell a cool story about Nolan Ryan helping him improve his arm strength through long toss but more like that would be very welcome.
  7. His frustration should definitely be with himself. He didn't throw strikes. Hopefully he goes back and reviews his performance because it wasn't the umpire's fault.
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