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  1. 'Amped-up' Tigers prospect Tarik Skubal fans three, hits 98 facing MLB lineup for first time Only in Spring Training can you see a stat line like that...3 K and 98 hbp. Thank you Detroit News.
  2. 0-13: Terry Felton, 1982 Twins (6 starts out of 48 games) 0-12: Russ Miller, 1928 Phillies (12 starts out of 33) Ron Gerkin, 1945 Philadelphia A's (12 starts out of 21) 0-9: Edgar Gonzalez, 2004 Arizona (10 starts out of 10) Heath Slocumb, 1997 Boston (5) and Seattle (4) (zero starts out of 76 - 27 saves) Rod Beck, 1996 San Francisco (zero starts out of 63 - 35 saves) Earl Hamilton, 1917 St. Louis Browns (8 starts out of 27) Tom Tuckey, 1909 Boston Doves (NL) (10 starts out of 17)
  3. 8:15 start. Enough time to watch one inning before headed home.
  4. Sitting at the game waiting out the rain. They just started clearing the seats to the concourse due to severe weather.
  5. I can never figure out why managers don't manage to a rain delay. It was pretty obvious (at least it seemed to me) that the rain was about to hit. So, why not bring in Jimenez or Greene instead of Zac R? If you guess wrong and the game goes on...fine...I can live with that. But to put in one of your worst pitchers to give up a run or two just before the rain hits seems just plain foolish to me.
  6. This is a bad start to the season...I'm stuck at work and I don't get any of the radio stations in and now there is a delay.
  7. Only one player under 6 feet tall. I never realized how tall baseball players are...especially the pitchers.
  8. I listen on the radio and couldn't stand not having Dan tonight. Turned it off. I certainly hope they don't move Dan over to TV next year.
  9. Knowing that next year is a sunk year in the rebuild process, why not keep McCann for next year in the hopes that he goes on one of his half-year hot streaks and we can trade him at the deadline? We have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain. It isn't like our minor league catchers are desperate to be called up and play in the majors yet.
  10. They probably demanded that the Rally Goose be included along with Fiers. Deal breaker...
  11. I have an extra ticket to this game if anyone wants to go. It is an individual seat apart from the where I'm sitting with my family, so you don't even need to sit by me! Let me know if you want it.
  12. I think they were wisely preparing for next year when they realized that they weren't going to make the playoffs. That means playing young guys to see what you have. That means sending key players for surgery earlier than you would if you were in the playoff hunt. That means trading players who aren't in your plans for next year earlier rather than holding on to them. All of those moves will lose you more games. If that is defined as tanking, then I am all for it.
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