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  1. I can't ******* take this....none of these guys should be here any more, especially Joe, he's ******* fried.
  2. Beginning to think this pitching staff is mostly composed of dog **** filled flaming dumpsters.
  3. I could tell what kind of offensive day it was gonna be from the first inning with Badoo and Schoop both with infield popup outs at only 3 pitches in, and yep, pretty much stayed that way all game.
  4. Jack and Shep slurpin Lynch now like he's top tier pitcher...give me a break, sure he's had a decent game, but this offense is dog **** today, but wont here them say that.
  5. I look forward to getting swept in Minny again starting tomorrow, followed by a 6 game win streak...this team, smh
  6. Shouldnt feel too bad about this game, Lynch is a potential Cy Young pitcher after all.
  7. Yep, that's Dan, they mentioned it during pick the stick on Bally before the game. Not sure where Jim is.
  8. Tonite would be a good night for Miggy to run into one towards the 500 mark.
  9. I dug the C-Mo backstory stuff before the game...but they left out his side hustle, he also moonlights as a pro wrestler
  10. Good for Joe I reckon...he did have one good inning today, so maybe this will boost his confidence.
  11. Wish they would have shown drunk Phil Coke's reaction.
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