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  1. Always fun guessing who's gonna be the bullpen gascan du'jour.
  2. If Boyd's going to be part of this team's future, he needs to go to ful time BP like Fulmer...no way can he be relied upon anymore as one of the 5 regular starters.
  3. Funk has gone full on dumpster fire full of gascans lately...AJ shoulda had him on a much shorter leash
  4. I'm impressed by the Tiger's commitment to both really good and really bad baserunning all in one inning.
  5. Seems like Haase would actually learn how to have quality AB's by now...but he's pretty much perma-stuck in outhouse or castle mode in his approach.
  6. I like Badoo, but can't wait until the lineup is good enough to where he's hitting 6-9, where he should be tbh.
  7. Uh-oh, careful...getting close to that 2+ run, insurmountable defecit.
  8. Do we lead the league in solo dong jacks? It rarely seems like there's a jacked dong with any men on.
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