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  1. Jones with his obligatory strike three swing at a pitch that lands 3 feet in front of the plate.
  2. Rodgers with the Super Troopers look...seems to be working.
  3. And LH Niko serving up lots of crow today.......today....
  4. Bad coaching compounded by bad baseball? My stars!
  5. Anybody remember the last game this team played without a combo of numbnuts bad base running and/or bad defense? Pepperidge Farms can't remember...
  6. Gj Fulmer...**** if I'm Hinch, I'm giving Mike a chance to close it out pending he doesn get in too much trouble...it'a better than the other options.
  7. At this point I'd rather see Hill get a call up at CF and stick Jacoby in RF...get the best possible defensive guys out there since the team cant really hit, and Hill is perhaps the best D player in the org, so what if he's batting .150, he'll fit right in, and it'd make the OF better as a whole. Would also like to see Schoop at his natural 2B position....but what do I know, it's not like this team isnt a defensive train wreck in it's current form, oh wait, sarcasm detected.
  8. Almost Joe "white flag" Jimenez time...
  9. On a separate note, I just read Tork is hitting a paltry .063 after 4 games in A ball...the future is bright?
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