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  1. A lot of the same things were said about Monta Ellis prior to last season, a good coach and some better players and poof he has value. That team was extremely toxic last year and Smith should have more value than he does. I appreciate the patience and vision SVG seems to be showing. Let's give it some time either SVG figures a way to make Smith valuable to this team or another. Either way he'll be a year closer to the end of his contract and marginally easier to dump. Same goes for Jennings. Quick fixes are what got this franchise into the tailspin it's been on since they fired Saunders in 2008.
  2. NBA draft is all about potential. Come back after the draft and mock me all you want but I look the guys I have seen in 2nd half of the first round and I don't see anyone that I'd take over McGary if healthy. His back will drop him into the 20's but I don't see him getting past Miami at 26. DX has Jarnell Stokes whom Jordan Morgan outplayed in the tournament right behind McGary. GRIII is a small forward who could barely crack 30% from the college 3 pt line despite being the 3rd or 4th option most nights. DX has him right in front of McGary. Shabazz Napier in front of him is tiny, and really has more of a SG skillset. There may be stuff that shows up in his medical report that will drop him further. But if it is significant enough to drop him below projects like Ike Austin, do you really want him?
  3. Not easy to turn the roster over in the NBA, we shall see. They got 2 years to build a team that Drummond wants to stay with, tonight hurts.
  4. No way McGary gets to the 2nd round, kid has real talent, the last ten picks in the first look like (to steal a baseball term) organizational fodder. The 2nd round looks like garbage, just take a euro and stash him hope he becomes something.
  5. He was traded to Houston when he was 25. You are cherry picking some stats but he was Kobe/Lebron level player for one year, 02-03. That's not who he was for the rest of his career he was very much a Paul George level talent.
  6. His assists/turnovers give me some hope but, I assumed taking that many shots he got to the line more. He certainly isn't Iverson lite, AI was getting to the line about 10 times a game at 23 Jennings wasn't getting the line any better than Knight (3.5/36). Chauncey is a guy who learned how to get to line later in his career. He's not a good finisher so getting to the line will be important for his development. That and not being awful on defense.
  7. Outside of body type I think the Bennett/Maxiell comparisons are poor. From the DX scouting report: A 6-7 center. Might just not have the size or outstanding skills to make up for it at the next level. Non-existent ball-handling skills, can not put the ball on the floor as his 1st step is very limited. Jumper has improved but can only really hit it when he is wide open. Lateral quickness is very limited, and he'll struggle guarding PF's at the next level. Numbers have taken a hit playing next to better teammates. A bit inconsistent and is prone to disappear at times. Scores a lot in the post in college thanks to his brute strength, but needs to develop more of a finesse game to stick at the next level. From DraftExpress.com DraftExpress - NBA Draft, NCAA/International Basketball Website. DraftExpress - NBA Draft, NCAA/International Basketball Website. Pretty much the opposite of Bennett. Max was also a four year guy, Bennett is a freshman (old freshman). For Bennett the big question is if he will guard anyone on the next level and can he play starters minutes.
  8. Pretty bad draft when just about everyone in the lottery has a glaring weakness or two. About the only prospect that I have formed a solid opinion on is Muhammad, a guy who has gotten a ton of love in this thread and I absolutely hate as a prospect. I think people are intrigued because he was the top high school prospect and that usually = high upside. IMO he got those rankings with good athleticism and being in a man's body (partially because he was a year + older than everyone else). Watching him at UCLA I just didn't see the elite athlete he was billed to be. I saw a black hole with low basketball IQ, mediocre dribbler, mediocre shooter, mediocre defender and poor passer, who got his coach fired. His upside seems to be Rudy Gay, not good or efficient enough to build an offense around and not the shooter and certainly not the passer to be a good complimentary piece. My prediction if Muhammad goes in the lottery that GM will be fire within two years.
  9. McLemore is 3 months older than Oladipo. Most of the mock draft sites have Oladipo way underrated at this point, I bet that changes after Saturday. That alley-oop that he almost went up a got was as spectacular a miss as you will see. On the hand-checking, thats just B1G basketball, Craft is even worse. Michigan will have less of that to worry about in the NCAA tournament.
  10. Guy I love watching right now is Oladipo, will be real fun to see what he can do against Burke and THJR on Saturday. His defense/athleticism will translate to the NBA, really just a matter if scouts feel his improved outside shooting is a mirage or not will limit his ceiling as far as draft position.
  11. Very little chance Gates or Macklin make the roster, they are at 15 already if you include the new Euro, 16 if Ben comes back. To get to 15 you'd have to get rid of a guy like, CV, Daye, one of the 2nd round picks, maybe even Bynum. Macklin wasn't given a contract for a reason.
  12. If we are just looking at stats Hollinger had Drummond the 5th highest rated player in the draft. Defensive rebounding is a tough stat to judge someone off of, in a lot of ways it is a team statistic. Guys responsible for guarding the rim are often out of position for defensive rebounds, on the other end of the court he was very good at rebounding. Unlike Henson (because he is so thin) I am pretty confident that this guy projects to be relatively soon both a guy that will improve the Pistons help defense but also will be asset with his size and athleticism on the ball both weakness of Monroe. If he fulfills his potential he changes the destiny of this franchise and its hard for me not to be excited about this pick.
  13. Dysfunctional Pistons lose Ben Gordon trade « PistonPowered Necessary trade, better than the one that would have cost us Brandon Knight. It's still crumby that a team that was in position for most of the year to be at the top of the lottery before everyone else started to tank and still had t5th worst point differential in the NBA has to give up their 1st pick relatively soon.
  14. Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA For Detroit, deal to ship out Gordon saves them nearly $15 million on the final two years of his contract. Maggette has an expiring deal. Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA The deal sends Detroit's 2013 first-round pick to Charlotte with lottery protection, sources tell Y!
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