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  1. 3 wins in a row, I believe that is what's known as a winning streak!
  2. What the H E double hockey sticks was rogers looking for there?
  3. Bally State TV actually flows much better than the real name
  4. First, he has to continue to pitch like he has for at least another month+. Even still, they probably won't get much back if previous trades are any indicator. Generally, id prefer to hang on at this point since they need innings this year and it'll make them more watchable. UNLESS, the return is a solid, bona-fide prospect within a year or two of the majors
  5. Quick trigger on Nunez? I didn't watch the oakland series but he was decent in Houston. I think he'll clear waivers though so at least they can keep him around
  6. Totally agree, it was a garbage outing but probably shouldn't have been as bad as it was
  7. Its good to be a little humbled now and again
  8. Camt feel great to strikeout against a guy with first percentile k rate
  9. I see, I don't remember his defense of the past but agree he's looked solid
  10. I'm not sure i agree. He was 1 for 9 coming into today and has had little streaks, more like a hot game here and there, before
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