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  1. Better keep scoring runs because there's a good chance norris/krol/holland sees the mound today
  2. Highest leverage spot he's pitched in for a while
  3. Id cut folty on that alone. He doesn't look like he's got the attitude of someone id want in my clubhouse
  4. I have opened a tab to his shersey so many times but yet to pull the trigger
  5. The photo probably makes it look worse than it is I'm talking about things like moving, shoveling snow, cleaning out your parents gutters, or, ****, all the travelling they do. That's probably the most dangerous.
  6. Meh, do what they gotta do but hope theyre smart about it. I'm sure they have other active hobbies or house work to help with that poses just as much of a risk
  7. I'm wearing a hat like that right now and I missed it
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