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  1. Thanks Antrat. So I would have to subscribe to each service individually, correct? Its weird for us to see our DVD players and think they are old technology. I used to like to browse Block Buster, etc, for a movie I felt like watching. Not anymore. It looks like all the browsing is done online now.
  2. Agree with this. I liked the way Nick stepped in during the dustup between JM and Iggy. I know that doesn't show up in the stat book, but I liked his attitude there. And he did have a nice streak at the plate for a while. The longest I remember him being hot. He may have made some fielding errors but very few, if any, with throwing to 1st. We are doing a little rebuilding or retooling so he is someone that should be on the roster.
  3. We wanted a new tv for either my shop or one of the bedrooms,etc and my wife came home with a Roku TV. We are old and don't really know what it is. Looks like we can stream Netflix, youtube, over the net? Is that basically it? With a credit card of course. Anyone? edit..for now I bypassed all that setup and its just a tv.
  4. It wouldn't bother me if a few of the candidates dropped out. Huckabee, Christie, Paul, former Gov of NJ(?), actually most of the lower 10 except for Fiorina.
  5. Just get 1 thing accomplished in 4 year or even 8 years and I'LL BE HAPPY. As an example... Just fix the wall and let those who are here who are not felons, etc, work here and pay taxes, but FIX THE WALL and I'll be happy. No one seems to be able to do that.
  6. Well as long as we are quoting or posting "common wisdoms". And I agree with Trump...Our leaders are stupid...in this case Obama. If, as you say, Iran wanted a deal to rid themselves of sanctions, it looks to a lot of folks that Iran got what they wanted.
  7. excellent contribution to the discussion. Sorry to disappoint but that's what I feel about him and his straw man crapola. He asks a questions that he loves, LOVES to answer himself and spew his political crap. And Obama supporters seem to eat it up.
  8. Obama likes to ask questions and answer those questions himself. Too bad he hides under his desk, as Hillary does, to not be asked tough questions.
  9. IIRC, it wasn't an ESPN or NFL Network interview, but an interview with a religious outlet.
  10. Gotcha. Makes sense. And my larger point was if Iggy was sort of in revolt against Ausmus and the team in general yesterday, Price would've been more in support of Iggy or at least not got involved if Price felt dissed that day. I'm probably connecting dots that aren't connectable.
  11. Was it ever decided if Price dissed Ausmus the game he just headed to the clubhouse? I thought if true, you'd think Price would NOT have come out in support of McCann calling out Iggy. I still think that was a bizarre move by Price from another team. Liked it, but had me shaking my head why he would get involved.
  12. And OUCH! Look at Rubio. I think he would've expected to be higher in the polls. TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!
  13. And I think 'the country' has been mostly disappointed with the people they've elected and hadn't have much of a choice. That's why I don't understand peeps wanting to disinvite, ban, whatevs Trump from the debates, etc. It seems that's what the majority want right now.
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