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  1. OT...I just had a dustup with DirecTV and I said I was going to cancel and they ended up giving me about 30 bucks off a month and NFL Sunday Ticket for free. I can see the 30 off a month, but can't see where or how they are going to give me the NFL for free yet. Credits or ??? I've been with them for 15 years and buy MLB, NBA and NFL packages since the beginning, iirc. So apparently they wanted to keep my business.
  2. And iirc after the Hussein regime was taken into custody and questioned, most thought they had nerve gas, mustard gas, whatever it was they used on the Kurds. They thought they manufactured more. They were getting bluffed by the scientists who made the stuff. I remember hearing reports like that anyway. Not sure how true they were though. The Iraq war can be debated all day long, but I don't think the Bush admin had to lie or make a bunch of stuff up, as they have been accused of, about the Iraqis having WMD. It was the intel we had at that time.
  3. FWICT, there are no jobs when they do graduate. So many are underemployed in our country. Let the free market dictate what is needed, not the DAMN Gov't. Enough of top down, social engineering by our Gov't.
  4. If I'm understanding your post correctly...I thought it would've been Biden. Meaning someone to carry Obama's legacy forward.
  5. This country was and has been great without handing out free college paid for by hardworking taxpayers. Taxpayers are burdened enough already. If you don't understand the debt we have, I don't know what to say.
  6. ^ typical liberal thinking. Idealistic. This is not utopia. Give homes to everyone. Give health care to everyone. Give Obama phones to everyone. Give food to everyone. Give College to everyone. Give tax refunds to peeps who don't pay in. yeah, that's the ticket. Kill the incentives to go to work and we will end up in complete debt and probably defaulting. We've been downgraded already under Obama.
  7. And now Hillary says FREE COLLEGE TO EVERYONE...cept to hardworking taxpayers who pay for it. Liberalism is a complete failure in my opinion. The only way they get elected is to promise more free (to them) stuff.
  8. Romney would have had this countries economy humming, imo. Its always tough to be elected when 1 candidate says "We'll give you a check for everything, healthcare included and the other thinks hard work, investment, etc is the way out of this mess. Peeps chose a free paycheck.
  9. So you say you've criticized Obama for Afghanistan and surge and deaths...So can you include Dems in the bolded statement? "I guess dead soldiers don't bother Dems and Republicans"
  10. Dems voted for authorization of the Iraq war. Or authorization of use of force. or whatevs.
  11. iirc, Obama felt Afghanistan was the right war and he escalated and caused almost 2 to 1 American deaths under his watch. I could be way, WAY off on that, but that is my recollection.
  12. Having the world know you are NOT going to go to war is a dangerous thing. When the US is engaged in the world, people complain. When the US recedes from the world, the world suffers.
  13. Does anyone think Stafford will stop sucking this year? Maybe we can win a playoff game if he does.
  14. Like a lot of great pitchers, you have to get them in the 1st inning. After that, it'll be all Boyd. Got em right where we want em.
  15. Didn't mean that to be directed towards Truth who is great post, but at the Republican party.
  16. Oh snap! ftr...I think that is the first time I've ever said or posted...Oh snap.
  17. Marte plays other positions than 1st, right? Now that I'm thinking about it, didn't Mario say he was playing out of position at 1st? If so, won't he and Romine be battling for a spot?
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