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  1. So whacko libs compare Trump to Hitler when Obama called ISIS the JV sqad. ISIS has gained ground like the Nazis. They behead people and rape women and children by most accounts. They burn people in cages. But these whacko libs need to say Trump is the one we need to watch out for. These whacko libs need to say Republicans have a war on women, when the Prez they voted for called them a JV giving them time to gain ground. Whacko libs are so blinded by their ideology that they can't see what is happening in the world. Its all just about Republicans and conservatives. I am ashamed to say that I once was a Dem. The party has lost its way. Oh yeah, and go Tigers.
  2. LOL I just figured this is about the time you typically TROLL on in to conversations. Put me on ignore.
  3. I feel for these young kids who go to college and get brainwashed by liberal academia.
  4. Fox criticism is a joke. Like Ailes, Hume others have said...They decided to be fair about the news. They decided to bring both sides to the debate, unlike Libs. And then they started climbing in the ratings. Then they started winning ratings. They thought their lead in viewership was perishable and the laughable MSNBC and CNN would change. And they did change, they double down on more liberal crap. MSNBC is a joke and their viewership shows it. CNN at least has a couple of good attempts at being a balanced news org, but still failed.
  5. So because of a dustup with DirecTV, I now get post interviews, etc. I was SMH at pitching to Altuve like everyone, but when I heard Ausmus say that the guy behind him kicked our butts all year, so we needed to pick our poison. So if anyone cares to indulge me, who was that and what were the numbers he had on the Tigers all year? Was that complete BS by Ausmus for CYA purposes or true?
  6. I don't pay attention much to movie making these days, but Disney is kicking ***, right? I mean if you wanted to do something like this and do it right, they are the go to?
  7. I realize that. I'm talking about a mod that associates Trump with Hitler. I really don't care to hear or read what she has to say after that.
  8. What is a person who gambles in Vegas supposed to wear when that person goes to Vegas to gamble? I need pockets and a lot of them. Phone, wallet, tickets from machines, cash pocket, singles for cocktail waitresses, etc. Also, haven't heard them being called cargo shorts in a long time, if ever, so not sure this old man knows what's being described here.
  9. Are you saying THEY as in the candidates again? Because the candidates make up about 19 votes. Wouldn't even move the needle in his support. Its the people who are supporting him. But hey, I think Bernie should be asking Hillary about why she scrubbed her email server or whatever she did. There's a possible crime. Why aren't Dems standing up to figure out of there is a criminal running for the Dems?
  10. Haven't been able to be hooked by anything SWs since the original series. But hey, that's just me. I bet it's better graphics and maybe story lines, etc. I'll check it out at some point.
  11. OH! I get the reason you compared him to Hitler now. That clears everything up.
  12. Ah, good point. And AA, JB, TR will be, or should be fine. I won't forget that 1 handed catch by Riddick in Falcons game in England. We needed that more than ever right then and he delivered a great catch on a not so great throw. According to Aikman anyway.
  13. I don't need to PM you. I think comparing Trump to Hitler saying "he's the second coming" is SMH material.
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