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  1. Its not just that she is a liar, but I feel she knowingly did most of what she's accused of. Dems are turning on her. What is the guy from the Atlanta Journal? Eugene Robinson? who is, and should be, somewhat disgusted by her if I'm reading what he says correctly.
  2. I don't think it does. Reagan wasn't really a career politician and even some Dems liked him. Obama likes to liken himself after him at times. From what I've read/heard over a long time is the founders wanted ordinary people to come and serve and go back to their careers. I could be wrong on that. But we've come to basically elect doctors and lawyers most likely because of their money. It costs a lot of money to run an election. How much for a Prez now? Please don't say a billion. We have lifelong politicians that can't stop the IRS from paying refunds to 1 single address in Lithuania over 600 times? Are you friggin kidding me? Why can't these great career politicians fix that? Some people are fed up and are willing to try something different. Even if posters on this site say we reflect how stupid voters have become if we support Trump. I think it was Oblong or something. With the check and balances that are supposedly in place, although I question them after the last 4 years, we should be able to survive a private sector approach to governing. Give what some of us feel the founders had in mind a shot. If its wrong, so be it. Trump probably won't make it anyway. I expect he will step in something that will end his run. And I will simply move on to the next person that wants to change DC.
  3. Obama had his religious rhetoric down. He did the religious out of one side of his mouth and then said religious people cling to their guns and bibles, or something like that, out of the other side. He said Christians need to get off their high horse and then have the lame stream media defend him if peeps asked if he was really a Christian. Odumba had it both ways. Great politician when you have the lame stream media on your side.
  4. Outstanding job by the grounds crew? adequate for sure, but not outstanding.
  5. And THEY get to decide what is a bad argument and if not you are trolling? LMAO!
  6. Your buddy doesn't like 1 liners. He doesn't think it 'advances the conversation'. Actually heard it from 2 of your buds now. So you and me being bro's and all, I thought I'd help you out there. edit...cuz then you'll be considered to be a troll by them.
  7. My guess, GUESS, is that he has independent support. Eff Chuck Todd couldn't believe, he was astounded, that he found Dems that criticized Hillary for the email thing. I'm thinking especial because MSNBC doesn't cover it. Or at least doesn't cover for anything other than their 'VRWC' accusations. A later report said that some Inds were also leaving her and going to...TRUMP! lol
  8. Not sure the good people would even want to run in the first place. The Dem and Repub establishment controls a lot of who even makes it
  9. Not sure if you are just trolling or not. But if you aren't...than that's an oversimplification, but closer to the truth than saying they are all law abiding, imo.
  10. Hillary sure seems like she is a crook. But she just blames the messenger like most libs do.
  11. JD not exactly seeing the ball well in Houston changes that narrative with 1 swing of the bat.
  12. In a libs mind, I'm sure it is. But where the outrage is direct by whacko libs is telling. If you don't see it, I feel for ya.
  13. Here's another example of when Libs/Dems have lost it. Trump calls someone a fat pig....is despicable and abhorrent behavior. But when abortion doctors sip wine over hors d'oeuvres discussing where to crush babies in the future for profit, its an edited video that is at fault.
  14. Yoda, you like off day threads. suggestion...take it for what its worth, but a question might be if there is ANYONE who still holds out hope for getting in via the WC. I still dream.
  15. I'd either like to see him suit up or maybe a couple clauses in the contract to protect the Lions or performance clauses. But we traded for him and don't mind increasing the guaranteed money a little bit to make him a happy Ngata.
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