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  1. Pistons haven't beaten Charlotte since opening night at LCA
  2. Understood. They have absolutely zero guard play on this team. Wright is a good backup. Other than that, they have no guards. Pray for lottery luck and they get Cade. But Jalen Green looks like a decent option.
  3. They spend money and try to win, they get criticized for not tanking. They tear the roster down and tank, they get criticized for being bad.
  4. One week until the deadline. Ellington should be gone for a second rounder. Will be curious if Wright gets moved. He has played well and the Pistons have 3 young PG's
  5. Crazy ending to the game. Another good night of experience for the young kids, competitive basketball, and more lottery balls.
  6. Wow. That looked like Barnes was definitely in the landing area of Grant on that jumper.
  7. Why are we missing these free throws intentionally with so much time left? You make the free throw there and see what happens. Silly decision making.
  8. 4.5 seconds and maybe closer to 4.9 on that inbound. Kings get the timeout. Wild ending to this one
  9. Kings decide to foul up by 3 with 10 seconds left
  10. Josh Jackson is starting to remind me of Andre Drummond with his offensive decision making.
  11. Josh Jackson barely hits the rim on the first free throw. He then inexplicably decided to intentionally miss the second free throw.
  12. WOW. An over the back call on Hield and the Pistons will shoot 2 free throws instead of a 3 point opportunity for the Kings.
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