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  1. Mize looks like a veteran. Composed, quick and efficient. He’s very impressive. If he starts the 8th, it will be basically a vote of no confidence for our pen.
  2. We haven’t drafted many pitchers the last couple of drafts. It’s catching up to us.
  3. Maybe he gets his batting average up—.250-.260 is not unrealistic.
  4. who said anything about 5 years? There is no end in sight--this could easily be 7-8, and that might be optimistic. Where we are at right now is a complete failure. I was never in favor of going the nuclear route that the org established after dumping J.D., Justin, etc... Once we chose that path, I supported tanking for a few seasons, but this is nuts. I blame Avila to some extent because the moves he has made haven't worked. However, Chris Ilitch needs to shoulder the majority of the blame at this point. Please sell this team!
  5. That’s it. The duration of this rebuild, with little progress made and no end in sight, is what makes this both infuriating and demoralizing.
  6. He was viewed as disloyal—the rumor was that he was shopping his services and Mr. I found out.
  7. No one panders on Twitter more. She was just reading the room.
  8. Give me a date and I’ll hold my tongue until then. I promise. (and no one has called him a failure).
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