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  1. This is false about Short. He is a high OBP hitter—he has a career .378 OBP in the minors, and his OBP is 120 points above his batting average so far this season with the Tigers. If he can get his batting average up to .230-.240, his OBP would likely be closer to .350.
  2. we have a history of making pitcher's look like Tom Seaver in their pitching debut.
  3. you could make the argument for Erie, but West Michigan is probably more prudent. If he pitches, I'm sure he'll be on a strict innings count. Would be nice to get him 30 IP, though, to cut his teeth and get him ready for next season.
  4. understand your point, but I'd decouple those two guys. Castro really only played significantly in Toledo in 2019, when he was 22 (still young this season at 24 for MLB). As comparison of the two guys: Reyes (age 26+) 773 career MLB AB's--.652 OPS Castro (age 24) 481 career MLB AB's--.704 OPS To me, Reyes is a career 4A player, who can fill in for injury, but not to be counted on. Still holding out slight hope for Castro.
  5. Norris has largely been ineffective pitching 2 innings at a time--I don't think that would improve if increased to 5-6 innings per outing.
  6. good Tigers day yesterday--prior to the game, I went to a card show in Troy and met/got signed baseballs from HoJo and Steve Kemp. I would not have recognized Kemp (the one on the right)--thought he was a bigger looking guy (of course, that was when I was 12).
  7. Sarcasm. There are no upgrades in Toledo. Just potential innings eaters, if necessary.
  8. Sarcasm. There are no upgrades in Toledo. Just potential innings eaters, if necessary.
  9. If they really shut down Mize and Skubal, they might need it for either Leiter or Hutchinson in Toledo to eat innings.
  10. replace them with? Jobe and Madden are going to need a couple of months.
  11. trading from a strength. Abrams is the #8 prospect in baseball, while Manning is #18. We just added Madden and Jobe, that will help soon. The only way to get a talent like Abrams is to be willing to move a valuable piece. I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  12. however, I would like to see the Tigers get creative and try and get SS C.J. Abrams from San Diego. He's hurt for the rest of the year, but not career-threatening. He's also buried (at SS) behind Tatis, Jr. I'd start with Matt Manning, and build a package that would hopefully entice them to send him our way. As a team in the playoff hunt, they might see value in some of our relievers, too.
  13. agreed. The only current Tigers that would probably warrant a decent return are Funkhouser, Cisneros and Soto.
  14. I wasn't a fan of his already, but he really lost me today. His trade discussion was as insightful as discussing the topic with my mother-in-law. A few of his tidbits--we should trade Boyd while he has value (someone tell Scott that Boyd is on the DL). And that Cisneros has no trade value (truth is that he probably has more than any Tiger that we'd be willing to part with). As much as I want to consume Tigers info (I frickin' come here daily!), I can't listen to his podcast anymore.
  15. I think this is solid, but isn't Cameron already on the 26-man roster? I think I'd keep Niko around (vs. Harold, who can easily be cut). I'm on the fence with Paredes--he's still very young and his play in Toledo has not warranted a promotion. I'd almost prefer he get more reps in Toledo. Here would be my position players: C : Haase and Rogers INF: Miggy, Schoop, Short, Niko, Candelario, Nunez (called up from Toledo) OF: Grossman, Baddoo, Hill and Cameron
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