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  1. They paid JV two years sooner than they had to. What type of contract does he get if he was a FA this past season?
  2. I spent about 20 minutes typing up my reasoning, but lost it all.. Tigers need to have a fire sale, or they will turn into the Phillies. Too many bad contracts, and not enough cheap/young players to balance it out.
  3. He is an awful pitcher making 28 million a year. How long does he get a free pass for? He was awful last year, and looks just like he did last year in his first 2 starts. He will go down as having the worst contract in MLB history. It's a shame too, because he was such a good pitcher for his first 7 years in his career. It's going to suck that he is going to be remembered more for falling off as fast as he did, than he was for being the best pitcher in the game from 2010-2012. Makes you wonder. As soon as he signed that contract extension, he started sucking...
  4. if Chadd was actually successful at drafting MLB talent, we wouldn't need to trade prospects. We'd keep them. Tigers know these guys suck, and they try to trade them before the book gets out. Just look at Jonathon Crawford. Guy played in the SEC, and he had to repeat Low-A ball. He was a bust of a pick, yet somehow we got Simon for him. Amazes me that these dumb GM's think highly of any Tiger prospect.
  5. Sick and tired of the Tigers not being able to draft. This year was same story, different year. They had extra pool money, and they over drafted guys with their first 5 picks. It's almost like their target was taken right before they picked, and they had no idea what to do. Yeah yeah yeah, too early to judge this years draft class. Well just take a look back at previous drafts. It's the same exact boring draft. It amazes me teams want any of our players. They all suck, and rarely pan out. There is a reason our minor leagues are worst in baseball and the answer is David Chadd. We have 5 guys playing regularly in Lakeland and they are all hitting less than .200. Keep up the good work Chadd, maybe we can sucker some team into taking some of the scrubs we drafted the past 3 years
  6. Anyone know the song they play when the team runs out on the field?
  7. Iglesias had to be helped off the field after taking a line drive to lower right leg during batting practice. This guy is made of glass, no wonder Red Sox got rid of him. We need to start looking for a SS because Romine is not going to cut it playing every day
  8. Grab the comp draft pick. Can't afford to sign him to any more than 2-3 year deal. Cabrera will end at DH eventually and you don't want him blocking that position. I think this year is a fluke, and he will come back down to Earth next year (kinda already has past month or so) That would give us 5 picks in the top 85-90 or the draft. Let's face it, this team is not going to win the World Series. Time to rebuild through the draft. Sucks that we have two of the worst contracts in baseball with Miggy and JV
  9. Old news buddy. They announced this back in May. No idea how this is going to help traffic congestion, but whatever
  10. If we didn't give Verlander that contract extension, what kind of deal what he realistically get on the open market, coming off a horible season? I still think he would get 5 yr / 75 million at the minimum. Far cry from the ridiculous 5 yr, 140 million we offered him.
  11. Verlander will have one of worst contracts in all of baseball. He's washed up. Tigers are paying for locking up Verlander too early | FOX Sports on MSN
  12. Which direction would you like to see us go with the first pick? I'm hoping we stay away from college relievers (Burdi), and go the high school route, either pitcher or position player. I like Derek Hill, not sure if he will be on board when we pick though My apologies if this is posted in wrong forum. Mods feel free to merge or move if there is already a thread on this.
  13. Re-sign him or let him walk? I think we need to let him walk. He's one of the worst defensive outfielders in the league, and will be going on 40 next year. No doubt in mind he can still be productive at the plate, but I think he's a DH, and we will have no room for him after we re-sign Victor
  14. That type of player is not worth 28-30 million. He's on the decline. Hasn't been the same since 2012.
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