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  1. Kinda like where we are. There are three great prospects, and we just take the one who's left when it's our turn to pick. This is one of those drafts where it might actually be easier than having the #1 pick and having to make that choice.
  2. Dixon can swing it a little. I know he doesn't walk, but they said he's been mashing in Toledo.
  3. We still gonna complain about Reyes' OBP, or nah? The kid can rake.
  4. Yeah, not a fan of this. It looks like we are wearing youth league uniforms now or something. The ironic part is that they made the D bigger on the hats but needed to make it bigger on the uniforms, too, if they were going to use the same font. I really liked the old version of the D on the jersey...classy and fitting. And I liked the other version on the hat and elsewhere. Boo indeed.
  5. Been thinking the same thing. Would love to get a bat with this pick. It would be our luck that we finally end up with this pick and there's not really a dominant kid available. I am leery of taking two UF pitchers in back to back years.
  6. Someplace called Sidney, and I lied... I guess it's more like 50+ minutes away, but still close enough that the drive should be easy.
  7. Yeah, you are right about that. But at the same time, it could get confusing. If the list is considered "final" on Nov. 20 and then we trade a few guys who were unprotected, would the new team have a chance to protect them? Or would they be unable to protect them and therefore stand a chance of losing them despite having just acquired them? If we have a full 40-man roster on Nov. 20 and it locks that day for the purposes of the draft, but then we release 6 guys between then and the draft, could we select anyone or not? Someone needs to clarify for us!
  8. I was poking around trying to figure this out, too, but everything I found said that teams had to set their 40-man rosters by Nov. 20 for the Rule 5 draft. I can only assume that either that's no longer the case or there's something else at work there. I would assume that you couldn't clear a spot during the draft, though, because then you would have been denying other teams the chance to take someone in an earlier round. So there must be a final point at which the rosters freeze for the draft.
  9. I'm also with whoever said that we should release VerHagen and/or Bell or someone else to clear at least one more spot on the 40. Or get the Kinsler trade done today to clear a spot (assuming whoever we get back doesn't need to go on the 40). We know what VerHagen is, and he's not really going to help us in the next few years pitching the 6th or 7th innings. Trade him if you can get anything for him, otherwise dump him and take a chance on someone with a higher ceiling.
  10. Tram is my all-time favorite Tiger and in large part the reason I am a Tigers fan. I have lived my whole life in Virginia but played t-ball on a team called the Tigers in 1984. Since I played mostly SS, I started following the Tigers' SS. Turned out to be a pretty good year to follow Tram and the Tigers. The rest is history. I always told myself that I would be in Cooperstown when he got inducted (not if). So 30 minutes after the announcement on Sunday, I booked rooms for two nights about 20 minutes outside of Cooperstown (somehow got them for only $85 a night!). Planning to take my 4-year-old son with me, and maybe my dad if he is up for it. Can't wait.
  11. I'm on the Burdi train, too. I saw an article that said they might consider picking the Braves' infielder because they'll need a 2B once Kinsler is traded. I sure hope that is only the thought process of the reporter, because considering how bad we'll be this year, who cares who plays 2B? We can stick anyone there. No reason to waste a Rule V pick on a guy mostly because he can fill a current need. Might as well go after the potential biggest reward player you can, and that sounds like Burdi.
  12. I'm tired of trying to cure our ills with washed-up ex-Twins. If he brings Kent Hrbek and Greg Gagne onto his coaching staff, I'm done with this team. Mike Ferrin of MLB Radio, who works on the TV side I believe for the D-backs, seems to think that Gardenhire learned a lot about analytics the last couple years there. Who knows. This hire does nothing at all for me, but we are going to suck either way so who cares?
  13. If Ausmus doesn't insert Romine into the starting rotation and give Kinsler 7-10 starts behind the plate from here on out, I'm firing his @ss. We need that pick.
  14. As for Verlander to the Stros, I haven't read this whole thread, but are there enough good prospects not on their 40-man roster that we would actually want at this point in exchange for him? We can't get Fisher cause he's on the 40, can't get Martes... I am sure they won't trade Tucker, who isn't on the 40. Beyond that, their top prospects are mostly 3 years away or so. That is not the type of return I want for JV if we move him, personally.
  15. Seems like it should be pretty easy to make a trade or two with the Astros this weekend, no?
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