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  1. My power hasn't been out in years and I don't live in California.
  2. The irony is Newsome is probably going to win because California doesn't want to be like Texas.
  3. Did Texas cut off the power to keep them away?
  4. Of course it's excuses. You could look at someone like Amendola who neared his career highs in the twilight of his career. You also have Nate Burleson who had 4 of his 5 best seasons in catch % with Stafford. That tells me Stafford was giving him a good catchable ball. Regarding Calvin Johnson, Stafford was basically injured most of his first two seasons so they didn't actually play a full season together until Johnson's 5th season when he set a then career high in yards and then set the all time record in yards the following season.
  5. I literally listed 4 receivers who elevated their games with Stafford. Golden Tate played with Russell Wilson and Stafford and by far had the best years of his career with Stafford. Marvin Jones had his best year with Stafford.
  6. I mean, they had the ball at around the 25 yard line with a chance to tie the game. They didn't just score in the final seconds to make it close. I wouldn't be happy if I were a 49ers fan.
  7. Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, and Kenny Golladay had the best years of their careers with Stafford throwing to them. The Lions had the 2nd worse defense in the history of the NFL last year and still won 5 games. The Lions defense last year was worse than the 0-16 Lions defense. How exactly is Stafford suppose to elevate one of the worst defenses the NFL has ever seen?
  8. Stafford only threw the ball 26 times and the Rams won with ease. It's nice when you have a defense that can get stops and don't have to keep throwing to bring your team back.
  9. Probably because she has been the most vocal metoo and now endorses a guy with sexual assault allegations against him and throwing around allegations at someone else
  10. I have a feeling the Lions will be tied for 1st place in the division after this game.
  11. You can lead a horse to a vaccine but can only make him take a dewormer.
  12. The Packers defense has given up more points than the Lions defense to Jameis Winston and a bunch of undrafted WRs.
  13. With the way Green Bay is looking, next week may not be an automatic loss.
  14. Apparently Rose McGowan is a republican now. Thread
  15. I feel the narrative would be different if it were the Lions who almost blew a 28 point lead.
  16. A torn Achilles is a career ender for a CB. Bryant Westbrook 2.0.
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