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  1. That chant sounds like what Tiger fans used to do after White Stripes song.
  2. I haven't been paying attention to the rest of the AL, but Hinch has got to be front runner for manager of the year right? Or is he going to be blacklisted by MLB?
  3. I never took Calvin to be such a diva during his playing days.
  4. They should have been called the Steamers. I can't believe it took me this long to think of that. Am I maturing?
  5. Texas is blaming illegal immigrants. It's like an episode of The Simpsons from 1996.
  6. "“Florida State University’s official use of the Seminole name is different from other names in that it does not perpetuate offensive racial stereotypes nor is it meant to diminish or trivialize any Native American or indigenous peoples. Instead, it is used with explicit tribal permission and involvement to honor and promote the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s unconquered history and spirit that persists to this day.” https://www.tampabay.com/sports/seminoles/2020/07/10/why-florida-state-seminole-tribe-stand-behind-the-seminoles-nickname/
  7. Should have named the team the Fire for the time Cleveland set the Cuyahoga River on fire.
  8. I believe the Seminole tribe has given their blessing to Florida State to continue using the name. Did Atlanta get rid of the tomahawk? Maybe the leagues should do what little league teams do and just name their teams after colors like the blue team or purple team etc.
  9. How is it Cleveland was able to come up with a name so much quicker than Washington?
  10. Perhaps, but he was a consensus top 3 pick and picking Wade over Darko would be like picking Suggs over Cunningham. People would have roasted Dumars at the time.
  11. Every team would have taken Darko over Wade. We seem to forget in hindsight, but Darko was a highly rated prospect at the time. If Detroit didn't take him, Denver was surely going to take him at 3. It was really only Darko vs Anthony. Darko seemed to make sense at the time because the Pistons needed a big man and were contenders and didn't need him to contribute right away. He was being compared to Nowitzki. The Pistons didn't shock anybody with their pick. Darko was just a bust. The consensus is Cunningham is the best player, but if it turns out Mobley is and Cunningham is a complete bust, we'll be talking 18 years from now how in the world did Weaver take Cunningham and pass on Mobley.
  12. Guardians of last place. Stole that one from Twitter.
  13. Apparently there is some sort of statue near the stadium named the Guardian.
  14. I was hoping for the Cobalts. It was GM's successor to the Cavalier.
  15. The Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians. The jokes write themselves.
  16. Every gas station and convenience store around here had the no shirt, no shoes, no service signs. They all have bullet proof glass even in the suburbs. I honestly haven't been inside a gas station in years since I just pay at the pump.
  17. I've never seen those signs either and I grew up going to stores on both sides of the tracks. I did tend to find no loitering signs were more common in Detroit.
  18. I went to that website and it is something. I wanted to ask the country of origin for their American apparel and there is no contact information. Makes me wonder what happens if something goes wrong with your order?
  19. Jared Goff was a two time pro bowler and borderline MVP so he's not even close to being Trent Dilfer. Goff has a higher career passer rating than Stafford and higher completion percentage and a near identical TD and INT rate. Look at Stafford's numbers when he was 25-26 and compare them to Goff. I don't expect the downgrade at QB to be as bad as everyone expects.
  20. Republicans, who railed against COVID stimulus, decide to give themselves bonuses with the COVID stimulus. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/07/22/officials-shiawassee-county-use-virus-money-bonuses/8056542002/
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