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  1. Stafford at age 26 had an 85 QB rating, 60% completion, and a middling 22/12 TD to INT ratio. After age 26 he had a 97 QB rating and 67% completion and went on to the best years of his career. It seems premature to give up on Goff. If McVay is the offensive genius he's cracked up to be, he could have made it work with Goff.
  2. Last I checked Mark Sanchez played in a couple AFC Championship games so apparently Goff can still win in this league. BTW, Mark Sanchez very best year as a Jets starter he had a 78 QB rating and 18 INTs. Goff's worst full season as a starter he had a 86 QB rating and still beat a very good Seattle team in the playoffs last year so no Goff is not Mark Sanchez. That's actually a pretty absurd comparison.
  3. My hope is Jared Goff is good. I can't believe so many people are so quick to give up on a 26 year old former #1 pick who's been to a couple pro bowls and was a borderline MVP candidate. Just go back to 2018 and Matthew Stafford has an 89 QB rating and Jared Goff has a 101 rating and is playing in the Super Bowl. 3 years later and the Rams just get rid of Goff and Stafford is worth two 1st round picks.
  4. I think the 2014 Lions were that team. No one expected them to win 11 games and damn near win a playoff game.
  5. I was never one for talk about culture, but after nearly 3 years of Patricia, I'm becoming more supportive of building a winning culture. I want the Lions to win the game they should win and beat a team they have no business of beating. Draft pick be damned. You hired two of the best talent evaluators in the NFL. Figure it out.
  6. Now they are going to want me to meet with my co-workers again. I've spent the past year smoking weed and eating Target brand cheddar & sour cream chips. None of my work clothes fit anymore.
  7. This was that tyrant Fauci's plan all along. Decades in the making so he could force people to wear masks for a year.
  8. My mother was commenting on this the other day with her Facebook friends from high schools. All the hippies from her school on Facebook are the Trumpers and all the jocks and cheerleaders are the anti Trumpers. It seems to fit as hippies were anti establishment and Trump markets himself as anti establishment. I just kind of wished they would have gone with the Bernie Sanders anti establishment.
  9. Dorsey traded up for Mahomes and Trubisky was taken with the 2nd overall pick that year. The Lions got probably the 2nd best talent in the draft with the 7th overall pick. Win games and find good players.
  10. He's been beating a dead horse. Nobody cares about it. The ironic thing is he wants us to act like what Whitmer did is the equivalent of one of the numerous things Trump has. He talks about Trump whataboutism while he's doing it with Whitmer and acts like the victim.
  11. Good GMs don't build good teams because their teams lose and they get high draft picks. We already done this with Stafford, Suh and Johnson. Dorsey built a Super Bowl team while making the playoffs every year. You win games and draft the best players available.
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