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  1. She was in Florida for two days. Which is roughly the equivalent of going in your neighborhood for 20 minutes. Took a lot of courage to post on an obscure local sports message board under a pseudonym about your family's situation. Pretty much similar to someone who has faced constant death threats and and actual kidnapping and murder plot against her. The reality is, had she told the truth, she'd have gotten the same vitriol. She made mention of her father's privacy. Perhaps he was having an issue he didn't want the world to know about. Anyone that has had to deal with an elderly relative can relate. Vaccines are free and available to those who want them. The GOP has proven time and again their only platform is to pwn the libs. They have nothing else. Not sure how you lead people like that.
  2. She made a brief visit with an elderly relative due to extenuating circumstances, and so did you. What's the difference? Not sure why you are putting it on Gov. Whitmer to reach the dumbass traitors who tried to murder her. Why not put it on the GOP leadership to get their constituents vaccinated? Where is Mike Shirkey or Jason Wentworth or John James? Oh, right, there doing important things like supporting an insurrection, trying to steal an election and stripping citizens of their voting rights. But sure, let's blame it on Whitmer.
  3. A start for what? Any business owner paying those kind of wages should be embarrassed. Arizona's minimum wage is $12/hr. Why would Sinema want to undercut that? There isn't a labor shortage, there's an intelligent business owner shortage.
  4. My cousin was diagnosed with COVID, had trouble breathing and went to the ER at Beaumont Wyandotte and spent almost 3 days in the ER because they didn't have a bed for him. He is overweight, has asthma and uses a CPAP, so not low risk by any means. So they kept him in the ER while beds were being taken up by those who weren't really sick? Gotcha. I'd like to know which Downriver hospital this is. NP's are not physicians, they are mid level providers.
  5. Always wondered how this all spread so fast... So my ******* brother went to an in person work meeting at his heavily Trumpturd workplace, because you know, gotta get back to normal. Can't keep doing these wussy virtual ones. So a guy who had a "cold" attended meeting. Seven of the dozen guys who attended the meeting have tested positive for COVID, including ******* brother who's a "born again" evangelical. He was angry we chose not to gather for Easter and didn't trust God to keep us safe. He thinks they are lying that he is positive. He won't get the vaccine because no one in his church is because they have faith. Two guys from his work refuse to get tested. Three of his kids now have it, including his special needs daughter and her caregiver. Caregiver's husband who is disabled is being tested as are all her kids and grandkids who have been over to her house. His son works in a warehouse with dozens of other people, now they have to all get tested. My two cousins who came to help him work on his house tested positive, one is in the hospital (has asthma, is obese and uses a CPAP) One guy from the meeting went to the ER last night because he can't breathe, still there because there are no beds available. Might be dating myself here, but it reminds me of that shampoo commercial, and I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on... Guess it's not over...
  6. Teachers come in at #50 on the 50 occupations most at risk. As I said, your statement is not based in fact at all. Your courage in such a high risk profession is duly noted.
  7. Sorry, but that's not even close to being factual. I hope no one here needs a paramedic, a police officer, a physician, etc. If one of your kids has an accident and you call 911 and they're like, oh sorry, I feel too much at risk. I have to think of myself. Or you go to Meijer and and it's closed because sorry, you need to eat, but too high risk for me. But if you're desperate and need to work and have to put your family at risk, I'll be totally cool taking advantage of your impossible situation.
  8. I was using the example in response to a previous post where someone brought up the point that an outbreak in a school is not necessarily the source of the outbreak. What about the 60 year olds who work at Meijer or Ford or Amazon? Not to mention the health care workers and caregivers. There's plenty of people putting their lives at risk under much more dangerous circumstances.
  9. Trump made everything about the virus a political issue. But I think many who oppose him, with good reason, are over reacting a bit when it comes to schools. We can send factory workers, warehouse workers, grocery store employees, health care workers to work, but not teachers? How is it so much more unsafe than any other place? Have a neighbor who is a teacher who was bemoaning last fall that she should not be forced to be in the classroom, it's unsafe, blah blah blah. She said she was discussing this with her fellow teachers at their weekly night out at the bar. But yet if a teacher or school employee gets Covid, it's because the schools were open, not because they were going to the bar, or having family gatherings, etc. I think that's what esweig was getting at. There have been outbreaks at factories and grocery stores and other places and employees have died, and yet they're not shut down.
  10. Our schools are open and have been since August and sending my youngest, a HS student, despite having health issues. So far, little to no issues. There have been cases here and there and the students or staff are quarantined, and the schools stay open. It's difficult and I worry endlessly, but being home last spring was destroying her mentally and physically. Hoping everyone can get vaccines soon. It's frustrating she cannot get one, but my older daughter who is a student at UT Austin got a vaccine. Still no vaccines for my elderly parents with health issues.
  11. Yeah, America and the Democrats got a participation trophy.
  12. Why were the Republicans all ****ting their pants over witnesses if they weren't going to make a difference?
  13. What a ******* waste of time. Why even bother with the impeachment in the first place? We've been hearing the entire time that the Dems can "walk and chew gum" at the same time and do more than one thing at once. So we can now ooooh and ahhh about all the "powerful" speeches and heart wrenching video and the heroic law enforcement and the loss of life, blah blah blah, but ultimately, the Democrats look like total ******* idiots, the Trump supporters are feeling empowered and on top of that they will probably cave to the R's on Covid relief, if we ever get it. They never cease to amaze me at how totally ******* inept they are.
  14. It doesn't bother me either way if they play it or not. I kinda like the tradition of it, if I'm being honest. I know I know all the words and the history of it simply because of sports. Not sure if that's bad or good. I'd definitely miss hearing Oh, Canada. I can recall when my oldest was young, like 3 and we took him to the fireworks display in the area. We were waiting in the car for dusk and the show to start and had the radio on. My son said, "Dad is there a hockey game on tonight"? My husband was like, no buddy, it's summer time. They don't play in the summer. We couldn't figure out why he would think there was a hockey game on. Then we realized they were playing "patriotic" songs on the radio since it was July 4th, and had played Whitney Houston's National Anthem performance. He equated the National Anthem with a hockey game.
  15. Oh, for FFS, talk about over reacting. I work in health care, I have 3 offices and at 2 of the offices the girls decided to go together for their first vaccines (and scheduled their second vaccines together). One of the nurses there told them about how extremely ill they would be after the second injection to the point it left many of them upset and reluctant to get second one. My BIL and daughter both had severe enough side effects (fever/chills/headache/diarrhea) that they had to miss work/school the next day. I need a minimum number of staff to have the office function for the day. Obviously, it's costly to lose an entire day of production. I'm just trying to get an idea if the major side effects are the exception or the rule and what kind of plans I have to have in place and if the schedule needs to be adjusted accordingly. I'm extremely pro vaccine to the point where I had to offer money to my reluctant staff members to entice them to go. So y'all can unclench and give your Nazi Germany rant to someone else. Thanks for your response, Oblong, that was the type of information I was looking for.
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