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  1. I dont see anything big happening as far as a bat or a starter. I think Benoit would be an amazing add as well as Zobrist or Prado. If we could somehow swing a trade for Price then I would be happy with that for sure but I dont see that happening.
  2. Agreed. I always wonder where and how these people have the time to just sit there and put this kind of stuff together. lol
  3. Original story Apparently Avisail Garcia Slept With Prince Fielder Never heard of any of those sites but it all seems fishy. Glad we wont have that drama around anymore.
  4. Miguel Cabrera's Injury & Prince Fielders Cheating Wife I have to say it all sounds so freaking weird and does add up.
  5. Wow we got killed in this one....wow. I have no words.
  6. Just saw Robbie Ray, Lombardozzi and Krol. To me that is not good enough
  7. I trust DD 100%. Im sure this deal will be worth it.
  8. Game 1-Sanchez vs Lester Game 2- Scherzer vs Buchholz Game 3- Lackey vs Verlander Game 4- Peavy vs Fister Thats what i saw somewhere. Also please kill me now if Coke enters any of these games.
  9. Castro for sure. I live in GR and have been to about 15 Caps games. Good ballplayer. Ballpark is very nice as well. Enjoy the games!
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