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  1. 2 hours ago, Buddha said:

    sekou at the same age was better in the g league than kuminga has been.  just some perspective.

    honestly, i have no idea.  but it seems like there are four players who have distanced themselves from everyone else: cunningham, mobley, suggs, and green.

    that seems to be the top tier.  that said, its really early.  no one saw patrick williams coming last year until the late stages of the process so the same could be true this year.

    i just dont want them to end up with scottie barnes.  this is their best chance to get a potential generational player and i dont want to see them blow it and end up with another nice role player.

    i like weaver's ability to find guys in the draft, but lets not make it difficult for him.  lets let him find the best guy in the entire draft and not the best of the rest of the guys in the draft.

    Kuminga's upside is quite a bit higher than Sekou's but he's risky because he's so young. I'd be fine with the Pistons taking a gamble on that upside and he's not French so Casey would probably be interested in developing him, if Casey's still here.

    In any event, if you see this as a 4 player draft, the odds of finishing in the top 4 aren't really that drastically different from 1-6. 52% compared to 40% from 1-6. The odds are almost completely flat from 1-4 so it's not that big a deal where they finish if you see this as a 4 player draft. 

    The big wild card is the 5th spot. The odds drop drastically from 1-3 and are almost non-existent after that so somebody like me who sees Kuminga as part of the Big 5 really wants the Pistons to finish in the 2nd spot which is an 80% shot at staying in the top 5 as opposed to 40% at 6. For somebody like you who doesn't want them to take Kuminga, it doesn't make much of a difference where they finish 1-6.

  2. 11 hours ago, Buddha said:

    hello jonathan kuminga!

    If the Pistons are lucky. I'd be more than happy with Kuminga despite how raw his game currently is.

    If you do believe that it's only a 4 player draft then it doesn't really matter where they finish 1-4 because the odds of finishing top 4 is pretty similar. If you believe it's a 5 player draft like I do then you want to finish 2 or 3 as the odds of finishing top 5 fall off drastically after 3.

  3. Awful win, with freaking CoJo and Ellington leading the way (why are they playing at all?). The Orlando loss fooled me into thinking that a bottom 3 at worst finish was realistic but this win killed their margin for error because none of those other tanking teams are going to win a game outside of the Minny-Orlando winner so 1 more win and it'll be up to a coin flip between 4 teams (which the Pistons will finish 4th of course) and 2 wins and it's 5th or 6th.  I'd be surprised if they don't win 2 of the last 5 now that the vets are back to make the late season push.

  4. 2 hours ago, Deleterious said:

    Nothing official. But James Edwards is saying he thinks Grant and Plumlee will not play for the rest of the year.

    I saw that.

    He also had a couple of other interesting things to say like the Pistons are strongly looking at a scorer in the draft, that they would choose Green over Mobley and Bouknight at 5 if they fell out of the top 4.

    Also that they are looking to take a step forward next season, not go full tank like they did this season but I sort of expected this.

    I guess we'll find out soon if it's BS if we see Grant or Plumlee play a game which would be pointless at this point.

  5. 1 hour ago, Buddha said:

    no real thoughts other than ceephus was not very good last year, is slow, and will be lucky to be in the league soon.

    Disagree. I think he showed some good stuff in his limited time. He'll certainly get an opportunity to improve his role next season.

  6. 4 hours ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    Who is the player from this weekend that you wanted that we didn't draft? For me, it's JOK. I really think we missed out on a potentially good coverage LB/S hybrid who could be a star player on this defense.

    Moehrig. Kid is a ballhawk, the exact type of playmaker they needed in the back 7. I would have been thrilled with Moehrig and McNeil. Levi (I'm not bothering to spell his last name) has a lot of upside though so he could turn out to be a great pick.

  7. 17 hours ago, Buddha said:

    im not sure why everyone is going after the bears.  the bears draft has been universally praised as one of the best this year.  they had two needs: qb and tackle and they got two of the best prospects at both positions.

    It's because the media is treating Fields as if he's the next Mahomes. I like Fields a lot but the hype is crazy. Bears fans are setting themselves up for disappointment as he's already been anointed their savior, they were celebrating like the won the Superbowl.

    If you look at their draft with an unbiased eye, they traded a premium to take the Fields risk (a worthy risk but still a risk), a really good pick in Jenkins so I'll give them that then a bunch of late round filler. I don't get why it's universally praised as an amazing draft.

  8. I like the last two picks, filled needs. I preferred Wallace and Cox even with their injury concerns but these are 4th round picks so it's all a coin flip at this point.  I really like Ifeatu, he has high level tools with his size and athleticism kind of like the Oruwariye.

    The one thing the new regime seems to be putting a premium on is guys with athleticism, a nice change from the last regime that picked guys primarily based on scheme fit, not athletic profiles.

  9. 4 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

    That Orlando game could be the most important game for the franchise since game 6 against the Celtics in 2008.   

    The Minnesota game is more important. They're probably going to beat Orlando by double digits no matter who they rest and I expect Orlando to finish a few games behind them. 

    I think it's good that they're playing Chicago and Charlotte because they have a lot to play for and Philly SHOULD be an auto loss. The last two games are a concern because Denver and Miami could be resting players. I'll say 3-4 wins most likely which should place them in the 4-5 slot.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    You think they are turning Goff into a dink and dunk QB then?

    I do. I think they're going to be a physical, run first offense that will require Goff to be a game manager.  I think it's going to look a lot different than the offenses of the last decade.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    I will say this, if they want to give Goff his chance to shine and succeed, who the **** is he throwing the ball to, TJ Hockenson and a bunch of borderline #2 and #3 Receivers? How can he succeed with the receiving corps?

    They're going to be a running team first and foremost with a lot of play action passes. Essentially they will establish the run to set up the pass, we haven't seen that in years. We aren't likely to see many passes over 15 yards.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Buddha said:

    we all complain the the lions cannot rush the passer.  they draft a couple tackles that can rush the passer and we complain.  they heard you!  they want guys who can 1) keep out qb from getting sacked and 2) sack the other teams qb.

    Which pass rusher? McNeil is a run stuffer like Penisini.

    Maybe it'll work out but this is my least favorite pick of the last two drafts. Not a need and I have a hard time imagining that this was the best player they could find at this spot.

  13. Another Spielman/Campbell special. A lot of fat on the lines now but no playmakers whatsoever. This guy is a nose tackle essentially. I don't get it.

    I loved the Sewell pick because he was BPA but these last two picks just feel like guys who fit the "Err, I'm an angry football player" vibe and while you need some of those on your team, you need some playmakers at some point.

  14. 10 minutes ago, cruzer1 said:

    No he's not! Snacks is a monster nose tackle. Levi runs a 4.88.  More of a pass rusher, with a big first step.

    Not really much of a pass rusher, more of a pocket collapser. I don't know if Snacks is a valid comparison as Levi (not even trying to spell the last name haha) is more athletic but he seems to serve a similar purpose.

  15. Not a big reach necessarily but really disappointed considering who is on the board. They need some playmakers on both sides of the ball at some point.

    I guess we shouldn't be surprised considering the type of guys Spielman and Campbell are.

  16. 21 minutes ago, Hongbit said:

    I don’t quite see it that way.  NYG just had Philly jump them to steal their pick in Smith. I think they were just as desperate to trade down as the Bears were to trade up.  

    I’m still not buying the 11th pick was worth more because the Bears wanted Fields instead if they wanted a Slater or Parsons for example.   The pick is a worth the value of the 11th pick in this draft.  It just seems like a teams have to pay a premium for a QB because teams are usually trading for one at the top of the draft where picks are more expensive.   

    But it was obvious that the Bears were making that trade for a QB just like it was obvious that the Jets were making that trade up for a non-QB. Once Denver passed on Fields and with New England lurking at 15, the value of those picks from 11-14 went up exponentially.

    It's not always at the top of the draft either. Mahomes was taken at 10 although that was a jump from 27 I believe. The Allen trade was from 12 to 7 although I guess 7 can be considered near the top of the draft.

    Ultimately, both the Giants and the Bears had the motivation to make the trade but chances are that the Bears were the one who initiated the trade and were the much more desperate ones in this case which is why they paid the premium. 

  17. 5 minutes ago, Buddha said:

    i think if sewell was gone they would have taken slater.

    I don't know about that. He said he had 3 players that were far above the others. I have a feeling those were Pitts, Chase and Sewell. I think he would have likely traded down if Sewell was taken or at least try hard to.

  18. I have a feeling that Holmes will trade down from 41 if the board doesn't fall his way just like I have a feeling that he would have traded down had Cincinnati taken Sewell. If we see a run of the top guys early in the 2nd, JOK, Moehrig, E. Moore, I could see Holmes trading back like 5 spots to gain a 4th or something like that.

  19. 2 hours ago, Hongbit said:

    I’m still confused by the Bears trade. I’m a little surprised why more wasn’t made of how terrible the value was for it. 

    They moved up 9 spots and traded 3 other picks including a 1st, 4th , 5th.

    The Jets moved up 9 spots as well just a few picks later and only gave up a 3rd and then flipped flopped a 3rd for a 4th.

    It seems that the Bears dramatically overpaid for the pick. I guess it’s possible that Rick Spielman of the Vikes completely botched his deal but that doesn’t seem as likely as Bears incompetence   


    They had to overpay because New England was going to take him 4 picks later so it was desperation time for anybody wanting to move up and why not overpay? They've never had a franchise QB so it's about time they took a swing for the fences for one.

    What are they going to do? Sit around and hope for Foles or Dalton to take them to the promised land? Trade for another bandaid in Garrappolo? They're not bad enough to land one in the draft anytime soon so this was a smart, and needed, move for them. I'd be happy as a Bears fan that my team FINALLY has a QB worth getting excited about. Fields might not pan out but they had to take the risk. The bigger risk would have been doing nothing, once again, to address the QB situation.

    Also, the Jets trade was cheaper because it wasn't for a QB. Trading up for QB's always costs a premium.

    The trade that was mindboggling to me was Miami giving up a 1st to move up to 6 which was just outside of the sweet spot for the top offensive weapon. They might have even been able to get Waddle, or Smith at 12.

  20. 7 minutes ago, Buddha said:

    rondale moore cant stay on the field in the big ten, how is he going to last in the nfl?  that would be my worry about him.  upside is golden tate.

    And he's little too. There are several receivers I'd take over him, Marshall, the other Moore to name two.

    With that said, if JOK, Barmore or Moehrig are on the board at 41, the Lions need to scoop one of them up.

    And... JOK gone to the Ravens of course because they always pick the most talented player.

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