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  1. Then who plays right tackle? Vaitai again? No thanks. Vaitai actually looked pretty good at guard because he can focus more on his strength, run blocking. If Sewell continues to dominate at left tackle, they might have no choice but to move Decker to right tackle when he returns.
  2. It was a fluke. They eased up when the game was in the bag, an onside kick bounced off of Kittle's facemask and the fumble at the end although that was a nice play by Flowers. The first 58 minutes were representative of what the game really was. The last 2 minutes was a case of a lot of unfortunate sequences for the 49ers. I do like that he Lions kept fighting though which was nice to see after so many poor efforts to close out games the last few seasons and I though that Lynn called a great game with all the motion and misdirection he created in the first half which had the 49ers defense on their heels. However, if we're to grade performances, it's a lot of F's and D's across the board outside of the units I mentioned above which isn't too surprising as we expected them to be bad.
  3. It's an automatic loss. I'd be surprised if the Packers don't put up 40 at minimum.
  4. Yep. The comeback at the end was merely lipstick on a pig The team played hard until the end so good on them for that but this was an all around atrocious game outside of the bulldozers on the offensive line, the RBs and Hockenson. It's going to get really ugly with an angry Erin going up against this college defense.
  5. The good news is that the NFC West teams are all looking good, for Rams draft pick purposes, and the other team that is in contention for the #1 (and top QB) in the Texans are beating the Jags. That's all I've got.
  6. Dude, this makes no sense, did Sewell break his finger on purpose so he can take over at LT? I know you love your "hot takes" but you're just talking crazy now.
  7. This makes no sense and it's stupid to crap on a pick before they even play a game. Doesn't the Decker injury justify the Sewell pick even further? If Sewell wasn't on the roster, you'd have Nelson playing LT and god knows who playing RT. "another weapon" means nothing if you can't keep your QB upright and you know what helps keeping the QB upright? Good offensive linemen.
  8. The Kennard trade was great, it got them Bey and got somebody else to overpay Kennard. The Plumlee signing and trade was inconsequential really and it's more like 11m in dead money because Jordan gave back 4m and the Nets gave them another 5m, again pretty inconsequential. The frustrating part to me is giving up on young talent and not even trying that hard to develop this young talent here. Some dead money when they aren't really competing for anything big anyway doesn't mean much in the long run. Losing out on a young talent could be a big deal in the long run if Sekou reaches his potential which might not be highly likely but is still possible. The Brown trade was a bit frustrating too in that respect, valuable defensive stopper.
  9. I'm more annoyed that they didn't seem to have much interest in developing Sekou and gave him away moreso than the dead money the next two years which is somewhat offset anyway by the cash they got from the Nets in the trade. I guess they didn't learn from the Middleton, Dinwiddie, Brown situations. Not saying that Sekou is the next Middleton but there's a talent base to work with and I guess since he wasn't Troy's pick, they said **** it in regards to developing him. The trade will likely amount to not much when it boils down to it but it is annoying to give up on young talent, real young in this case.
  10. And the Pistons just helped them by taking Jordan's contract and actually giving them Sekou as well. They did get four 2nds but unless the Nets have some potential high 2nds conveyed to them, not a great trade.
  11. Maybe give it more than a few preseason games with limited snaps to make judgment? Just a thought. I'm all in on them taking a QB with the 1st pick next year though depending on how the QB class looks this year of course.
  12. Cam being released is definitely a shocker but it appears that Jones outplayed him in the preseason so maybe Cam didn't want to be a backup?
  13. Swift, as talented as he is, hasn't proven anything yet neither has Jefferson. Williams is a decent #2. There's still lots of questions surrounding the running back group even there's plenty of upside.
  14. FTR, I'm not writing off Goff necessarily. I'm painting a scenario where he struggles for a 3rd straight season and the Lions are in a position to take one of the top QB prospects. I'm skeptical for sure but I'm willing to have my mind changed if he has a good year.
  15. Goff doesn't have the skillset that Stafford does. If he has 3 straight down seasons with two different teams, it would be foolish to bet on him to lead your franchise going forward. Obviously I'd love to be proven wrong but I've watched enough of Goff to be confident that he's not the QB they need to compete for Super Bowl eventually. I'd much rather bank on a higher upside prospect going forward than Goff. If he shows that he can be an impact player this season and somebody that can carry the team for stretches then sure, roll with it, but I don't think it's likely.
  16. I don't think he was ever classified as "The Next Big Thing". I never said that they were a Super Team but they had the best running back in the league whose presence opened up the passing game and an offensive mind that created a lot of mismatches in the passing game with all sorts of motion and misdirection. I guess we'll see. If the Lions finish bottom 5 this season with a healthy Goff and he's part of the reason why they're bad, would you agree that it's time to take a QB with the first pick or would you bypass QB again and hope for the best after 3 straight down seasons for Goff? I personally think they'd be damn fools to pass on a QB if that scenario unfolds.
  17. I knew you were going to mention that. First of all, they had an elite supporting cast and an elite play caller devising a system that perfectly fit his skillset which is my main issue with him, that you need a perfect supporting cast around him to maximize his skillset. Also, it seems like he's not who he once was. He's more a game manager as opposed to a QB who can carry the team for stretches. I don't know if that's what he is now or if it's due to the degraded offensive supporting cast, coach not believing in him etc. but the Lions will never go anywhere with a game manager at QB unless Holmes hits a lot of homeruns with his supporting cast. Dilfer, Flacco and Jimmy G all won/made Superbowls. Are those guys franchise QBs that you build around? No. Goff is that guy like those three who was in the right place at the right time IMO. If they finish bottom 5 with a healthy Goff, they better take a QB with that 1st pick.
  18. It just shows how important the QB position is. Bottom line, they're going to need somebody better than Goff going forward if they want to compete for the big prize. Some people believe in him, I don't. The Lions should be in the mix for one of the top QBs next draft. They're in a good position to compete in 2-3 years because of all the draft capital they have and with some cap opening up but at the forefront of all that needs to be a potential franchise QB.
  19. I take it as a good sign that they cut Perriman. Performance over pedigree, as it should be. It makes me hopeful that Tavai is next.
  20. Seems about right. I don't know about you guys but I'll be watching the top college QB prospects very closely this season because it's quite likely that the Lions will be in the running for one of them.
  21. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to diminish Parker's ability as he could very well be good but my point is that the competition is paltry at best. In any event, it's a good story so hopefully he takes advantage. As far as Reynolds is concerned, he's only played against players most of whom will be cut so unless he has a huge game in the last preseason game, he's an extreme longshot. You can tell who they like based on when they play them in preseason and Reynolds has gotten mop up duties in the first two games behind the likes of Mills and Igwebuike. Reynolds did look good in mop up duty so hopefully he gets a real chance in this game against better competition (assuming that Indy doesn't rest all the backups too).
  22. Lets be honest, Parker has played well and it's a nice story but the main reason why he could very well earn a roster spot is because the Lions secondary is an unmitigated disaster. I'm not so sure that Reynolds makes the final cut. They haven't even played him against backups yet, he played against the 4th quarter leftovers/guys who likely won't make their respective rosters. Based on usage, it seems like they value Mills more and Jefferson for sure. I guess we'll see.
  23. Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying
  24. Why would this draft be less scouted than the 2021 draft when there were lockdowns/heavy restrictions in place throughout a good chunk of the season where most scouts were unable to attend in person? Unless Delta locks us all down again, I don't see what will restrict scouting. Also, this draft is setting up nicely for the Pistons considering their needs.
  25. Not that the Lions won't stink this season but they were missing most of their starters on both sides of the ball. The Steelers 1st team played against the Lions 2nd team.
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