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  1. That's a really good schedule for those who are pro tank. If Rodgers is still in Green Bay, I'm seeing 1-4 or 0-5 then you have road games against the Rams, Browns and Steelers in 3 of the next 5 weeks. That's a 5-6 win type schedule, 6 looks to be the high end potential unless we see some serious growth at some positions.
  2. Just need Denver to beat Minnesota tomorrow and the game will have meaning. The question for Denver is, is it worth it to play their full lineup on the 2nd night of a back to back against one of the worst teams in the league for the outside of chance of winning the 3rd seed? I doubt it, I expect at least a few of their regulars to sit out.
  3. Tanking is more for suited for basketball teams. You can pick out a handful of NBA teams that you know will be undoubtedly awful going into the season (the Pistons finishing bottom 5 was a lock) but in football, there's just so much roster volatility from year to year so it's really hard to pinpoint a team and say that they'll tank this season unless it's a rookie QB surrounded by a weak supporting cast. Furthermore, and I'm not a big fan of his, but it's a major disrespect to Goff to just assume that the Lions will at the bottom of the league. If they traded Stafford for a bunch of picks or a young, unproven QB in return I'd say that they would likely be a bottom team but with Goff, I can't see how they won't be at least respectable. It doesn't mean that the Lions won't be bad but I don't think it's a given.
  4. Well done, still work to do though. I hope that Denver doesn't rest everybody on the second of a back to back. They'll probably have something to play for but is the 3rd seed that important to them? Even if they just play a few of their regulars, the Pistons SHOULD be in good shape.
  5. Ok, interesting. That's a win win for the Pistons then. I figured they would play the game either way for draft position purposes, like what they're doing in the NHL next week.
  6. That's the bottom line, they just need to lose the next 3. They control their destiny. 1 win throws them into the tiebreaker blender and leaves it to a lottery basically, before the main lottery. 2 more wins and, hello 6th place. We have to hope that Denver and Miami have something to play for. Denver and the Clippers are battling for 3rd (Denver is a game behind) and Miami is battling for 4,5,6 (Knicks, Hawks and Heat are within a game of each other) so chances are that they will be playing for something.
  7. Kuminga's upside is quite a bit higher than Sekou's but he's risky because he's so young. I'd be fine with the Pistons taking a gamble on that upside and he's not French so Casey would probably be interested in developing him, if Casey's still here. In any event, if you see this as a 4 player draft, the odds of finishing in the top 4 aren't really that drastically different from 1-6. 52% compared to 40% from 1-6. The odds are almost completely flat from 1-4 so it's not that big a deal where they finish if you see this as a 4 player draft. The big wild card is the 5th spot. The odds drop drastically from 1-3 and are almost non-existent after that so somebody like me who sees Kuminga as part of the Big 5 really wants the Pistons to finish in the 2nd spot which is an 80% shot at staying in the top 5 as opposed to 40% at 6. For somebody like you who doesn't want them to take Kuminga, it doesn't make much of a difference where they finish 1-6.
  8. If the Pistons are lucky. I'd be more than happy with Kuminga despite how raw his game currently is. If you do believe that it's only a 4 player draft then it doesn't really matter where they finish 1-4 because the odds of finishing top 4 is pretty similar. If you believe it's a 5 player draft like I do then you want to finish 2 or 3 as the odds of finishing top 5 fall off drastically after 3.
  9. Awful win, with freaking CoJo and Ellington leading the way (why are they playing at all?). The Orlando loss fooled me into thinking that a bottom 3 at worst finish was realistic but this win killed their margin for error because none of those other tanking teams are going to win a game outside of the Minny-Orlando winner so 1 more win and it'll be up to a coin flip between 4 teams (which the Pistons will finish 4th of course) and 2 wins and it's 5th or 6th. I'd be surprised if they don't win 2 of the last 5 now that the vets are back to make the late season push.
  10. Ok. I guess we can't post images anymore for some reason. Anyway, it was supposed to be an image of Eeyore. You're an Eeyore you damn Eeyore.
  11. If the Pistons win 1 of the remaining games against anybody but Minnesota, they clinch 2nd so they have a 1 win margin for error. Need to keep the bad (good) times rolling because it sure doesn't seem like any of OKC, Orlando or Cleveland are going to win another game.
  12. Huge loss, to state the obvious. Bey with 5+ threes again. Adding to the rookie record of 5 threes or more, beating out Curry. Pretty successful rookie campaign for him I'd say.
  13. I saw that. He also had a couple of other interesting things to say like the Pistons are strongly looking at a scorer in the draft, that they would choose Green over Mobley and Bouknight at 5 if they fell out of the top 4. Also that they are looking to take a step forward next season, not go full tank like they did this season but I sort of expected this. I guess we'll find out soon if it's BS if we see Grant or Plumlee play a game which would be pointless at this point.
  14. Disagree. I think he showed some good stuff in his limited time. He'll certainly get an opportunity to improve his role next season.
  15. Moehrig. Kid is a ballhawk, the exact type of playmaker they needed in the back 7. I would have been thrilled with Moehrig and McNeil. Levi (I'm not bothering to spell his last name) has a lot of upside though so he could turn out to be a great pick.
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