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  1. It's a done deal. I'm more curious about what Weaver does with the 2nds and in a general draft sense, I'm curious about what happens with Kuminga. This is a guy who has the potential to be one of the best players in the draft but because of the limited G League sample size of struggles, he might drop a bit and give somebody a big steal in the bottom part of the top 10.
  2. That's fair. TBH, if the Rams get to the NFC Championship I'll just root for them to win it all at that point. 29-32 isn't much of a difference anyway but until then, I'm hoping for a pick in the teens. It would be big to have a (most likely) top 5 pick then another pick in the teens to add to their many picks in the other rounds. A real chance to build a contending roster pretty quickly.
  3. Sure, you're entitled to feel that way and I'm not trying to change your mind. Personally, I root for the Lions no matter what and a higher 1st round pick is better for the franchise so I'm rooting for many Rams losses. You're a pro tank guy, right? So you can understand why I'd prefer the Lions to have a higher draft pick. In any event, if somebody wants to root for Stafford to win the Super Bowl, have at it.
  4. How is it "cheesy" to root for the Lions over a player who is no longer on the Lions? I never understood the mentality to root for Matt to win a Super Bowl at the expense of the Lions 1st round pick. I wish Stafford well in life and hope he does well on the field but I hope the Rams lose every game with Stafford putting up great stats and the Lions get the #1 pick. If it's cheesy to be a Lions fan before a Stafford fan then I guess I'm cheesy. If the Rams success wasn't tied into the Lions 1st round pick then yeah, I'd root for Stafford but the next two years I'll be rooting against the Rams because I want what's best for the Lions. The better the 1st round pick, the better for the Lions.
  5. This seems to always happen with consensus #1 picks that have been consensus for years. People get bored with them so they start nitpicking parts of their game and start propping up the new shiny toys. I frequent RealGM and there's a whole bunch of posters who are pushing the Green>Cade narrative. It's boring for everybody to say Cade is #1 so people will say off the wall stuff to generate discussion. It's not that Cade doesn't have a few things in his game to work on but this guy is about as complete a prospect as you can get in the draft. He might not have top 5 player in the league upside but he's a really good bet to be an All Star caliber player.
  6. "Those" meaning me? Yeah haha, point taken. FTR, I just brought up the optics thing as a discussion point, I don't think it's likely to offend Grant greatly if they dealt him unless they sent him to Cleveland in which case he has my condolences.
  7. If Grant is such a "me" player that it offends him if the consensus #1 pick in the draft who happens to be a point guard/forward takes the ball out of his hands then too fn bad.
  8. Maybe but they don't need him to be "that guy" anymore with Cade in the fold so he'll likely be more effective now that he doesn't have to be the primary scoring option.
  9. I know that Jackson has had some injury troubles but there's no way they offer him plus 17th overall for Grant and I'm someone who values Grant pretty highly.
  10. It's not going to happen but if they trade down and take a big guy who will most likely never be a go to option offensively, that's a big failure by Weaver. They need a go to scorer in this draft moreso than any other team, a lead guy, Mobley is not that guy. Mobley is a much better fit for a team that already has their franchise player in place. You don't build around a guy like Mobley IMO.
  11. Future draft picks are not overrated when the team trading them to you is likely to stink and is essentially a 2nd lottery ticket. OKC for instance had a real shot to completely transform their franchise with that potential extra 1st (although protected) but the lottery gods just weren't on their side this time. Now imagine getting an unprotected lottery pick. Anyway, not saying I'd do it. I'm just saying that it's a deal worthy of some consideration.
  12. I wouldn't say "huge no", that's a ton of draft capital and you still get Green (my preference over Mobley) who isn't really a big step down from Cade. Of course, the Houston 2023 1st would have to be unprotected and I'd be pushing for their 2022 1st over their 2023. Not saying I'd do it but that's a trade worth considering.
  13. I don't disagree entirely but I think loyalty still means something to some people. Also, Grant mentioned other factors outside of basketball that were important in him signing here. Seems like he's building up some clout in the community which is important to some athletes. Not saying that your points aren't valid but I'm not entirely sure that Grant would prefer to be in Golden State over Detroit but I could be wrong. In any event, if a team is willing to overpay for Grant, you have to do it.
  14. I don't know, it's hard to quantify something like that. Don't get me wrong, they should absolutely move Grant if the right offer came along but I think there's something to a market like Detroit building a reputation as a place where players want to be (whether it be through free agency or trade) and in the back of my mind, I feel that trading Grant already would somehow hinder that. Would #7 and Wiseman be enough for me to pull the trigger? I suppose it depends on how the board falls on draft night. If Kuminga is somehow sitting there at 7, you immediately say yes. Not really a big fan of Wiseman so the 7th pick would be the main piece for me.
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