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  1. How can anyone just let this stand without an unequivocal answer of “No. This is a lie”.
  2. Well, I suppose that’ll be up to the store to deal with .... hopefully not the pleasant door guy making minimum wage. You seem angry. I’m not sure what I said that triggered it. I think not having everyone required to wear masks makes it quite difficult, when people with an agenda are itching for a fight.
  3. I have no idea. Citizens in this country are notoriously bad at the honor system.
  4. Did she “lift mask mandate” for every one, ... or did she lift it for vaccinated people, as per CDC newest recommendations? I think you would agree those are two very different things.
  5. I’m not quite sure yet what my personal plan is. I work at a chiropractor‘s office as an administrative assistant ....so I bring the patients in, and I take the payments, make their next appointments and then .... random office things. While I’m at my desk and the patients are in their room, I don’t wear a mask. But the patients currently are required to wear masks. I’ll see what happens when I go into work today. (Don’t know what the doctor will want to do). When the patients come back out to my desk, I put my mask on of course. So now, if a patient comes in who says he has been fully vaccinated, I don’t know that my boss is going to ask them to prove it. And I sure as **** don’t want that on my plate as my responsibility. So I think what I’ll be doing is whether the patient masked, or not, when they come to my desk for payment / for next appointment, I will wear my mask. EDIT TO ADD: although I believe personally having the vaccine gives me the optimum amount of protection from the virus, and mitigates the worst effects were I to catch it, I don’t believe anything is 100%, and the addition of a personal mask for me makes the protection factor even higher.
  6. What part of “climate change” do some people just refuse to acknowledge?
  7. Umm... can we tone down the explicit rhetoric a bit, please? TY
  8. Got my shot too early to get in on this! 😁 (I like this idea, though. Bet it brings out a few more 20-somethings. Hope so!)
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