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  1. I'd just like to report that I'm done with the board effective today. My privileges to read the Politics board were just revoked for posting a view that was different than the rest of the board. I stopped posting there about a month ago because of being banned for no reason. I decided to come back and test it again. That was my mistake. Maroth4MVP was removed today too, and I suspect others either have been removed, or will be soon. The bottom line is that the site is not a place for professional adult discourse. It's a place where everyone has to have the same opinion. If you don't, or you try to debate it in a professional way, you're banned, or, as we see now, your privileges are revoked. As a result, I am more than happy to go other places where all views are respected and allowed to be heard. I will no longer visit the board, won't drive ad traffic to it and will encourage anyone else I know to do the same- as loudly as possible.
  2. The fact that there is nothing but acceptance of what amounts to a ridiculous compromise of liberty in this state tells me all I need to know. You guys are fine with it. Whitmer could tell you that you all need to swallow broken glass tomorrow and you'd all gladly do it.
  3. The fact that she needed to clarify it at all is what I was referring to.
  4. The governors are responsible for the extreme measures, not Trump. Trump isn't telling me I can't visit another residence in Michigan without violating the law.
  5. The car seat and wave runner were just among the more nonsensical parts of the order. The rest of it is complete nonsense. But this is what happens when you elect a liberal governor and she doesn't listen to business leaders. You get ivory tower bull****.
  6. All you have to do is read crains today to see what people think of Whitmer. Even one of the board's heroes agrees with me.
  7. When Trump puts out an order telling you you can canoe but not ride a wave runner, we can talk.
  8. Whitmer has to be the only governor in the history of the US who had to clarify an order she issued to make sure people understood they were not precluded from buying child car seats as a result of her order.
  9. Because I know how much the board loves this guy....
  10. How kind of you. I'm saying, the virus has not shown it was headed to those kind of numbers in countries where they did nothing ( or more limited mitigation). So why does it make sense for us to employ such aggressive mitigation? All we did was voluntarily tank our economy when we could have kept large pieces of it open and perhaps not done all the damage we did. There is going to be an awful lot of pain (and yes, even death) for people after this is over. It's not going to be pretty. Again, I'm happy to reconsider my argument as soon as we see Brazil, Sweden and Japan leading the pack on covid cases and covid deaths. I don't expect we'll see that, however.
  11. A total that is way higher than we are at right now. Definitely more than the seasonal flu, because nobody ever bats an eye at that, right? As such, we need 3x our current deaths to get to a bad flu season. I said this at the very beginning. Even in countries without mitigation it hasn't progressed to a level that makes these sorts of incredible mitigation strategies logical. If we had let it go with more reasonable mitigation strategies, would we see more death? Yeah. 3X? that seems like a stretch. But nobody seems to be considering the ramifications on the backside of this thing. It's not going to be pretty for many people. It's kind of interesting that a guy suggesting a balanced approach gets flamed on this board, but I guess not unexpected. You all seem just fine with sequestering yourselves and giving up all sorts of liberties as outlined in Whitmer's order.
  12. The logical world reacts to the illogical Whitmer order https://www.crainsdetroit.com/voices-chad-livengood/whitmers-extended-shutdown-order-sows-confusion-political-opponents-stoke
  13. Strong borders are vital. Have to make sure we don't spread disease.
  14. Tanking an entire industry matters. Parse it until your heart's content. The point remains the same. The volume done by big box and through landscapers is incredible. We aren't getting that back. But go buy your bag of seed at the Ace in podunkville. All you have to do is read the order and the FAQs and you can tell how ridiculous it is. If Trump wrote that order you guys would be criticizing it for months.
  15. Nothing like a little media frenzy to make that happen. You've got an awful lot of people scratching their heads about this one. The numbers haven't added up since day one. Other than acknowledging it is an election year and we've already seen what the left will do to get rid of him. Frankly, if they were so concerned about this, they should have been focusing on it in January while they were busy impeaching him. And they probably shouldn't have been insinuating he was a racist for closing the chinese border, either. That looks like a really good move right now. It's a pity Italy didn't do the same thing. Come to think of it....Trump's stance on tight borders is going to look like a pretty good argument in November. The chains have moved on that one big time.
  16. Our governors took that view and the board has widely supported the extreme measures. I am saying we went way over board and could have ended up at roughly the same place by being more measured about what we chose to do.
  17. It's precisely the point. You take these kinds of extreme measures against the spanish flu when it's killing 50 million. Not against a cold variant that has killed .002% of that worldwide.
  18. Again, I look at the macro. She tanked the ag industry and didn't need to. You close off the big boxes and landscapers, those businesses are done for the year. The fact a small store can sell a bag of seed isn't going to matter to what is a huge industry in Michigan.
  19. again, that was wildly different. We are talking about 50 million deaths with the spanish flu vs. 100,000 so far worldwide. This thing wasn't even on pace to a million deaths worldwide when we shut everything down.
  20. Yet it comes back in the fall because of lack of immunity.
  21. Unfortunately with everyone sitting home, fewer people are being exposed and developing immunity.
  22. Do you think your Ace Hardeware in the thumb is going to save the Ag industry in Michigan that now can't ship any of it's product to big box stores? She just tanked that industry. Oh, and you can canoe, but you can't jet ski.
  23. It's projected May 1 continuously for Michigan as being the date where this winds down to nothing. Which is why closing the schools "for the year" on April 2nd made no sense. The model has shown May 1 as the wind down time for Michigan for at least 3 weeks now. Whitmer wanted her order extended for another 70 days and the legislature told her to fly a kite. It was subsequently extended to 4/30, which only makes sense based on the data.
  24. More stupidity from Whitmer. The FAQs are dumber than the order. https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/0,9753,7-406-98178_98455-525278--,00.html
  25. Home depot, lansing. Abiding by the order. Nothing deemed non essential. Order strictly prohibits any furniture, lawn & garden, paint and flooring.
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