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  1. if being classy is remaining consistent, than i'll do just that. if you need to see people blowing sunshine up poor dead stuart's ***, there are plenty of tribute articles on espn and all the major sports and news sites for you to read. he is in death what he was in life: a bad sportscenter anchor. from all the articles i've read, he was by all accounts a very likeable guy, a great family man, and a role model of others in the business. but i didn't interact with him on any of those levels. i watched him on espn, where he was at best annoying and at worst, the figurehead for the re-dumbing down of sports broadcasting in the post olberman/partick era. i've never wished him dead, but for decades i wished him off the air. it's sad that it took this for the deed to be done. i'd hoped he'd just end up on fox sports so no one would have to watch him.
  2. the matt millen of sportcenter anchors. there have been plenty of others who were as bad or worse, but none so bad with such a prominent role for so many years. stuart scott sucks. boo-ya. i feel bad that he died. i just hoped (for decades) that he would not be on tv anymore.
  3. i don't see how either holds a candle to craig "ironhead" heyward.
  4. at a glance, not a big fan, but am warming to the idea since i was a gose fanboy a few years back. gose would be our rangiest CF since gary pettis. strictly a #9 hitter at this point. much closer in age to travis that i thought. the bad news is that we are now officially out of prospects. time to sign a bunch of cubans.
  5. The whether up hear should bee fall-like, according too the fourcast.
  6. signing a guy like that early in the offseason makes me wonder if he's a guy who is viewed as a potential future coach/manager.
  7. almond boneless chicken is just gross. i don't get the appeal. fwiw, i had green lantern pizza on sunday, and it was dam good.
  8. hopefully they can transition Morris in, Rod out, and then work on finding a replacement for Mario in a similar manner. might be awkward adding a 2nd play by play guy, but i say go for it.
  9. if anyone suggests the guy with the puppets, please punch yourself in the face.
  10. my house got a bit wet-i live about 5 blocks from the 75/696 intersection that was all over the news. still waiting to assess the damage under the house. my crawlspace was wet up to just below the bottoms of the floor joists. i think the insulation stayed fairly dry, but i am worried about the main trunk line of my cold air return, which sits below those floor joists. it and its insulation likely got very wet. all the water seems to have dissipated from the crawlspace, and i will crawl around in a day or 2 to assess. one room in my house had water in it. i have a laundry/utility room whose door was overrun by water. the water ran under the door, across the floor and down a center drain. fortunately the floor is sloped, so the furnace, hot water heater, washer/dryer all had minimal water contact. at some point, the drain could drain no more and things pooled up a bit. after removing everything from the room and cleaning it, the room stinks like hell, and it appears to be coming from the drains. dumping my mop bucket of bleach water revealed that the drain line is still full to a level just below the floor. any ideas of what could be causing it and what the solutions might be? apparently i have lent out my drain snake, so i have not yet given that a shot. this drain probably handled 10,000 times as much water on monday as it had in its previous 50 years of service. i just want the stink to go away!
  11. fwiw, jared lorenzen is still playing QB at at least mitchell's weight (listed at 320, which is at least 50lbs below reality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A75qdDSmErk
  12. to be honest, i'd always suspected that he was an alchoholic. perhaps he was a donutaholic. or both...
  13. the good news is that Toledoans can drink the water again. the bad news is that you still live in Toledo.
  14. unwatchable. glad i don't have cable tv anymore.
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