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  1. League average, or even slightly below that, would be an improvement at most positions on this Tiger team.
  2. And one of the best offenses in MLB. Tough first start.
  3. I wouldn't call Jim Slaton, who the Tigers received in return for Oglivie, a bucket of balls. Granted his peripherals were consistently bad throughout his career, but he had been an All-Star for the Brewers the season before the trade. And he started 35 games for the Tigers in '78 and won 17 games (while walking almost as many batters as he struck out). He left as a free agent and re-signed with the Brewers the next year and had his best season. He became a mainstay in the Brewers rotation for the next few years, always posting ERAs much lower than his FIP.
  4. The Tigers had a lot of traffic on the basepaths this series. Good sign. Keep getting men on base and runs will eventually follow. During the 2-16 spell they weren't scoring any runs and they weren't putting many men of base.
  5. Me too. Decided against going to any games this series because of the hassles and unknowns. Not to mention the 1-14 record here over the last few seasons. Now two victories including a no-hitter. Maybe I’m bad luck
  6. 55 plate appearances over three season is, as you noted, a small sample size. From 2017-2019 (the last three full minor league seasons), covering his age 24-26 years split between AA and AAA, Hasse hit 74 HRs. Granted, he was a bit old for those leagues, but he also posted a walk-rate close to 10%. He's definitely worth an extended look. Heck, I doubt there is a Tiger prospect at any level with even 50 HRs over that time period.
  7. Is the pitcher charged with a run if the only runner he allows is the guy who started the inning on second?
  8. In May of the 5th season of a rebuild there is not one position player on the MLB roster worth following because of his potential as a major component of a future contender. That is depressing and, frankly, hard to believe.
  9. How far-fetched in this scenario? The Tigers resign Scherzer to a 7-8 year deal in 2014, trade Cabrera for prospects that same year, extend JD Martinez for 5-6 years, never sign Zimmerman, and never trade Verlander. This is all hindsight is 20-20 stuff and it's unlikely it would ever played out this way, but successful franchises keep the guys they should keep and let go of the guys they shouldn't. The Tigers did the opposite,
  10. I'm not sure Cameron has ever been good at AAA.
  11. That was a weird year. Everyone was looking for pitching. Martinez was viewed as a luxury, so everyone in the industry kept saying, because he couldn't play defense and no one really needed more offense. Still can't believe Avila pulled the trigger on that trade weeks before the deadline for middling prospects from a lousy system. It was unsettling then and even more unsettling now.
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