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  1. Watched Sam Dekker (Houston) in action against Golden State last night. Very impressive. Second year in the NBA, and he performs like a vet. Love to see one of our rooks -- Ellenson, Gbinije, SJ -- develop like that. Kid can play, and plays hard.
  2. Agreed. And after a few seasons, the outlook on who needs to be moved could be very different than it appears now. Every game thread seems to conclude with near knee-jerk reactions about individual weaknesses, and suggestions about who needs to be replaced. As I say, give it time, let some growth occur, and then we shall see. I'm still curious about how the starting five with Reggie in place will perform. Looking to last season and playoff performances is at best only suggestive. IMHO, the growth prospects are exciting enough to stop worrying about present particulars. Just as an example, KCP's shooting seems to be on the upside, much better than many on this board thought was possible. Bottom line, positive individual changes are possible. Patience, Pistons fans.
  3. What's Tobias's weakness on defense? And is there potential for improvement? Hate to see the guy benched at crunch time.
  4. Very disappointing response after the Clippers debacle. No offense from the points. Hurry on back, Reggie.
  5. But this was "their first game against a superteam", as you posted to begin this thread. Raisin' the bar a bit, aren't ya? I'm not exactly a hoops guru, but it seems to me that the Knicks have the talent to be a winner, but play as a group of individuals who have yet to learn what they need to do as a team, particularly defensively, to get it done. Then again, I think we may have simply worn them down. By the middle of the 4th qtr., they were out of gas, beaten.
  6. The Reggie we've seen is the Reggie we're gonna get, though I'm sure SVG gets on him about giving up on the over-dribbling (and his teammates as well, I'd imagine). We shall see how adaptable he is, though I expect it will take a season or two of adjustments, if it happens at all.
  7. Ump had a better view of the play in real time than the replays allowed.
  8. I'd just about given up on Victor, when all of a sudden, out of the blue, he turns on one, squares it up, and hits a monster shot. Has he emerged from a slump, or was it just an isolated success? We can only hope, of course, but Lord knows we need his offense down the stretch -- Miggy's too, for that matter.
  9. Playoff competition with this bullpen? Lotsa luck, folks.
  10. Playoff competition with this bullpen? Lotsa luck, folks.
  11. Nail-breaker, nail-biter, somehow we prevailed. Breathe easy again.
  12. I'm not sure how the Tigers are weak at handling speed -- weaker, that is, than other teams. Those two consecutive bunts would have been successful against just about any defense. How so?
  13. Amazing the way K-rod can get good hitters to flail away at that breaking stuff of his.
  14. Nail-biting time now. Honestly, I don't have a great deal of faith in K-Rod, but the options are limited.
  15. This shaky bullpen problem is the reason I don't take our playoff chances seriously.
  16. Just imagine if we'd had Jones instead of Aviles for the entire season. Of course, his performance in two games doesn't necessarily translate into a season-long thing (and probably wouldn't), but still, young Mr. Jones does seem to have the knack for dealing with quality MLB pitching. And they say he plays a mean CF as well. Lot's of good things to say about him, and all we had to give up was Soria to get him. Great move.
  17. Romine: sure hands, great arm, runs well, and perhaps a decent bat with more PA's. Also an above average baseball IQ, which accounts for his versatility, I would think.
  18. Bottom line is that one of our best hitters -- arguably best in the clutch -- is out of the game. True, Brad was late coming to his defense, but Brad probably assumes that Victor is aware of the consequences, and wouldn't carry on like a stupid hothead. Rather, expect him to behave like a captain, more committed to winning games than winning arguments. Very disappointed in Victor, frankly.
  19. Uncharacteristically stupid of Victor to press on with the argument. He knew darned well he would be tossed.
  20. I guess you'd have to call a CG shutout a "dominating" performance, but really, there were quite a few hard hit balls in that performance. Somehow he keeps the ball in the park, and makes quality pitches with RISP. It's always that way with him. I keep waiting for it all to come undone -- c'mon, I'm thinking, he's not that good -- but I'm wrong, obviously. He is that good. Watch and learn (and so glad to be wrong).
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