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  1. I never said he "fantasized" about it, rather the reference was fantastical---he made it up, which means it was fantasy.
  2. You wrote about a fantasized, televised rape/ late-term abortion of a 15-year-old girl.
  3. You can't control what the POTUS does. You can control content your create here on MTS.
  4. Since I've been a member of MTS, there have been posters who have really shined over the years--Biggs, G2, Lee, Del, Betrayer and a few others. You are in that category. Yes, I disagree with you. That post represents a low-point for content written by you here, but that is just my opinion as someone who has genuinely admired your POV on a variety of subjects over the years.
  5. Is that a direct quote from Rick Wilson's new book?
  6. A local speed and strength coach (also used to coach DL for a high school powerhouse) once told me he detests other coaches who pride themselves on driving guys until they puke. This is a guy who has trained his fair share of NFL and MLB players on their way up, who was groomed by a someone in the industry. It seems there is no question that driving athletes to extreme exhaustion is a bad method, and here in FL they kill a kid seemingly every summer at a HS program. I understand the merits of this method for SEALs when they go through BUDS, as these guys are being programmed psychologically more than anything. However, a modern football coach must be aware that the world we live in has changed and they must evolve to stay employed. Even successful HS coaches are as much CEOs as they are actual coaches. Knowing what will destroy their careers and bring problems into their programs is more important as knowing how to beat a Cover 2 or pushing kid who to bench press 225 two more times.
  7. These two belong in Lakeland right now. Clemens with 21BB in 133 AB is impressive, .855 OPS. Deatherage needs to walk more, strikes out a lot, but 15/17 SB with some pop. A rich man's Cam Gibson? I wonder what their '19 will look like? Can they make it to Erie as regulars by the AS break? Deatherage turns 23 a month from today and Clemens turns 23 in May.
  8. If in two years: Perez is in the rotation, Rogers is the starting catcher not embarrassing himself with the bat and Cameron is starting in CF with an .800ish OPS can the trade be called adequate?
  9. McDoom just couldn't beat out Perry for playing time. Maybe Martin passed him on the depth chart going into fall practice? Another thought is maybe Harbaugh will run more 2 TE and sets including a FB/TE this year to maximize blocking in both the run game and for pass pro. To see a guy leave after getting meaningful playing time as a true frosh is never fun to see, but I wish him the best. He was a low 3* gamble that bridged a gap for a few seasons.
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