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  1. Agree with this. Admittedly, I wasn't big on Johnson, but honestly, I didn't do much research this year to make an honest opinion. After watching and reading more about this guy, I think it's a pretty solid pick.
  2. Danny Green is far and away the best fit for this team. I really hope we can get him.
  3. I would take Booker over Johnson. Johnson just doesn't interest me much. If we trade up to 4, it has to be for Hezonja or Winslow. Most likely Hezonja. Bet SVG is drooling over the thought of him in his offense.
  4. Pistons need to do whatever it takes to move up for Russell. He's going to be the next superstar in this league.
  5. Pistons should draft Willie Cauley-Stein.
  6. Typical Tigers draft so far. Kind of tired of their philosophy. Scouting/Draft areas need an overhaul.
  7. All 3 picks should be under slot guys. Tigers should be able to gamble on some of the high end talent left if they want to.
  8. Seems like a pretty good hitter. Has some good power at the corner outfield spot. Is he a guy that could rise through the system pretty quickly?
  9. I'm assuming the Tigers can't afford Cameron?
  10. I don't get the dislike for the Carter pick. You guys are looking at him for what he is now instead of projecting what he could. He has long arms and a good frame and we have one of the best coaches at getting the best out of defensive backs in Teryl Austin. As soon as he came over last year, everyone in the secondary (except for the garbage that is Vaughn) had the best season of their career. He turned Slay into a borderline pro bowl corner and got one of Mathis' best seasons at age 34. He did work with the Ravens secondary as well. The guy just knows how to coach DBs. The way I look at, does he have his issues? Yes, that's why he's a 3rd round prospect, but there's a lot to work with there. The real puzzling pick is that FB? Really dislike that pick.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vru7ow3D-QI
  12. DTs are dropping. If Davis, Jarrett, and Bennett are available at the top-mid of round 4, I think Mayhew makes a move. If you can get Tomlinson, Abdullah, Carter, Jarrett out of this draft, that's a win. 4 guys that will contribute right away.
  13. I don't think so. I thought it was a swap of this years 3rd with a 5th going back to Minny.
  14. looks much better than the corners we've been drafting lately (outside of Slay) Looks very physical. Has good length/size.
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