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  1. Sure wish I had a legit way to watch these games when I'm at the office. Haven't seen Baddoo play live yet but it's hard not to get excited!
  2. I can't get the Tigers feed on the MLB app for some reason. Stuck listening to Cleveland broadcasters. Doesn't sound like opening day without Dan and Jim - edit - Tigers feed now working just as soon as I post lol
  3. Oh so you're not talking in good faith. Good to know
  4. Other than the risk from being next to someone for an extended period of time (not much space between seats) there's the high risk of transmission from locations tangential to outdoor gatherings. People can't just teleport to and fro. Concession areas, bathrooms, restaurants, and even things like gas stations are all higher risk. Fans in attendance don't have catheters and feeding tubes hooked up to themselves. They'll have to wait a few weeks later when they're hospitalized.
  5. This is extremely unlikely. The MLB would be in a world of **** if they did that. From the MLBPA, fans, and the media. Never mind the unlikelihood that it could be kept a secret for very long. Without a bubble it just seems inevitable where things are headed. No amount of covering up can get in the way of this virus. The only way to contain the odd one here and there is with a bubble policy. But that ship has sailed. You just hope the season is short enough that they're able to get through it... But we're a week in and the cracks are really starting to show.
  6. This makes me feel sad. I really liked the team that year. For a brief moment it felt like we were gonna avoid having to go through the teardown/rebuild that soon followed.
  7. We still have that extra loss waiting to happen against Oakland too, right? We're #1, we're #1. I don't see how we won't repeat again next year, too.
  8. Austin_Jackson.gif So much complaining back in the day about him never diving for the ball. I'd love to get a clone of him in the draft, hoping he'd have better luck in the health/durability department.
  9. They let this one go in an effort to save some bullets in Shane Greene's arm for tomorrow, May 11th's, game in Minnesota.?
  10. I don't know if it was the same pace, but just a few years back (maybe 2016) didn't the Tigers have something like 5 guys with 20+ homers and castellanos was almost the 6th at 18 homers despite only playing in 110ish games (hand injury) We also got almost 25 homers from the catcher position. That was the last season I was excited for the team, but it probably came at a cost as it set back the rebuild. If Zimmerman hadn't collapsed and injuries didn't get in the way we would've made the playoffs. But 2017-now still would have sucked.
  11. That was a very good read. Thanks for posting. Sounds like Pittsburgh is kind of lacking in the pitching analytics department.
  12. And that's not including Keuchel. Man, the Astros are just a well put together team all around. It'd almost be annoying if they weren't so dang fun to watch. Their Verlander acquisition and how he's performing as good as ever their has me planted in their bandwagon. I was already lowkey on their bandwagon when they hired Kevin Goldstein. I bet they even have better food their than CoPa (not that this would be too difficult)
  13. Uninstall, reinstall. That's what I just had to do. Kept crashing, now it's working just fine.
  14. They'll have a worse record through July 31st than a year ago, but it'll be hard to do worse than the 17-41 they achieved to wrap to the season. I think they'll pull it off. I'm guessing they'll go 55-106. They won't even bother to play game 162
  15. I don't think it was an excuse, but rather an acknowledgment. Also - I'm now imagining an alternate reality where Trump is a baseball manager and Gardenhire is president. Possibly an improvement in both cases. Hard to do worse than either in the current realtiy.
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