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  1. Heres to one of the more successful Tiger draft picks this century.
  2. Even though there weren't a ton of true home grown guys on those 06-16 teams I felt like guys like Polanco, Guillen, Max, Austin Jackson, Fister and even to an extent Cabrera were homegrown cause we traded for them and with the exception of Cabrera they really broke out for the first time here.
  3. Yeah even though all that did was essentially just essentially tie the series at 1 for all intents and purposes it felt like that was the end. I went to game 3 or 4(can't even remember at this point) and Verlander pitched a gem but we ended up either getting shutout or only scoring 1. I walked out of the stadium and I just knew the series was for sure over then. I ended up not even watching game 5 instead I went to a Red Wings preseason game that my friend got tickets to and I don't even like hockey I was just that dejected that I didn't even want to think about the Tigers.
  4. Yep but atleast in Decker's case he already has a long term contract so perhaps the money won't be as much of a factor.
  5. Jon Jansen made an interesting suggestion on the radio today, he suggested moving Decker to left guard and not right tackle. He said it's an easier transition and it would make the left side dominant. Of course he conceded that as an offensive lineman you have to really swallow your pride to make that move, sorta like a starting pitcher accepting a move to the bullpen but he said if Taylor is willing it may be the Lions best move.
  6. Okudah was decent yesterday, yeah he gave up the long td but he was with him step for step he just didn't turn around and find the ball on an under thrown ball. The elite CBs make that play but just cause he didn't make a play that the elite guys make doesn't mean it was a terrible play either. Aside from that play he made a great diving pass deflection to force a 3rd down stop and made a couple open field tackles on other defenders guys. All in all he looked much better than last year and it's ashame that he got this injury. He may have never lived up to being the 3rd pick but that doesn't mean he couldn't have been a solid player, now that looks like a complete longshot.
  7. The Yankees finally moved Torres off SS so now they are reportedly going to be in the mix for one of the top SS this offseason so I guess that is going to make it that much tougher for us to sign one.
  8. Also one side note about the Lions game, is it me or did Hockenson look like he was slimmed down? Maybe it was the long hair that created some sorta optimal illusion or something but to me he looked like he was way more lean than in the past. BTW didn't realize that the Rams and Bears were on primetime tonight, I know I said in the past that I won't root for the Rams cause I want the Lions to get a better pick but this one is an exception. There's no way I'm rooting for the Bears.
  9. The Packers look like crap, the Vikings lost to the Bengals and the Bears are either starting a rookie at QB or Andy Dalton, watch this will be the year when the Lions decide to go full on rebuild mode that the division is won with 8 or 9 games and they won't have the talent to even get there.
  10. Yeah I totally misread LordStanley's post, I missed the almost part in his post. I read it as that's how he lost it.
  11. Damn that's what happened? I was following on gamecast and all it said was that it was double down the right field line. That sucks! edit: I totally missed the almost part.
  12. Rodgers looking like he should've stayed hosting Jeopardy, the Packers defense doesn't look much better making Jameis Winston look like Tom Brady.
  13. Scherzer throws his 3000 career K, has an immaculate inning and is now 7 innings to a perfect game. Could be a HUGE day for him.
  14. Until it's mathematically out of reach I'm gonna continue to hold out hope for 80 wins no matter how slim the chances are. As of now we need to go 12-6 the rest of the way.
  15. The scary part is this is Jimmy G doing this to us, what and the **** is Aaron Rodgers is gonna look like?
  16. Jeff "Toast" Okudah actually had decent coverage for a change but he has no idea how to play the ball.
  17. The 49ers have one of the best defenses in football and have made even the best QBs look bad the past couple years so lets slow the roll on Goff is the worst QB talk after 1 bad half.
  18. Well the defense has been as advertised. Zero pass rush, literally zero pass incompletions and 8 yards per rush. Just brutal.
  19. I get excited about Michigan's defense then they show the graphic that Washington hasn't scored in 17 straight drives.
  20. Somewhere on a Washington message board all the posters are going crazy over that play call.(not the decision to go for it just the play call)
  21. Me too but he looks even better than I thought he would. I thought he'd be perfect for a team like San Fran that had talent around him. He probably isn't going to be a Mahomes, Watson or Lamar who can carry a team regardless of talent which is something teams dream of but as long as you have a decent supporting cast I think he's gonna excel. His accuracy and pocket presence will always play in the nfl.
  22. Speaking of rookie qbs teams are going to regret passing on Mac Jones. The guy is a stud and does all the things that don't show up in the combine. He has great pocket awareness, the ability to go through all his reads, is uber accurate and has the courage to throw the ball before a wr gets out of his cut. These are things even the best qbs take years to develop and he is already doing them.
  23. Harbaugh has recruited pretty well all things considered. Outside of the big 5(Bama, OSU, Georgia, Clemson and Oklahoma) who are all on another level he has the best combined classes the past 6 years out of any school in the nation according to national pundits. The issue has been the lack of development and most importantly the lack of a great qb. You simply can't compete without one of those and that was supposed to be his strength.
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