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  1. Kiley McDaniel of ESPN just put out his latest mock and he has us taking House but acknowledges that if Mayer was there we'd take him. Also says that Leiter is a strong possibility.
  2. I'm by no means a scout but I have watched quite a bit of his tape and read about him and from what I can gather I don't think he is going to stick at short. To me his frame just looks like it's going to add too much weight to play an adequate SS. If he was projected to stick there he would be the top prospect in the class and certainly the guy with the highest upside imo. He has raw power despite a relatively short swing. A lazy comp to me is Kris Bryant.
  3. BTW when the Tigers had Avila in the booth a few games ago either Shep or Gibson asked him about the upcoming draft and if there would be a preference to taking guys that can help right away vs. down the road and Avila to his credit basically said that if all things were equal they would prefer a player that is closer to the big leagues but ultimately the final factor is who they feel is the better player and prospect.
  4. Me personally I'm hoping for Mayer or Lawlar but I have a feeling it's going to be Brady House. I think if Mayer is there we would take him but I think he will be gone. The only reason I'm going with House is I've seen multiple sites report how many Tigers people they have seen at House's games much more than any other team which leads those people to believe the Tigers have a lot of interest. Of course all of this is speculation but if I would have to guess at this point I'm thinking its him.
  5. Somebody asked one of the national scouts today(I think Mayo?) where Mayer would rank in the top 100 and he said he'd probably be around 15. I know ultimately it doesn't mean anything until they start to actually produce but hypothetically if that were to happen and we were to get him that would put us at 3 top 15 prospects and 3 out of the top 10 position prospects. I know it is all thanks to us being terrible at the big league level and not so much our organization but still considering the fact that outside of Maybin and maybe Castellanos we haven't had a single position prospect sniff the top 25 in 20 years it would be refreshing to have 3 in the top 15.
  6. Weird I just posted something similar about deGrom in the "Regular Season Thread" on the Tigers board without realizing you posted this here. His numbers though have just been simply mind blowing. In 10 out of his 11 starts he has given up 3 HITS or less, most pitchers would love to give up 3 runs or less at that rate let alone hits.
  7. Another Jacob deGrom appreciation post. Had to leave his start after 3 Innings last night due to shoulder discomfort but in that time he threw 3 perfect innings striking out 8 out of the 9 guys he faced lowering his ERA to .54 and WHIP to .50. He now sports an ERA+ 719 and has put up 4.1 WAR in just 67 innings. He has given up 26 hits all season while facing 232 batters meanwhile as a hitter he has 11 hits himself in only 26 ABs and has more RBIs than runs given up. It's a little discouraging these nagging injuries he has had to deal with lately but if he pitches most of the remaining portion of the year and continues to put up numbers even close to what he has so far we could be looking at one of the most dominating seasons of all time.
  8. There's been a few times this year where the Angels have elected to not bat Ohtani when he is on the mound, not sure why but maybe Manning and the Tigers will get lucky and that will be the case tonight. With that said considering they are missing Trout I don't think it's going to happen.
  9. It's kinda weird how Burrows is only a year older than Manning and was drafted just a year earlier yet it seems like he has been around so much longer. Anyways its too bad it didn't workout for him, I had hope that he found something after hearing the stories about him last summer during those intra squad games but unfortunately all it turned out to be was just fluff pieces.
  10. That Reggie Miller idea is quite literally one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard.
  11. Is KD the most complete offensive player to ever play the game?
  12. That might make it a little easier for Matt since Ohtani doesn't always bat on days he pitches. We'll see what the Angels decide to do in this one.
  13. Norris is a former Adopt-A-Tiger of mine(I believe I actually picked him 3rd overall) so I'm pulling for him but at this point it's hard to have any faith in him. He'll show you flashes here and there but that's about it.
  14. I'd have no problem releasing Norris even though I could totally see a team like the Rays picking him up and revitalizing his career.
  15. Tough one to lose considering we were up 3 runs in the 5th with Mize on the mound. On the other hand though I guess we were fortunate to be in that position in the first place considering how Mize looked tonight, definitely didn't have his best stuff/command.
  16. Exactly, I Could see after 4 or 5 extra innings doing it in hopes of ending the game much like in College Football they force teams to start going for 2 after a certain number of overtimes but doing it from the 10th on seems unnecessary.
  17. Nice to see E Sock put a charge into one but wow just an unbelievable catch.
  18. That looked like Zack Hample who caught that foul ball. Took him all of 1 inning to get a ball.
  19. Having had season tickets one season right above the bullpen it amazes me how any LF can see the balls at this time of the year. With the late sunset that glare would be horrible till about the 7th inning or so. I wish I thought of that before getting the tickets but I learned my lesson and have never sat there since unless it was a 1:00 start.
  20. In a vacuum would a team trade somebody like Torres for Boyd? No but when you put context into it at the time it isn't as outrageous as it seems. The Yankees offense and middle infield was stacked that year but they desperately needed SP. They were in a tight race with their bitter rival the Red Sox and SP was what looked like their only flaw. IIRC Boyd was pitching at a near All Star level at the time and if he kept that up he could theoretically be the missing piece for the Yankees. Is that worth a young bat? Probably not but the Cubs traded that same young bat a couple seasons prior for a half season of Chapman. In a vacuum most teams wouldn't do that trade but it ended up helping the Cubs win a World Series. Now Boyd certainly didn't have the track record of Chapman and I'm not suggesting he is as valuable, my point was teams will sometimes do what appear to be unfair trades if they think it can win them a championship, Boyd plugged the one hole that the Yankees had that year so it was reasonable to think from Al's perspective that they may overpay for it. Basically Al tried to take advantage of a desperate team and unfortunately it didn't work but I can't fault him for trying.
  21. Colt Keith 1/3 with a BB in his Lakeland debut. Didn't strike out either which is a good sign for a kid making his debut.
  22. 71% of the Earth is covered by water, the rest is covered by Derek Hill.
  23. Jack with a groundbreaking discovery, he says Tigers hitters are better against finesse guys than overpowering pitchers with high spin rates. Who would've thought that a high spin high 90s FB would be tougher to hit than a 90mph one?
  24. Baddoo starts the inning with a terrible play but redeems himself by ending it with a great one. Off the bat I thought for sure that was gonna be a 2 run double.
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