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  1. My favorite jerseys that we ever wore though were the red alternates during the mid 2000s, the last basketball jersey I bought was a red Billups and of course we traded him within a year of me buying it.
  2. I hated the teal but I guess I wouldn't mind it if they brought it back for a few games a year for nostalgia purposes.
  3. Miggy scores from 2nd on a ball hit in the infield. Nice!
  4. I'm sure it's unrelated cause Alabama football to Alabama baseball is apples to something not even a fruit, but since they changed the rules on NCAA athletes Nick Saban as come out and said that guys like the Bama QB have already gotten over a million in endorsements so far. Despite what I said about the programs I know that Alabama doesn't have have any pro sports teams there so the college teams are the whole focal point so is it possible Smith realizes that he could go back and possibly get some good endorsement money and get drafted earlier next season?
  5. Was just on twitter and I saw that the Pistons were trending, I clicked to see why, in hopes/fear that they just did something major, instead it's because of this tweet ESPN put out and so many people responding with them. I didn't realize this logo was so loved, I never cared for it myself.
  6. Josh Beckett led the Marlins to the World Series 3 years after being drafted, Ian Anderson was dominating this past postseason for the Braves 2 1/2 years after being drafted, Bumgarner and Kershaw were throwing a sub 3 ERAs for their respective teams within 2 years of being drafted and Porcello was starting for us a year and a half later. Yeah you can say these guys are rare examples but the fact is that by all accounts Jobe is a rare example himself, there have been many scouts that have said that he is the most advanced HS pitcher they have ever scouted, so I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that he could be helping us alot sooner than your typical HS pitcher would. The examples above show that the great ones have a history of doing so.
  7. Willi jumps on the first pitch to give the Tigers a 1-0 lead. Boy would it be nice if his bat is starting to heat up.
  8. I'd say ironically it's probably between him and his fellow 2020 suspendee Alex Cora. The Red Sox were projected to finish with the 19th best record and right now they have the 3rd best record in all of baseball.
  9. I tend to rank more towards upside than how likely you are to reach that ceiling or how high your floor is. For instance Jobe very well may flame out and could be several years from the majors but there is still a chance he is an ace that can help you win a division/championship. I will rank that over a guy who's floor may be a swing starter/long man but has virtually no shot of being anything better than a mid rotation starter.
  10. I would be leary of getting anybody from the Rays. I trust their scouting and analytics over anybody and I'd they believed in somebody they wouldn't trade them for a half year rental like Cruz.
  11. Mine would be pretty similar except I'm not as a high on Wentz, I know he's just coming back from TJ so him struggling is to be expected but even before the surgery I thought a lot of things needed to go right for him to be a decent back end starter so I'd probably have him down in the 13-15 range. I'd also move up Workman a few spots ahead of Pacheco and Clemens. Other than that and I think mine would be pretty much the same.
  12. I see that Clemens has an OPS over .800 now in Toledo, come September he should be a guy we take a look at. He's already 25 so it's getting to the point where we have to see what we got.
  13. Two 40 somethings in Cruz and Hill were the first two players traded this deadline. Crazy!
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