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  1. Lol yeah please do, I didn't think about that when I made the title but now I can't stop hearing it when I read it. Maybe just "2021 prospects or minor leagues 2021".
  2. Just looking at the odds of each selection, if we stay at 2 we have an 80% chance of getting a top 5 pick, if we are at 3 that drops to just 66% and just 56% at 4 so yeah its even a bigger deal than I originally thought to finish 2nd.
  3. Cause bettors can be lazy, atleast in the offseason like this. They see the Lions only won 5 games with Stafford and Golladay last year so that means they are going to be even worse this year. The problem with that thinking is that Stafford wasn't particularly good last year, Golladay was mostly injured and the coaching staff was atrocious.
  4. Yeah me too but I wish there was an easier way than carrying the card around and pulling it out every time you go somewhere. Perhaps they could make bracelets or necklaces that are easily visible to people.
  5. I'll continue to wear it not only cause I almost feel naked without it now but because I know there are people out there that are uncomfortable being around unmasked people so if it makes a fellow shopper or patron feel more comfortable I'll deal with the minor inconvenience. Really I shouldn't even say inconvenience cause I don't mind wearing one at all in short intervals like running out to stores and what not.
  6. I wonder the benefits of improved travel would have on players. I follow forner 1st round pick Matt Antonelli on YouTube and he talks about how often times they were essentially riding in buses like the one in Major League. Sometimes they would get charter busses but even those he said were jammed packed and impossible to get any rest in so you'd show up to a game half asleep. He said that the Orioles had "sleeper busses" which were busses where each player had their own little pod where they could lye down and get some sleep on the long bus rides and that those were the favorites among the players. It seems like investing in those to make sure your players were as well rested as possible would be worth it.
  7. Good Lord that change up was beautiful, brought back memories of 2016 Fulmer.
  8. As bad as Cabrera has been he still has a higher OBP than half the other guys in the lineup.
  9. It is amazing how much better our starting pitching has been this year vs. previous years. I haven't looked it up but it certainly seems like we've had more quality starts thus far this year than our previous 162 games between last year and 2019 combined.
  10. I don't mind rooting for losses if we're down to the last 2 or 3 games and we're already eliminated but I'll never root for them from the get go. For one as others have said unlike the NBA you really don't need to have a high pick in the NFL to be successful. Sure if there is a potential generational guy like Lawrence it may be worth tanking to get that 1st pick but otherwise it really isn't that big of deal. Also too often in the NFL mediocre teams catch that lightning in the bottle over 16/17 games and make noise during the season. I'd rather root for my team to be one of those teams than root for losses on the off chance that they may end up with a better player.
  11. I thought that there may have been a chance that he would be canned when we were off to that historically bad start but now that we're just merely bad instead of historically bad I think he is safe for the time being.
  12. Cavaliers with a big win tonight. Now as long as we don't win our last 2 the worst we can finish is 4th.
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