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  1. Annnnnnd, there is the hate for the business owner...was waiting for it and surprised it took this long. My business is an investment...an investment that is failing huge and one I spent 3 years agonizing over. One I spent a TON of money on to hopefully reap the rewards....that is not happening ...mainly because of COVID. My personal finances are not my business finances, but because I am not dirt poor (at least not anymore) when I talk about people who do not have a ton living within their means it gets thrown back at me as if my success is a badge of shame or something because I DARE ask people to work like I did. I get WHY people do not want to do...it SUCKS, it is...get this....HARD WORK. If I did not have to do it, I would not have either, if I would have known all I had to do was shout at the government loud enough maybe they would just give me what I worked for...maybe I would have to. The PPP loan being called "hand outs"...jhc where to start with THIS...so the government can MANDATE I close, but not offer assistance during that time? You must have majored in economics. My lease did not stop, my payroll did not stop...you know what DID stop....people coming in the doors because of a mandated closure. I guess instead of working hard you just give up? Or keep going to those rallys...I guess those work?
  2. Appreciate that (honestly), but it is outdoor type stuff we want done...retaining walls, concrete etc. The few people we did get to come out said everyone is 8 weeks out anyway. I booked an arborist 2 months ago....still no word on the appointment date yet.
  3. We will find out I guess. She is no epidemiologist it was just her guess.
  4. My wife is of the opinion covid shots will be a yearly thing like the flu.
  5. I am not sure if it is just a throw away line owners use or not, but we have been trying to get some work done around the house...even getting call backs is near impossible, but the few people who have come out keep saying the same thing about finding people. I am currently trying to find another employee because if business does not pick up enough to justify that person it will not matter because we will no longer be in business, but we are getting NOTHING from our ads and social media posts.
  6. The ironic part about this whole train of thought is that the big box corporations are the ones who can afford to keep the prices a little lower squeezing out the american dream and most on here seem 100% fine with that...not only fine with it, but PREFER it. Bravo for paying the extra .50 at Capri.
  7. Not hard work for the sake of hard work, but hard work for the sake of bettering yourself because hard works builds character and will improve your general station in life?
  8. Jeez thanks for that...opening a business I took 3 years agonizing over every little detail with 3 months before covid hit, paying my employees during the mandated closure (which if I had to do over again doubt I do...one took off right after we reopened, but more so because I have nowhere left to borrow from and barely have enough for a months payroll..it is not going to help my people if I have to close shop). Maybe paying my employees during covid could list me as an idiot, but I was doing what i thought was right. Most people get it....it takes 3-5 years for a business to break even.....add a world wide pandemic to the mix 3 months after a grand opening in a service orientated business...what is that adding to my timeline? That is not a rhetorical question...lol if you know PLEASE tell me.
  9. So 1 scum bag owner (allegedly), but that 1 family down the street....
  10. Like the art major eating avocado toast and complaining about not having enough money to pay for bills? Or is that different? I am assuming those are the few...it was a news report/MEME blown WAAAAY out of proportion though..., but citing one person talking about starbucks that may be a business owner...... OF COURSE a person who can afford to open a business can afford to buy Starbucks...not everyone who opens a business lives or dies with it. Some use it for their livelihood and others use it to make money. Since when did being able to afford a starbucks coffee become an "elitist" thing to do? You know who I see around those stupid coffee shops when I drive by....art majors.
  11. Business owners are simply trying to make it in the system that is in place. Complain about the system, but not the business owner who more than likely has his livelihood tied up in his business as well. I hate the phrase "back of the labor" as if the business owner is a tyrant or a slave trader. My employees have all been paid, even while closed because of covid, I have yet to see anything close to breaking even. When/if I ever do become "successful" I am not going to feel bad about it or feel like I am a bad person because I cannot afford to pay my "labor" 15 an hour.
  12. Who is "they"? Business owners? Not all of us are the devil, not all of us are even making money. Some of us stress out trying to make payroll every week. Business owners are working within the framework of what is there. You guys always act like a small business can just snap its fingers and pay everyone 15 an hour when they are used to 10 and if they can't then F THEM! I would contend not many of them it was a second job, it is a VERY SIMPLE principal...stay home and get paid more than working or go to work and get paid less...it IS IMPOSSIBLE to blame THEM specifically...if you are getting it for nothing short of pride...what is the point? But to go around and blame the small business owners? Ridiculous. The articles you see no with companies offering 15...the MAJORITY of them are NOT small businesses...maybe within the framework of what the fed calls a small business, but you know what that is? 500 employees....500 employees is a "small business"
  13. I have never known anyone else who has this. I get the music at low volume thing in another room at night thing sometimes myself..it is strange when it happens.
  14. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/physics-first-room-temperature-superconductor-discovery?fbclid=IwAR2TZU6zgog6ln_7eVcJ6Rfwqw9xJ28PVud7ZJng4uo2IAqV4emECoeEO20
  15. Because MSNBC did a story....generated a positive flow of people to the place most likely which spiked sales. Free advertising. Maybe it sticks or maybe in 2 years the place closes up shop because they are losing money after all the virtue signalers stop going.
  16. We use whole bean in those little 1lb bags...we just peel them...works every time.
  17. Did it once with a buddy 1997 maybe? Drove there the day before, stayed the night somewhere in Pennsylvania, got to NY day of, checked into the hotel, left the hotel, walked to time square, stood in the pen for 3-4 hours, saw the ball drop, walked back to the hotel, went to bed and left the next morning. I had head to toe Red Wing gear on, my buddy was sporting the Lions head to toe.
  18. I was one of them...golf league last night, got home after a couple beers and passed out.
  19. This happened to me the first time I dropped them about 15 years ago maybe longer...moved to WOW, bill starts going up ask WOW to lower the monthly or I am switching...WOW says "go ahead", I get a call from a "manager" a month or so later asking why I left...I told him the story and he seemed genuinely shocked to hear they did not lower the bill for how long I was a customer. Had comcast since. Just dropped Comcast about 6 months ago and got WOW internet only gig package, thought I was going to have the same issue...dropped all the Comcast equipment at the Westland location, fully functional location...ended up getting money back from them this time...it is hit or miss.
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