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  1. Probably Paul or Kevin maybe....according to the internet it is Chad.
  2. I tend to lean in that direction also. I think net positive (or whatever term you want to use, NOT accounting for the past, but only the future), but I do wonder about the other aspect of it. The mental aspect. Like you mention introvert -v- extravert, but even the introvert needs some contact. I guess using your reasoning we would need to know the % of people who were intro -v- extra to get a good gauge on society as a whole. I would have guessed 20 years ago most people would have been considered extra and todays society may actually be leaning towards intro...I am not sure how I feel about that.
  3. An interesting side discussion...at least IMO, is covid going to end up being a net benefit to society or a negative one? The way I see it, the benefit comes from being more mindful of germs.....the negative comes from people being afraid of other people or contact because of the heightened awareness. Would those be the extreme examples on opposite ends of a broad spectrum? What %? 5%? 10%? More? How many people will fall into those 2 categories to the point it effects them either negatively or positively? You are always going to have extremes on either side of any issue, but this is a pretty big one. 20-30 years from now....is this going to be a net benefit to society? Also because I have to actually say this or be branded an uncaring cave man...this is not to take away or dismiss the grief people who have lost loved ones to covid..not to gloss over it or dismiss it...this is an academic type question.
  4. Actually looking back on the pictures from the event...I kept it on at the Dino thing...there were tooo many damn people there.
  5. If we are outdoors I am ditching them almost altogether. We went to an outdoor dino exhibit at Canterbury Village this past week with the kids...it was PACKED so we kept our masks on for the lines, but once out and about I ditched it... Flower day at Eastern Market...not that many people around so ditched it. Golf yesterday...nope. I do not pass anyone to and from my office at work and the door to the outside is within a few feet...no other suites around so I have stopped wearing mine coming into and leaving the office, but still wear it going to the restroom because I pass by a few other suites. The guys I golfed with yesterday decided to shake my hand at the end...I did...first contact like that with a stranger I can recall in a long time...did use sanitizer after I drove away in my cart though...
  6. No doubt just bad timing. I have been in my place since 2014 so these swings mean close to nothing for me because we have no real plans of leaving our home.
  7. He saved on cost by building it himself? My wifes uncle is looking to either buy a home or have one built...he has been looking the past 6 months or so...crappy timing to say the least.
  8. Pensions are what keeps people around....privately owned businesses do not have the capital to offer them much any more....the government does....I cannot wait until we ALL work for the government <sarcasm...and it is SUPER sad I HAVE to point out it IS sarcasm> I do have family and friends who work for the government and they are doing well...
  9. The smaller numbers of businesses out there the bigger the cut of the pie for those who can fade the low guest counts....on it's face I took that last part of the comment in a way that seems hopeful for the future of my business....less businesses to compete with, my slice of the pie is bigger....., but I need to be able to fade the rest of the pandemic and be one of the few who makes it....I am in a VERY precarious spot at this exact moment...I feel like I am on the precipice of shutting my doors...a feeling I have been dealing with off and on the past year, but one where I have no safety net behind me at the moment to push me through the next month or 2 to hopefully get past it and to quote Red "Come out clean on the other side" The issue is the companies that are big enough to fade the current situation ARE the Tim Hortons of the world...the hotel chains of the world...not the Schitts Creek hotels of the world or the small coffee shop.
  10. It is a ridiculous one as not something I have seen AT ALL from any of my conservative friends. Just another poor analogy/anecdote.
  11. ROTF <sigh> yeah I know exactly how it works...my wife is an NP and her boss decides to NOT take out payroll loans to cover payroll because of the inconsistencies in reimbursement and her checks bounce ALL the time because of it. He is not a good business man and prefers to save the interest on loans and does not manage the cash flow properly. I also know once reimbursed, the company is making good money...it is a small shop only 5-6 NP's with one Dr overseeing everything, who basically does nothing for his pay, but I am sure you already know these things. The extra unemployment is adding another layer of difficulty for small business who do not have higher paying jobs like in the health care industry. My business is tip based, but my employees still earn 10.00 an hour, while it still is a skilled job you need to have school for it, but it is hard to compete for good employees in the best of times and I smack in the middle of trying to get one more person in the doors and having a pretty rough time of it. This is my reality not some MSN news banner slogan. Equating going to school to better a person station in life to an average person being one of the best athletes in the world?......jeez talk about disingenuous. REALLY bad example there because you are taking a SMALL percentage of people and equating them to another VERY small % of people, but on the COMPLETE opposite side of the spectrum....you do not need to have the skills of the top 1% of athletes in the world to get a degree and try to better your station in life. Good on your sister in law...honestly she is happy right? Works hard? Nice person? That is good for her and those around her. I have ZERO qualms with the statement about "unskilled workers", but the fact that you hate one of gods most amazing creations (Peanut butter cups) just proves what an uneducated heathen you really are...-that was a JOKE!
  13. That was such a good game last night. Great pitching then the "old school" way to scratch the run across and closing it down with a liner DP! Glad I got to see that one.
  14. That is a bad business model. Maybe I am in the minority, but I do not feel like I am at all. The intricacies of owning a business are not be understated, but if I was making money on my business I would be passing along some of that with my people....shoot when I hired my manager I told her she would get yearly bonuses over a certain % (which is not much of a profit for me at ALL, but I figured if I was making that amount I would be happy with it and she would mostly be responsible for the great success so she SHOULD get some of it). We have specific goals for our regular employees and even losing money like crazy when they meet those goals they get their small bonuses based on it.
  15. Got this email just a few minutes ago. Not proving anything, but being short staffed is a PART of the problem. Good Morning John, We just wanted to reach out to you today because we see we are getting close to our original time frame that we had given you. We have not forgotten about you! Unfortunately, the weather has wreaked havoc on our schedule and we have been short-staffed, so we are a little bit behind schedule. We are doing our best to get your work completed as quickly as we can. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  16. 1070 on Samsung TV...kind of like the Attenbourough Earth or Animal type series. They pick an animal/Insect, show video of it in 4k Ultra and have a voice over with some info about them. Only reason I do not just flip to one of the Earth type series is because it is extra work to get there having to go through Netflix or Prime as opposed to jut typing the number in on my TV. They are always pretty good though and always informative.
  17. Brown Bear is in the rotation. RIP Eric Carle
  18. Where is my disconnect here Lee? Honestly. I could not disagree more with what Kacie is saying and we usually have good discussion back and forth to the point where I can at least understand your point.
  19. Hard not to take it personally when I am a white male republican who owns a business. Kacie got 20 hearts and likes and every post on here supports her take. A take I disagree with 100%, how do you not take that personally? And I do not buy the take that there are people who want "lazy" people to throw themselves at their feet. My guess is they want those people to try and better their station in life. Working to better yourself will forever and always be better than people handing you what you need...and if like Kacie you do not understand the difference between that and being forced to close by the government but not receiving anything to help you get through that forced closure, nothing I am going to say will make you understand it. These are basic principals in psychology I am not making this up. It is applicable on this board because I am a republican and I appreciate the well wishes I really do, but my business is located outside of Dearborn it would not be convenient for you.
  20. I didn't miss it. Being in health care you had no worry for money and did not need a loan. Health care is bloated and good for you for being in that field it is flush. I have no idea what celebrities did, but if they took those loans then shame on them...it is one thing to be close to shutting a business down because you do not have the funds to pay employees and having 100 million in the bank. My comment stands, when I was struggling I did not have any of those things because I sacrificed for the betterment of myself. I continually scratch my head at the lefts idea that those who have nothing should not have luxuries until they work to better their station in life, but who complain about how little they have. You must have missed the part where I said you really cannot blame them. As usual tone deaf to the real message.
  21. I am going to expound on this just a little.....I grew up poor. I know what it is like to not have a full belly, i did not have a silver spoon in my mouth. Worked hard my whole life, saved some money, put that money in a business that is failing big all while still working my fulltime job. Personal finances are fine, but the business is going broke...so should I stop living because my business is going broke?
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