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  1. Looking forward to Dune for sure.
  2. Sig Haig will be in there for sure. I would bet real money both of them will be in there...him and Sheri..I had a really weird obsession with House of a Thousand corpses in my late 20's.
  3. I have a rental on the West side...flooded in 2014....I just acquired a rental on the East side....that one got it this time, but the West side one I have not heard anything about from the tenant yet so far this year so I am assuming it is fine.
  4. If you think Rob will have Margo Robbie instead of Sherri Moon Zombie...do you even know Rob?
  5. This was my thought as well. That whole area over by Ecorse gets it bad even with small rain. One of our properties flooded, my parents home flooded. There is garbage everywhere. This is not some new problem to the area though as you know first hand. Apparently the cost to benefit ratio is not tipping the right way for the city/county...as citizens we need to change that to force action. Something needs to be done to fix the issue.
  6. The 2 attempts before were SUPER close. I thought for sure he was out on the attempt before the pick off.
  7. A few observations about that game yesterday. Schoop heading to thiird...that was just a bizarre play. Looked like maybe he thought it was ball 4 and someone was on first, then realized he was in mid steal...it was so awkward to watch. The double play that was not...good hustle play by both runners...would have been bases empty 2 out and turned into no outs 2 men on...good hustle play. They pretty much checked each pitcher after each inning. One inning Manning was walking back and Joe West and Home Plate were talking to someone and Manning kind of stopped, looked both ways then just kept walking to the dug out. Overall a well played game from my vantage point.
  8. I cannot wrap my head around the idea a structure that big had no inspections. Which is to say I do not think that will be the case at all. I can see doctored or poorly done inspections, but the city is getting their money from those fees.
  9. Just tell them you are not married. I get the "you both need to be present" crap when it is a big job. I do not even bother with those. I am making the choice myself, my wife and I have already discussed the idea. Who the heck has time to try to make room on 2 DIFFERENT schedules to get a quote? I already know going in that I am getting a couple quotes and feel bad for wasting the business owners time sending someone. I am not on the fence about it, I am looking for a couple quotes to get the best deal I can. The quoting process for companies is SO inefficient it drives me crazy. I can shoot you an email with pictures of the area, diagrams of the house and specific info about what I want done...if you want to add a +/- depending on an in person consultation of the grounds before giving the final price then fine. We are having a a garden wall put up...those blocks that run across the front of a small garden. We FINALLY got 2 companies to come out (only because the owners lived close to our home) the first one was 6400.00 after we had to hound them to give us the quote like 5 days after they were there. Another came out a few days later and is 4100.00. Both were scheduling out a couple months so they were good/reliable companies. We did not have to hound the 2nd one, they got us the quote the next day.
  10. I hate sales pitches. Hate them with a passion. We are in the process of getting a quote for a water softener/purification system for the whole house. Emailed them and gave them all the pertinent info explained I do not want a sales pitch and they asked a couple different questions and got me the quote. Saved the sales guys time because I am going to loathe the whole process anyway. Just tell me the price. I do not have time to make appointments for a water system.
  11. Yup, Insurance IMO is the biggest one of these because it is so tedious to shop around, but it is imperative for people to do it every year or 2. We were getting the best deal for a long time with Progressive, close to 10 years, then last year the rates jumped so I shopped around and got it cheaper than what we had been getting before. I shop it every couple years now. Tedious work, but it needs to be done if you want to save money for the exact same thing.
  12. Just took over all my parents stuff after they created a will/estate. I am a trustee on it. There is so much work involved, but I am currently trying to shop their car insurance...they are over paying a HUGE amount and I wish they would have got me involved sooner. They have been with AAA for like 30 years thinking they were getting good "loyalty" premiums...there are no loyalty discounts. What you said struck a chord with me though...I have 3 older brothers, 1 is still around, but the 2 oldest took off long ago and minus a quick call on fathers day or christmas they are not around at all and have no idea what is going on with my parents. Luckily my wife is BIG into family and we see them all the time and can help with whatever they need.
  13. My kids age has nothing to do with realizing 10 year old kids getting abused is worse than college aged kids getting abused...somehow in all of your heads that MUST mean that I think college aged kids being abused is no big deal. THAT is what I cannot wrap my head around. That opinion is NOT to diminish the trauma on the college aged kid, why is this so hard to comprehend?
  14. I have ZERO issue with things like digital menus, touchless faucets/hair dryers etc. I think ALL of that is great for humanity as a whole, wearing a mask, not being "allowed" (or STRONLY discouraged from) shaking hands, giving hugs etc...those are all bad things for humanity as a whole IMO.
  15. I pop in once every month or so and my wife goes in once a week or so to help clean and organize etc, but other than that...minus 3-4 emails a day with my manager that is it.
  16. I am not sure when we were not allowed to differentiate between horrors...all horrors are not equal. I will NEVER feel college aged kids are as "helpless" as 10 year old kids. For some people that makes ME a monster...I do not. Can not. And will NEVER understand that attitude.
  17. I love it to, but if it was the richest man in the world with something on his clothes saying the same...would that be "facts are facts"? I have been saying Biles is the Goat for years now. And she is, she is young and deserves to be proud of what she has accomplished. It is the CONSTANT double talk and contradictions from people in media that drive me nuts is all.
  18. I have been looking for 1-2 employees for 4 months. Multiple sites, social media, word of mouth etc. I think we have had 3 interviews. We pay a slight bit better than normal for the position. And for those who just generally despise me and think "well he is a horrible person to work for" I am never at my business, my manager handles everything and she is a complete sweetheart, everyone loves her.
  19. I wish there was a way to just mute the broadcasters and kick them on when you want to hear something...they talk over EVERYTHING now...there are no breaks from the non stop talk....it drives me crazy...I hate watching with NO sound...I want to hear the organ the crowd etc, but for the love of god take a break listening to yourselves talk for 10 seconds.
  20. The little rocket icon next to everyone avatar.....they all seem the same...all say Rank: Fan....just curious what the point is?
  21. I actually just screen shot this dude and was going to post it in the pet peeve thread...the reason I have ad blocker..
  22. The site has not been working for me since last Thursday I think. Now it looks a little different than I am used to, but it appears it is indexing old threads. I am only seeing one Tiger Game thread in my normal view.
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