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  1. I mean the courts will handle it and determine who is in breach or who deserves what. I like Scar Jo and I do not get caught up in the "Disney is evil" mantra some people parade around...Disney creates content I love and that my kids love especially so I have no dog in this fight at all. I am sure Scar Jo has a good case and if the courts determine she is owed something she will get it. I am also pretty sure Disney did not just decide to do this knowing the contract...I am sure there was some behind the scenes meetings trying to meet in the middle...they were not able to come to an agreement and this is the result. Streaming is definitely changing the way movies and content will be released. I am a big fan of going to the movies, the entire experience is great for me, but I do not go much anymore...not because of streaming but because of 3 little kids.
  2. There are ALWAYS 2 sides to every story, I cannot even comment on stuff like this anymore because it just seems like a huge waste of time when we do not have the other side of the story and most likely never will.
  3. I can see Biles dropping out of team because she did not want to jeopardize the teams chances, the entire team needs to be focused. I could also see her competing in the individual and not be upset at all about it. She would not ruin it for the entire team if she made a few mistakes...it would all be on her. Even if she went on to win gold in the individuals, she is an individual and can do whatever she likes. Her team mates know her better than anybody and I would be interested to hear their take on it, but I am sure they all back her and have no issue with it. The media surrounding her is intense for any person let alone a 24 year old...and this has been pretty constant for many years now...of course this can be said of the GOATs in other sports also.... Like so many things in life these days I am a little split on it....she can make her own choices....and she let her team down...I am not sure where my 51% is at right now. I know my daughter will be a little bummed out...she just started gymnastics and we have been watching all the womens gymnastics and she knows who Biles is because I told her all about it. The optics from my perspective is that she is just not focused enough or does not FEEL focused enough and does not want to hinder the team. Will the end result matter? Should it matter? If the team goes on to win gold or not even make the podium...the end result will matter in how people look at this when it is all over. Miss the podium it will be "she let the team and the country down!" still win gold "she did what was bet for the team and herself...good for her!" What happens should not matter IMO, but it will.
  4. Stafford is a better QB than Goff...full stop. The TEAM around each player has NOTHING to do with the players ability itself. I agree with Leyland regarding THAT position, but I do think we are a better overall team...even losing Stafford.
  5. Anything close to 80 wins at this point is a HUGE win IMO.
  6. So it is not "false to say they are not approved"...because they are not. I agree the reason, but that does not make my statement false. The point I was making is that the government cannot require a vaccine card for a vaccine that is not "technically" approved by the FDA yet...I mean it is not that difficult.
  7. It is not that old of an adage. I am 44 and recall seeing those signs in party stores etc back when I was a younger kid...like 8-13 or so. So right around 30 years ago.
  8. Reminds me of the scene in We Were Soldiers (loved that movie) where the clueless army wife said the local laundry only let you wash whites because of the sign that said "whites only".
  9. Of course it is not "any" anyone remember the baker who did not want to make the cake for the gay wedding? That did not go over well IIRC.
  10. As they should IMO, until the vaccine is FDA approved. Until then you cannot mandate a vaccine your own health regulation organization has not given the thumbs up to yet.
  11. I would not be shocked AT ALL to see the Lions come out strong this year...it would be the Lion thing to do...the thing I would least expect, so the logic comes out backwards and I could see them winning 9 or 10 games this year. I have no REAL prediction, I could see any # of possible things happen to this team. I do not THINK they will be the worst team in football by any stretch, but I would not be shocked if they were. I know that is kind of talking in circles, but it is what the Lions have done to me. I still watch the games because it is such a tradition on Sunday, but have no real expectation any longer...it is total apathy for me. It took just under 30 years for them to do that to me.
  12. I mean it is his choice to get vaxed or not, but it is also the universities choice to employ him or not.
  13. 6 games under .500...at this point I consider that a win. Now they just won 5 in a row to get to 6 under...so assuming they lose a couple, but still...right here, right now....I will take 6 under all day.
  14. Alone is back on the History channel. Been back for a few weeks now. We have been binging it the past few days to catch up on this season. It is all the same stuff, get dropped off, build a shelter, look for food etc, but I love it.
  15. For some weird reason the scene in the original Terminator will sometimes pop in my head when thinking about it or when the anxiety starts to take hold....when Sarah Connor is waitressing and the kid dumps his ice cream in her apron for some stupid weird reason and her friend the other waitress says "in 100 years no one will care"...it just stuck in my head.
  16. Thinking about ones mortality is not something most people do. It is a hard thing to REALLY think about. To FULLY accept the fact that you will die...not in some offhand/flippant type way, but in a very real sense. To KNOW that is going to happen, to FULLY accept it...it is a hard thing to really think about. For me it can go both ways...where it makes me extremely anxious or it helps to relax me...I guess depending on my mood when truly thinking about it (which is VERY seldom, like maybe once every 8 months or a year type seldom). I feel like if I am already anxious about something it helps to relax me, but if I am trying to ride a good feeling and it pops in my head...then it creates tension.
  17. I have not seen a better stat then that this year...I have been sooo bummed about about Miggy this year so far.
  18. Well, all time we are 1131-1129 against them...so there!
  19. I am todays year old when I first heard about the Travelling Wilburys.
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