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    I figured I would try a blog style approach. Nothing particularly special about this topic or comment it just happened to be there when I decided to try and 'blog' about something and it is a topic (cheating in general) I get irritated by.
    So, everyone knows about this cheating, but turns a blind eye to it? Hmmmm...where have we seen this before? I am sure we can look back 10 years or so and come up with SOMETHING that matches this....
    PINE ada was pushing the limits of the 'blind eye' attitude. I hate the 'blind eye' attitude. Cheating is cheating. Punish those who do it, do not turn a blind eye to it because 'everyone does it'....anyone recall this:

    It was 'targate' all over the place after that and because it was AGAINST the Yankees. This one is a 'nothing game' in April and the Yankees are the PERPS. It will get its due, but not for long.
    Cheating is cheating people. Start getting pissed when people do it and start demanding punishment for those caught doing it and maybe one day we will get a pure game.
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