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  1. The training montage to that song..I remember thinking I was sooo smart because I was pointing out which guy was lifting more and how they were showing Drago with the tech and Rocky going old school...I was like 8
  2. Rocky 4 was one of my favorites. It is ALL about timing IMO. All those movies that came out in the late 80's...just drip nostalgia. I had not even heard of this directors cut...I will be watching that 100%
  3. I would kind of like to see a movie about it. Showing him in his younger years running to different card games. Similar to Rounders, but more of the grit and lead it up to his current situation.
  4. I am SHOCKED you disagree with me. ? Seriously though just looked at my local showings for today at AMC...15 movies, I have not heard of 4 of them...so I guess that goes to your point.
  5. Our little guy starts preschool this year, should have been last year, but covid. We have the meet and greet Tuesday, already been to the school, but they just switched the preschool teacher about a month ago...the lady had been there for 20 years and she was the main reason we picked that school. Hopefully the new teacher is as good. Twins started 2nd grade last week. My daughter loves school and I think it is really good for my oldest son...I think it helps him break out of his shell. I can notice a difference in him already. For him and for us it is a good thing he is back with a bunch of kids his age.
  6. The problem, as I see it, is that it is hard to get financing for a movie deal that is different from the main stream...for obvious reasons..you need big box office numbers to justify the investment. With all the streaming services now and the ability to watch movies in theaters in your home you are almost never going to see a fresh new idea in a movie setting any longer. They all go direct to streaming. The slow death of the movie theater, hopefully they can reorganize and figure a way to make it through the new tech. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. We will still get "indy" type movies or original screenplays, but they will just go straight to the streaming services and you will have to find them yourself. The movie theater is only for movies they know have a high probability of making money on...unfortunately that is almost never going to include original screen plays...unless it comes from the hot director of the moment.
  7. They play a good game overall and actually win...setting the NFL on it's head for what to make of the Lions this year. I love the optimism for the first game of the year...you can usually have some hope for that first game because like you said we have not seen anyone play yet. Hockenson will have 2 TD's Goff has a plus 90 QBR There will be a safety in the game Lions 33 49ers 31
  8. Anyone keeping up with what Scherzer has been doing this year? His CAREER WHIP is 1.085. Whenever I start thinking about best pitchers and best stretches I usually think to Pedro for that 3-4 year stretch then compare. Scherzers numbers are right there...it's nuts.
  9. It seems like such a waste of time to complain about people who complain especially when the percentage of Karens out there is SOOO darn low. It feels Ironic.
  10. I have been watching more baseball the past 2 months or so then I did in the beginning of the year. I am not sure if it is because they are competitive in most games or I am finding myself in front of the TV with time to watch when they are on, but it has been a pretty fun year all said for me as a fan. They were about 5 games under a week or so ago...a bad last 10 games, but I am still enjoying the games and seeing the younger guys play...and as amazing as it FEELS Schoop has been doing this year (at least to me...seems every game I watch he is getting 2 hits with a bomb) his OPS is under .800. I was pretty shocked when I saw that...I would have bet money he was well over .800..again my perception I guess. I would like to see them finish strong and interested in how the leagues finish up and who is in the playoffs this year.
  11. Would love to play the WSOP one year. I would have to get EXTREMELY hit by the deck to do much more than last past the first day, but I think it would be a cool experience. One of these days.
  12. And he did technically beat Vader and also showed compassion that lead to Vader taking Palpatine out of the picture for decades.
  13. Chapelwaite. Started it last night. First episode was superb IMO. I really loved everything about it. Big fan of Brody, love the time period, the setting, the cinematography etc. Acting, dialogue, premise..cannot wait to watch more of it.
  14. Not a fan of the buffets at all. Even the really "good ones"...no thanks I do not want to feel like I have to eat my body weight to "get a deal" or "make it worth it". Unless I get one comped...then whatever
  15. We get Fett first, but I am more looking forward to the Obi Wan one...I will take them both though...looking forward to December. All of our shows are on hiatus...BCS, Alone, TWD (which just came back) etc...so I will take what I can get.
  16. I agree and how I like to buy my stuff now...especially anything made of wood..this was before the lumber thing even for me, but she is boogie and would never buy second hand stuff....think poor mans Kim Kardashian.
  17. 100.00 to win 25,000.00...in these times...why not?
  18. My wifes cousin is about to get married, she is looking for furniture for their new home. All furniture stores are delivering 5-6 months out. She went to many of them..we can only speculate why, but it seems obvious...cost of lumber, labor shortages etc.
  19. I missed it live, but just saw the replay...not as bad as I thought it was going to be...they did not knock heads..still pretty rough.
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