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  1. Hahahaha! For sure. I was surprised it was not like 30+ pitches, for some reason I thought it would be higher. Those are the cool little epic things I would love to see live or on tv as it is happening. Some epic 30 pitch AB, or the perfect game, cycle, in the park HR...a Carlos Guillen epic bat flip...stuff like that.
  2. So the record for most pitches for one AB was 21 apparently. And it was not even that long ago. I was expecting to see a super old game.
  3. Miggy has about 6-7 games left for me to make my decision on what he is going to be this year....like Magglio, who turned into Singlio....Miggy may turn into Slingy or Migglio.
  4. Musk seems to single handedly have his finger on the stock market. Try to figure out which crypto he talks up next, dump enough money in there and you could retire in a couple weeks. Red is everywhere, Coinbase, Robinhood, Fidelity..
  5. Yeah with Bit especially. Some form of Crypto will take over for cash eventually. I just want a little piece of most of the options so when the fed decides to go that route and create a CBDC and it has to either buy out or incorporate current crypto I will have at least a portion of the one that takes over. Dumping a couple hundred in random cryptos is not a big deal right now, but losing out on a huge gain in 10-20 years etc...not something I want to live with. I just keep thinking back to 2011 with Bit
  6. Went to the mall on Mothers day, it is what mom wanted to do, we all wore our masks the entire time. 99% of people had masks on, I did see about 4-5 people not wearing masks, younger thug looking guys...I am assuming they were hoping someone would say something so they could have a reason to start a scuffle. We went when they first opened and left after it started getting really busy...my wife made an astute point...all the stores have a maximum occupancy, but they will PACK the general areas and allow as many people in the mall as they want.
  7. Why do you bother? It is a fools game to argue rationally with people who only think emotionally.
  8. When I got into Doge (late, but not that late) it is pretty close to what it is at now. Still hoping it does something. I am not a seller. The amount I lose with the original investment is nowhere near as bad as selling early and losing out big. Bitcoin in 2011 comes to mind.
  9. At the current rate, looks like worse than 2003 may come into play...ouch.
  10. According to google search it is the Terminator! lol
  11. Alright, what am I missing? He was not in the running path.
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