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  1. The reason for the rumors are that Gettleman has never made a trade down in any round in his GM career. He also reportedly even refused to take phone calls on the Saquon Barkley pick(the Colts were the next pick and traded Sam Darnold for Quentin Nelson and 3 second round picks after DG took Barkley). Quinn only has one or two trade downs and none in the first, but he has typically been seen as someone willing to make deals. He has also often done so with former Patriot colleagues, and Miami at 5 is run by a couple former Pats.
  2. There's just so many factors with pass rush. As Snacks likes to point out on Twitter, sacks come on third and long, so thank your run stuffers for getting you there. While we definitely sucked at pass rush, its so much harder to pin your ears back and attack when its 3rd and 2 or 3 and a draw or screen just crushes you. Pass rush helps coverage, but coverage also helps pass rush. Also injuries were such a factor, as we hoped for probably 1000-1500 snaps from Daniels/Hand as a combo and got 400. They need another edge though for when Flowers slides inside and Bryant emerging as at least a nickel rush type threat would be nice. I think unless he signs super cheap, they let Robinson walk for someone more versatile in terms of both run stuffing and pass rush.
  3. Rookie contracts don't factor into how much your next one is. Peters was set to hit FA. Slay is not hitting FA and he is hitting age 30. Doubt he'll ever be underpaid again.
  4. I understand valuing Martin's OBP, but I will say while you can find a 1B with power, its never easy to find truly elite hitters. We saw the way prime Miggy was such a difference maker as an example.
  5. I have a feeling Peters' recent deal could be the Slay blueprint. 3/42 but with heavy guarantees. I don't think he'll get highest corner money. He's not on the open market and he takes a large risk in betting on himself and playing the season out before hitting FA. Plus we could tag him and not allow him to hit the market until 31. There's a compromise to be built around those numbers. Harrison is interesting for sure. We saw what a game changer he is, but at the same time if he retires it frees up a lot of money. You probably use it to pay Ashawn, draft Brown and move forward. Look at some fat FA NTs on the cheap. There are tougher holes to fill, but at the same time it would be awesome if he could put one last typical Snacks season for us. I think they'll upgrade backup QB a bit so we're not quite so dependent. Kinda like you saw LAC try to do with adding Tyrod last year.
  6. You always take that risk in signing anyone post rookie deal, but nothing about Slay says that is particularly likely either. I wouldn't go crazy on a deal for him, but in the win now position we are in, with our coverage scheme and how good his numbers still are against #1 WRs, I think you gotta hold steady there for a few years. I won't cry if we get a haul for him either though, haha. Slay, Coleman,Amani leaves me reasonably comfortable at CB. I would want to challenge them with depth, but its good enough to allow us to focus on the pass rush and maybe one more coverage safety with our resources instead for now.
  7. Glad we shook things up. Didn't expect Bonamego to go. STs were very good after first two games. I believe at least one metric had us 2 in the NFL. Of course our talent on STs is a huge factor there too with Prater,Martin,Agnew,Kilebrew and JRM. Didnt' expect Stewart to go either. Thought he might even be a sneaky DC candidate(he's done it before to some level of success). At the same time our DBs under performed their talent more than any unit that was healthy. Paul's contract ends today, so hopefully he's just not renewed as a nod of respect. Administrative Gunther role would be fine too of course.
  8. What data overwhelmingly tells us is that close games are decided mostly by luck in the NFL. Patricia knows what he is doing getting us to a level where we have a chance in any given game as step one. We saw with the Packers and Chiefs, even Arizona games how we could have gone from 3-41 to 5-2-1 or so with a couple of bounces. The next step that he has to achieve is you have to be able to get clear wins against the inferior teams of the league. You dominate(to at least a degree) against those squads and put yourself in close games against the playoff squads and that's your path to a regular 10+. Then obviously there's the final step of becoming truly elite. Caldwell did a good job of taking care of business against those crap teams, which is one step ahead of Patricia now, but he never was able to take that step to give us a real chance against the elites.
  9. That's a stretch, but its possible he could leave clickbait lead off aside
  10. Very interesting choice coming up in this draft. I tend to be anti taking the 1B, but Torkelsons bat is special and we have nothing like his power in our system. Hancock is an easy projection for Avila and co with the Mize comps. We also have nothing like Martin's contact skills plus defensive hands in the system though either, and I do love college 3Bs. I'm a Martin lean as of today, with Torkelson slightly over Hancock due to our pitching depth.
  11. Yah, they're in the same spot as us basically. If you can get the monster trade down you take it, but otherwise Young transcends need and you make him work. They would likely simply offload Kerrigan for value. Thomas would be an amazing get for them but I don't think he's quite to the level where you can pass Young
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